Grant of Advanced Increments of MA/M.Sc and M.Ed to SSTs

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Education Authority Rawalpindi issued a Notification on 12-04-2023 in connection with the Grant of Advanced Increments of MA/M.Sc and M.Ed to SSTs. The details are as under:


Notification Grant of Advanced Increments of MA/M.Sc and M.Ed to SSTs


District Education Authority Rawalpindi announces the grant of advance increments of M. A / MSc and M.Ed to  SSTs. The departmental scrutiny committee recommended the 50 secondary school teachers who have acquired Master’s degrees MA/MSc and Professional degree M.Ed are allowed to have advanced increments. Among many of the teachers, only fifty teachers are shortlisted from district Rawalpindi who will receive these increments.


Approval of Providing Advance Increments to Secondary School Teachers


Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan and the finance government of Punjab approve the provision of 3 advanced increments to secondary school teachers (SSTs) who possess a Masters’s (MA/MSc) degree or professional degree M.Ed. They are eligible to get 3 advance increments on the basis of their degrees. For this purpose, the departmental scrutiny committee shortlisted 50 secondary school teachers(SSTs) of Rawalpindi District. These increments are provided to the teachers in order to appreciate them on acquiring higher qualifications.


Sr. No Master Degree Holders


No.of Increments
1 04 02
2 02 06
3 30 03
Sr. No M.Ed Degree Holders No.of Increments
1 14 3

The Government of Punjab’s school education department is providing 3 advanced increments to the teachers who acquire MA/MSc degrees. Therefore Chief executive officer district education authority issued a letter in connection with the provision of these three advanced increments to the secondary school teachers (SSTs). All these teachers are allowed to receive these increments on attaining additional qualifications and on improving professional qualifications.


Provision of 3 Increments In Advance to SSTs Rawalpindi


All the SSTs belonging to various cities of district Rawalpindi will receive these increments for higher qualification. On completion of master’s degrees and professional degrees (M.Ed), the government is providing them 3 increments in advance. It is concerning that all the teachers recruited on the basis of bachelor’s degrees who have received higher qualifications are eligible. The higher authority has approved the grant of advance increments to provide these teachers.



Grant of Advanced Increments of MA M.Sc and M.Ed to SSTs


Notification Grant of Advanced Increments of MA / M.Sc and M.Ed to SSTs



Advance Increments SSTs

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