How to Fix Pay?

Pay fixation occurs on many occasions in the service life of an employee. It is generally fixed when an employee is promoted, upgraded, re-appointed, gets move-over, gets selection grade, on getting advance increments etc. The move-over and selection grade have already been eliminated in December 2001. However if there is any back date case of such category pay can be fixed. Let’s see the detailed view of pay fixation.

Pay Fixation Procedure

Full detail of pay fixation procedure in various cases is as under:

Pay Fixation on Promotion

Whenever an employee is promoted in the same scale, pay is fixed by adding 1 x premature increment into his/her running basic pay. When an employee is promoted from lower scale to higher scale pay is fixed by adding 1x premature increment into the next stage of the higher scale. However if the stage of the next scale is equal to the lower scale then 1x additional increment is granted to the employee. Thus this employee will avail now the benefit of 2x increments instead of 1x increment.

Pay fixation on Up-gradation

If an employee is upgraded his pay is fixed into the next stage of the higher scale and if the same situation of both stage then 1x increment also be granted to the employee. However premature increment is not granted for an employee who is up-graded. According to new notification the up-graded employees are also entitled to get premature increment on their up-gradation.


Premature Increment Upgradation



Premature Increment on Upgradation

Pay Fixation on Re-Appointment

If an employee is re-appointed then the pay is fixed after getting the pay protection from the higher authorities. The higher authorities only give pay protection when an employee applies for the post through proper channel. If the employee does not apply through proper channel then he/she makes his own loss by loosing the previous service. I advise all the employees who don’t know that when ever they apply for another post they must apply through proper channel. There are many examples that employees did not apply through proper channel and they lost their previous service. Thus they made a huge financial loss to themselves.

On re-appointment 1x premature increment is also granted and pay is fixed in the same way as described above.

Pay fixation on Move-Over

The move-over case occurred in the past before December 2001. The move-over was due to the employee if he/she reached to the peak of the stages. In case of Move-over the pay was fixed into the next scale and pay was taken the next stage of the higher scale.

Pay Fixation on Selection Grade

Fixation of pay for an employee who has been granted Selection Grade is the same as Promotion case. In this case 1x premature increment is also granted to the employee as in promotion case.

Pay fixation in case of Advance Increments

In case of Advance Increments No. of increments that the employee has granted as advance increments is added to his/her running pay.


  1. Muhammad Waris Bhatti says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I joined University of Gujrat (Govt. owned University) as Sr. Librarian (BPS-18). Selection Board of University of Gujrat (UOG) offered me 5 advance increments on the bases of my professional experience at the time of selection and mentioned it in appointment letter. I applied in UOG through proper Channel. Before joining University of Gujrat I was working in Federal Govt. Department of Libraries, National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad as Assistant Director (BPS-17). My basic pay at National Library of Pakistan was more than the starting basic pay of BPS-18. i.e. Rs. 23200
    How should University of Gujrat fix my pay?

    1. First UOG should fix my pay one step above my running basic pay then 5 increments should be added to my new basic pay i.e. 24500+ 7500= Rs. 32000/-
    2. UOG should just add 5 increments to my initial basic pay of BPS-18 i.e. 20000+7500= Rs. 27500/-

    Please reply me with some Finance rules. I shall be very thankful to you.


    Muhammad Waris Bhatti
    Sr. Librarian
    University of Gujrat

    • Dear Muhammad Waris, according to my knowledge 1st your pay fill be fixed in in new scale by adding next above+ premature increment and then there will be addition of advance increments.

  2. A. Rahman Sajid says:

    Dear Shumaila Kamal,
    I have been recently upgraded from B-17 t0 B-18, as well as my post is also upgraded to B-18 since, 08-08-2014. My last Basic Pay in BPS 17 is 40000/- + 6000/- PP.
    I want to know that how many increments will be given to me?
    Will I be entitled to get one pre_mature increment from date of promotion?
    Besides, will I be given one increment in the salary of December 2014?

  3. Ahmad Ali says:

    A friend of mine is being promoted from BS 18 (pay 45500) to BS-19 whether he opt for financial benefits from 1st Dec or now ie. Aug

  4. ghalib khan says:

    as i claimed lien it means that trough proper channel i am from kpk

  5. ghalib khan says:

    when the post were advertised it was not mentioned that a government servant can apply through proper channel but after our appointment i claimed lien but the ag ofice not fixxing my pay now what about my previous service and my gp fund plz send me notification about this case

  6. ghalib khan says:

    i was on pst post bps 12 appointment date was 26/10/ basic pay is now 9500.on 31/05/2014 i was appointed as CT bps 15 having basic pay 8500 i also claimed the ag office says that your appointment is fresh so your pay will not be at 9500 and it will be started from 8500.what should i do

  7. iftikhar says:

    a j clerk has bee appointed on 23.7.2013 in B-7 @ Rs.5800 pm
    now on 20.5.2014 and 30.5,2014 after upgradation to B-11 what wii be his pay?

    • Dear Iftikhar his pay will be Rs. 6600/-

      • iftikhar says:

        is the benifit exceed than an increment so no premature given to him? or he has been applointed after 6/2014 so no premature granted to him pl clarify the matter?

        • Dear Iftikhar plz write the comment in full detail. Premature depends on the pay difference. Not the 6 months service.

          • iftikhar says:

            1. convince charges (for clerks in kpk) kab shoru huwa? aur kitna limit hay?
            2. Agar medical test ke facility hospital may naho aur aik govt servant ko doctor advice karay tu kia govt servent Private labs say karwa saktay hay> aur kia Govt servant ye claim kar sakta hay?

          • Dear Iftikhar what is convince charges? Agar Medical Test kay liay facility Govt Hospital main nahin hay to Hospital ka MS us ko private hospital main written refer karay ga.

  8. manzoor ahmad says:

    AoA. Respected madam. I need some guidance from you. Actually I am running after the admin. and pleading for grant of pre-mature increment and annual increment etc. but they have denied it. My full case is as under:

    I was working in BPs-14 on regular basis on 26.7.2009 and my basic pay was Rs.9480/-
    I was appointed as Research Associate in BPS-17 on adhoc basis w.e.f.27.7.2009 and my pay was fix at the initial stage of BPS-17, i.e. 9850/- On this appointment (on adhoc basis) my pay was protected as lien was granted for 02 years.
    I was not given an pre-mature increment on my appointment on adhoc basis. However, on December 01, 2009, I was allowed an annual increment in BPS-14 (permanent post) and salary was raised Rs.9850/- and re-fixed in BPS-17 at Rs.10590/-
    Meanwhile, my appointment on adhoc basis was extended twice (without any break or reversion etc.) till 15.8.2010 (as I was appointment on the same post and scale on regular basis w.e.f.16.8.2010. My pay was protected as I had applied through proper channel. Again my pay was fixed at Rs.10590/- and I was not allowed any pre-mature increment.
    Unfortunately, I was not given even the annual increment in BPS-17 (or even in BPS-14) on 01.12.2010, despite the fact that i had requested to refix my pay in BPS-17 after allowing me annual increment in BPS-14.

    Now, my queries are as follow;

    1. Did I deserve for pre-mature increment either on my appointment in a higher scale on adhoc basis or on regular basis (from which date)?
    2. Did I deserve for grant of annual increment on 01.12.2010 (either in BPS-14 or BPS-17)?

    I shall be highly thankful if you kindly guide me with copy of relevant rules in this regard.

    thanking you in anticipation.

  9. Sarfraz Ahmad says:

    if a punjab government servant working in BPS-18 is appointed through proper channel in other punjab Government department in BPS-17, whether he will draw the pay in BPS-18 or in BPS-17 and how it will be fixed?

  10. amna says:


    please tell is Mphil allowance (qualification pay) a part of basic pay....or i will be added as an allowance at time of pay fixation

  11. FAROOQ DAR says:

    Dear Madam i want Notification No. 3 (11) R.2/2011 dated 12th April 2011 if you have please send me


    • Dear Farooq Dar plz email me the title and this letter number. Thanks

      • FAROOQ DAR says:

        increment on move over cases prior to december 2001 or premature increment on move over

      • FAROOQ DAR says:

        Notification No. 3 (11) R.2/2011 dated 12th April 2011 in connection with the Admissibility of Increments beyond the Scope of Pay Scales.

        • Dear Farooq Dar just email me I ll send you the same Thanks

          • FAROOQ DAR says:

            Dear Madam

            With refrence to you reply to Mr. Fazal Ghani data 30.10.2013 in which you said that

            "Dear Fazal I have only the Notification No. 3 (11) R.2/2011 dated 12th April 2011 in connection with the Admissibility of Increments beyond the Scope of Pay Scales"

            So i want the same letter to you, if you have.

          • Dear Farooq Dar just email me with this letter no and date and title of this letter I ll email you Thanks

  12. Ahmed says:

    at that time , D&D officer ka khna tha k maximum of the scale pe one year stay must hy aur 12.9.95 se 1.12.95 tk one year stay pora nh hota.

  13. Ahmed says:

    A.A Madam,
    mn apna case detail k sath ap ko send kr rha hon , Madam muje 12.9.95 ko bps 9 selection grade me one advance increment on standing 1st in accounts training mili aur meri pay at the maximum of scale Rs3060/ fix hoi .ab mn as per rule at that time 1.12.96 ko move over to bps 10 k liaye elligible tha ,but isi doran 30.5.96 ko meri bps 11 me as a Assistant promotion ho gyi,
    aur meri pay bps 11 me next above stge+one premature increment k sath fix hoi. is situation me muje us advance increment ka koi benifit nh howa jo k mn ne training me 1st aane pe hasil ki thi q k na hi move over to bps 10 mia aur na hi promotion k time pe koi advance incremnt mili ,aur na hi 1.12.95 ko annual increment , jo k normaly milni thi but q k 12.9.95 ko hi me last stage touch kr chuka tha is liye normal increment se b hath dho betha. ab aesa hy k mere sathi jin ki service mere braber hy un ki aur mere pay equal hy , jb k insaf ka takaza tu ye hy k muje un se aek increment ahead hona chahye , aakhir meri wo advance increment jo k mn ne training me 1st aane pe hasil ki thi ,us ko mn kahan talash kron ???

  14. Ahmed says:

    OK Madam , Thanks . I ll wait .

  15. Ahmed says:

    yes Madam , move over to next scale 10 was not allowed on 1.12 95 ,, .
    what is your opinion in this regard ?

  16. Ahmed says:

    Madam,On 1.7.1987 my pay in revised BPS-7 was fixed Rs.1029/- and on grant of selection grade BPS-9 w.e.f 1.7.87 ,pay fixed Rs 1058/- , in this case one premature increment not granted to me , whereas fixation of pay for an employee who has been granted selection grade is the same as promotion case.
    Please advise.

  17. Ahmed says:

    Assalam-o-Alaikum , Madam, I was granted one advance increment on standing 1st in accounts training w.e.f 12,9,1995 and my pay fixed at the maximum of scale BPS-9 i.e Rs.3060/- but later on annual increment on 1.12.1995 has not been granted to me with plea, that your pay is at the maximum of BPS.9.
    Plz advise. Thnx,

  18. FAZAL GHANI says:

    Madam:- My case has already been in your notice, i.e. Due to maximum of pay CMA not grant me one increment on my promotion within the same scale. On a similar nature of case Punjab Ombudsman in his order clarified that as per Finance Department notification dated September 19,1990, “one advance increment” is admissible in case the civil servant was at the maximum of Basic Pay Scale, acquired under Rule 8 ibid. Denial of one advance increment to complainant would amount to maladministration, would you kindly help us to provide the notification of Sep 19-1990 please.

    • Dear Fazal I have only the Notification No. 3 (11) R.2/2011 dated 12th April 2011 in connection with the Admissibility of Increments beyond the Scope of Pay Scales.

  19. Muhammad Tahir says:

    Madam! I was serving in GHQ Rawalpindi as LDC since 13 Feb 1993 and I was reappointed in PMO (NESCOM) on 30 Sep 2011 as Junior Assistant in SPS 04 (equivalent to BPS 9-10) but I have not been granted annual increment due on 01 Dec 2011 neither from PMO nor GHQ. Please advise meet and also quote filling on the case. Thanks

    • Dear Tahir as ur appointment is on 30th Sep therefore u r not eligible for the annual increment as there is no option for the re-appointment cases.

    • Muhammad Tahir says:

      Madam! I have read in "Guide book for drawing &disbursing officer (DDO Hand Book Part 2) in para 12.2.2 as under:
      "Annual increment is allowed in a pay scale on 1st December each year provided duty period, during the period under increment (1st December - 30th November) is at least six months in that pay scale or higher pay scale"

      Please help me to locate such ruling / OM / any quotable document. Thanks

  20. Ziarat Khan says:

    Kindly mail me the official document which states/explains: Pay protection Rule. Just recently I was given scale 14 from 12.

    Revised scale was due on 1-Oct-2011.
    Notification was sent in the month of April, 2012.
    Now account branch says, that recovery will be made because an extra increment (on 31 dec 2012) was added. Could you kindly send me pay protection rule or official scanned copy.

    Moreover, My scale was revised twice: once on 1-Oct-2006 (11 to 12) and on 1-Oct-2011 (12 to 14). Government/Court has recently decided that, a premature increment will be awarded on upgradation. Our organization says, our case does not fall in upgradation but higher/Senior Basic Pay Scale category and not the upgradation thus no arrears.

    Please guide and send me official supportive documents, so that i can send application to higher authorities or go to court. Thanks.

    • Dear Ziarat Khan plz email me and send me ur full detail of promotions and upgradations also mention ur department. Thanks

      • Zafar says:

        Hello, Shumaila,
        I am a govt servant and want to apply for another govt job in the same scale i.e. BPS 17.. Can I apply? I am raising this question because my admin is saying that you can't apply through proper channel for the same scale in another govt organization and would be better off by applying directly? Please help me in this regard, keeping in view that my service is 11 months old i.e starts from 16 Aug 2012.. thank you

  21. Mudasir says:

    Dear Admin,

    Now Finance Division has allowed pre-mature increment on up-gradation as on promotion. Ab premature increment BS-16 ki miley gi ya BS-15? kindly advise.



  22. Mohammad Asif says:

    I joined the PAEC through proper channel in the scale Group II(2079-116-3819) from Edu.Deptt.N.W.F.P in the scale(2065-161-4480) on that time my basic pay was Rs.3031 and my pay was fixed at Rs.3007 .what about my pay fixation/protection.

    • Dear Asif , I think they wrongly counted your pay. Pay cannot be less than the previous pay. And I think there should also be a premature increment as you applied through proper channel and your previous pay and service was protected.

  23. FAZAL GHANI says:

    Thank you for your keen interest in the matter I have send you email please check out. Also please study para-5 of the notification, some peoples are of the view that no doubt that that time there was no concept of P-Pay, but according to the contents of para-5 of the notification your increment as P-Pay is justified in

  24. FAZAL GHANI says:

    Dear Sir, On my promotion as UDC In BPS-7 I was not granted increment as I was already in BPS-7 due to selection and was at the maximum. Now after allowing premature on promotion in the same scale junior to me have granted increment whereas being a senior and due to maximum of the BPS-7 at the time of promotion i could not be granted. Is this not discrimination and injustice that junior have enjoyed the financial benefit of this latest decision and the seniors are ignored.

    • Dear Fazal Ghani try to claim the same as Personal Pay (PP) and send the fixation case again.

      • FAZAL GHANI says:

        Thank you very much for response, unfortunately that time there was no concept of personal pay due to this the accounts authority refused the case

        • FAZAL GHANI says:

          I am still looking for your precious advice please. would you please guide me further?

          • Ghulam Hussain says:

            Respected Shumaila Kamal. I have the same problem as put forth by Mr. Ghani above. in our department of hundered of such cases is as such there was no concept of P/Pay at that therefore the Establishment Section are not taking up the case with CMA. It will be better if the case is take up with MAG by CMA at their own end, may be it will be benificial for all. What is your valouable views about it?

          • Dear Ghulam Hussain i appreciate ur suggestion. It is better to take the case to MAG.

          • Dear Fazal Ghani just email me with the full detail.

      • FAZAL GHANI says:

        Aslam-o-Alakum, Madam, This is Ghani again requesting you to leave a reply. I have leaned from a colleque that discremination as I have already been pointed for your precious comments is now under active consideration of certains department and it is expected to be resolved. Is it right? we should wait? individually I cannot go to FST for an arrears of 60 thousands. Can Wafaqi mohtasib heare my case and weather I shout go there or not. Thanks.

        • Dear Fazal Ghani if you cannot bear the expenses for FST, then u can appeal in Wafaqi Mohtsib.

          • FAZAL GHANI says:

            Madam Aslam-o-Alakum, Finance Division has issued would you kindly like O.M F.No.11(4)R-2/2013/1427 dated 22-10-2013. please read para-3 Whether my case covered under this. This increment while on the maximum of pay scale is admissible in the case of promotion in the same scale?. Secondly . Ombudsman in his order clarified that as per Finance Department notification dated September 19,1990, “one advance increment” is admissible in case the civil servant was at the maximum of Basic Pay Scale, acquired under Rule 8 ibid. Would you please help me to provide the copy of notification of 19-9-1990?
            Thanks may Allah bless you.

          • Dear Fazal Ghani, plz email me full detail of your case.

          • FAZAL GHANI says:

            Due to my weak eye sight and not familar with internet, there can be seen many mistakes in my comments I dont know how it to be rectified or removed from the site

  25. A.Rahman Sajid says:

    Respected Shumaila Kama,

    I was appointed as Librarian in BPS 16 on 29/05/1989
    I was granted BPS 17 as personal scale on the basis of higher qualification on 25/06/1989.
    I was deprived from annual increment on December 1989,
    while my other colleagues were given the same increment. Its is mentioned here that
    my colleagues were also my class fellows and we were selected in the same order.
    I have to ask that am I entitled to the same increment, or not?

    • Dear u r 100% entitled to get the annual increment as ur period in the BPS-16 is more than 6 months.

    • Hassan Karim says:

      A.O.A ,

      Respected Mr. A. Rahman Sajid,

      i am Librarian (BS-16) in Forest Dept. I have master degree in Library Science. I need notification and your appointment orders for grant of BS-17 as personal scale. I want to get BS-17 as personal scale. I shall be very thankful to you.

      My email address is =

  26. Muhammad Mazhar Ali says:





    • dear soon i ll publish an article about premature increment. i m just searching the proof of premature increment on re-appointment. i hv found ref but i want to go to the root of it.

    • asim says:

      mazhar sb if ur pay is protected(means u apllied through proper channel) then ur pay will be fixed at 32600 if it is new appointment. if u did not apply through proper channel then ur pay will be 31000. if u are promoted from bs18 to bs 19 then ur pay will be 34800.

  27. Liaquat ali Tahir says:

    Dear Madam
    I joind uet as Lecture in UET Lahore and now i am appointed as Assistant Professor from 01-01-2012.
    My basic pay on 01-01-2012 was Rs. 32000 (BS-18) in UET Lahore. what is my new basic pay in Bs-19 now.
    Liaquat Ali Tahir

  28. Arshad Muneer Butt says:

    now let i explain the data of two person plz tell me how i pay fix of the following two employee

    person 01 current basic pay 9,820 scale SPS-05 (7,720-420-18,000) is promoted in BPS 06 (9,260-630-22,680) wef. 23-Nov-2012
    how its pay fixed and which the person 01 got annual increment either sps-05 ie 420 or sps-06 630?????

    person 02 current basic pay 9,400 scale SPS-05 (7,720-420-18,000) is promoted in SPS 06 (9,260-630-22,680) wef. 23-Nov-2012
    how its pay fixed and which the person 01 got annual increment either sps-05 ie 420 or BPS-06 630?????

    Please give me office / Official no. for clarification..

  29. Muhammad Ashraf says:

    pl clarify that is i am eligible for premature increment?

    1997 4845 BPS-15
    1998 4899 BPS-16 move over
    01-02-1999 5292 BPS-16 selection (5096 next stage + one premature increwment
    (according to notification cited as subject above will i eligible for?
    early response will be appreciated. pl reply on my mail address for my convenience. thanks

  30. waheed says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am an sst working in education department government of punjab. My appointment date is 04.10.1987.On 26.06.1990 sst posts were upgraded to bs 16.Is there any increment due at that time. please tell me about this.
    I shall be thankful to you for this favour.

  31. anil singh yadav says:

    I joined border roads organisation on 22.12.1998 as overseer. I applied through proper channel in CPWD for the post of J.E.(civil).In BRO my scale was 3200-85-4900.In CPWD 5000-150-8000. I joned CPWD through proper channel on 20.06.2003. I have maintained 3 years lien period in BRO from 14.06.2003 to 14.06.2006. My technical resignation was accepted by BRO ON 14.05.2008. In 6th cpc pay scale of diploma holder overseer in BRO merged with the promotional post of superintendent BR grade II and to place in the scale of Rs. 5000-150-8000.(pre revised) retrospectively wef 01.01.1996 for the purpose of pay fixation only and actual benefits will accrue to the incumbents of these posts wef 01.01.2006. After merger the post is redesignated as J.E.(civil)in BRO.According to 6th cpc BRO fixed my basic pay as 5600 as on 22.12.2002 and send to CPWD along with service book for further pay fixation.In CPWD my basic was 5000 on 20.06.2003 at the time of joining.I represent for pay fixation and ACP in CPWD but AAO is not agreed for my pay fixation . He is saying that this matter is concerned from BRO not from CPWD. my case is pending since 9 months. sir, Please give me your valuable guidence for my pay fixation. thanks.

    • AllahMuhammad92786 says:

      Dear soon i ll give u in detail ur reply. i m just arrived after Eid Holidays.