Grant of Premature Increment on Appointment from Lower to Higher Grades

Today I am giving you the reference of Finance Division Regulation Wing, Islamabad Notification No. F.4 (5)-R/4/98 dated 23rd May 2001 to clarify the concept of Premature Increment on appointment from lower grade to higher grade.

According to Auditor General Office letter No. 220/Reg-I/Pay/1-94/C-KW-III dated 10-05-2001 on the subject matter, the issue of premature increment on appointment from post to another has been re-examined in the regulation wing and the opinion arrived is given below:-

The admissibility of premature increment is regulated by Finance Division’s O.M No. F-1 (2)-NG-IMP/71 dated 16-02-1977 which clarifies the concept of pay fixation and premature increment introduced in the Scheme of National Pay and Allowances vide clause (I) of part-I of Finance Division O.M No. 1 (2)- NG-IMP/71 dated 08-03-1972.

According to the clarification issued vide O.M dated 16-02-1977, the word “Promotion” occurring in the first line of the said clause has been used in the context of pay fixation and not in the context of the recruitment rules. Accordingly, it means an appointment from one post to another involving assumption of duties or responsibilities of greater importance for the purpose of FR-22 and FR-30.

Similarly the word “Promotion/Appointment” used in Finance Division’s U.O No. 893-R-3/81 dated 24-10-1981 may also be interpreted in the context of pay fixation and not in the context of recruitment rules. Therefore Finance Division did not err in using the word “Appointment” in combination with the word “Promotion” in the aforesaid U.O letter.

In the light of foregoing position the benefit of premature increment is admissible to all those Govt servants whose promotion/appointment involves assumption of duties and responsibilities of greater importance, than those attached to their previous posts.




Premature Increment 2

It is clear from the above discussion that 1x premature increment will be granted to the employee who is re-appointed from lower grade to higher grade involving the responsibilities of greater importance as the word re-appointment is the same as promotion in the context of pay fixation.





  1. Fayyaz Awan says:

    madam,i have been working as EST BS.14 since 2009.Recruited again as SSE BS.16 in 2016.Running basic in 2016 was 18600. whereas initial stage of BS.16 is 15880.SO new refixed basic is 19720. May i deserve one PREMATURE INCREMENT?

  2. Muhd Ayub says:

    R/mam. I applied through proper channel for the post of junior clerk BPS11(10510-740-32000) in education department and appointed. Before this reappointment I was working as Assistant Store Keeper BPS07 in technical education department. My running basic pay was Rs.18910. I am eligible for premature increment or not.

  3. imran nawaz says:

    i m very confuse in some terminology regarding civil service rules could u plz help me
    i cant fine ur email address here
    time scale of pay: what is the concept behind it
    national scale of pay
    ma'm if u reply plz on my email address

  4. DR. HAQ DAD DURRANI says:


  5. Aurang zaib says:

    AOA,dear madam, i have been selected through proper channel as junior auditor(BS-11) in auditor general of Pakistan. currently i am working as JET(BS-14) in Education department for 4 years.
    As the question raising in my mind i that, whether the AGP may provide the benefits of pay protection or annual increment for those 4 years? Please guide me......

  6. Sardar Khan Abrar says:

    AoA, Madam, I was serving as Accountant (BS-08) in Provincial Deptt in 2000. Then I applied through proper channel, got NOC from Deptt: and applied for the post of Senior Auditor (BS-11) in Federal Deptt and later on selected. I joined Federal Deptt: Am I illegible for pre-mature increment.

  7. Suhail says:

    Dear I have been working as Field Assistant BPS 06 in Agriculturer Department since 20 June 2007
    Now i appointed as LDC BS 11 in Fishries Department on Ist Dec 2016
    Plz guid e me for premature increment and pay fixation process


  8. Muhammad Zubair says:

    Respected Madam!
    I was serving in PAC Kamra since 2006 as a technician in BPS-12. Now I have been selected for Stenotypist BPS-14 through proper channel from 14-07-2016. My department said that you are not eligible for premature increment and even that annual increment because of following reasons:

    1. You are not promoted, but you are re-appointed therefore not eligible for premature increment
    2. Your date of re-appointment is 14-07-16 therefore you are not eligible for annual increment

    Please guide me.



  9. Muhammad Saeed says:

    Salam Dear, I have been working as UDC BPS-9 in NAB since 2006 and in 2015 i applied in the same department as Assistant BPS-14 through proper channel..i was selected and given 1 x premature incerement..My question is was i eleigible for the premature increment??

    now AGPR told our cashier that premature increment was not admissible to me on my appointment as Assistant..i read queries up here and found that 1 x premature increment is allowed...if it is allowed to me plz send me any rules / notification or any material to provide to AGPR lahore.


  10. Saddar lak says:

    A-0-A Madim I was appointed as police constable BPS 5 in 2003.In same department through proper channel I was appointed as ASI BPS-9 by SPSC EXAM as (in-service) candidate .my pay fixed from (BPS-5 to.BPS -9) am I eligible for premature increment ?

  11. Waqar Ahmad says:

    Dear Madam. My running basic pay on June 30, 3016 was 58906 n BPS 20. I was appointed as Professor (BPS 21) on July 12, 2016. My pay was fixed as Rs 76230. I want to know if a premature increment is admissible to me?

  12. Ikramullah says:

    Assalam o Alaikum Madom.Iwas Appointed as PTC Teacher in 1993.In 2011 I was Selected as a Librarian In Higher Edu Deptt. By PCS Through Proper Channel.My Basic Pay In 2011 As PTC Was 9315 Which was Fixed In B-17 as Rs,9825 on 20-5-2011. The Difference is Less Than The Incriment Of B-17.As I am Entitled To Get One Premature Increment?Thanks

  13. Muhammad Toseef says:

    Dear Madam AOA,

    Madam I join NAVY As LDC BPS-07 (Civilian) on 11-06-2012 and Drawn Basic Pay 5800 which is the initial pay of that scale . Through proper channel i applied for the Post of DEO BPS-12 (Civilian) and appointted as DEO on 12-12-2012 and my pay fixed on 7000 which is also initial pay of BPS-12 at that time.

    Madam I want to know that can i claim for grant of one premature increament on appointment from lower to higher grade. Please Guide me

  14. Owais Gul says:

    Dear Madam
    I applied through proper channel in PAK Civil Aviation Authority and was appointed as Assistant Director EG-1 from an Authority in Government of Balochistan where I was working as GM in BPS-18.
    Since my Basic pay was more in previous job I applied for pay protection and increments but case is pending as HR dept is confused about pay protection in case of reappointment from higher to lower post.
    Please guide.

    Owais Gul

  15. waqar ul islam says:

    i am working in ASF as deputy assistant director(BPS-16) initially i was appointed as ASi in BPS-09 in 2007 later on 08th oct 2012 i got appointment of my current post through FPSC.
    at that time my basic pay was 8100 now it is 10000.
    so please guide me whether i m entitled of pre mature increment or otherwise..

  16. Sami ullah says:

    My name is Sami ullah, My request is that i was working as Sub Assistant (08) in a Federal Department after six years my department announced vacant positions. i applied for Data Entry Operator BPS(13) through proper channel, after examination and interview appointed as Data Entry Operator in BPS(13), in this case may I get one premature increment on this re-appointment.


    Sami Ullah

  17. sAJJAD AHMAD says:

    One of my relative appoainted as educator in BS-9 in 2002 in 2009 gop gave them concession to re apply for the nearest station on same post, she did so through proper chanel and appoainted without resigning previous same post. now if compare between and educator of 2009 and her will she senior or not.
    secondly beofre her second joining she was regularized by notification in 2011 from 2009.
    kinndly guide

  18. haider ali says:

    i am a fed govt employee. i had been promoted from t/tech (bps-8) to es (bps-11) under internal quota after conducting written exam and interview w.e.f 16-05-2001. but i had not been allowed premature increment.

    please guide me if a premature increment is eligible or not.

  19. M Pervaiz Iqbal says:

    A.O.A. Medam i m fed govt emply i m up grated BPS-05 to BPS-8 on dated 06-01-2000. muje premature increment nahi mila kia me es increment ka illegible hun k nhi plz reply

    • Dear M Pervaiz Iqbal, this premature increment is only for those employees who upgraded after 2001. There is date mentioned in the Notification i think it is about Feb 2002 or later.

      • M Pervaiz Iqbal says:

        Sorry...! Medam mene pura letter para ha but letter me feb 2002 ka zeker to kahi b nhi ha plz clarify.i m waiting for your reply.thanks.

        • Dear just read the Notification of premature increment on upgradation by Finance Devision. There is mention the date of 28th January 2002. Employees upgraded wef 28-01-2002 will get premature increment under the rules. Thanks

  20. MALIK IBRAR says:

    madam is this notification for government's emloyees or federal ?

  21. aslam niazi says:

    A.O.A. Dear Shumaila, I am working in WAPDA under Federal Government as Assistant (Ad.) I want to consult in some matters mentioned below:
    Detail: I joined my service as Jr. Assistant. (Ad) BPS-07 in 2001and on behalf of my qualification my post was upgraded in BPS-11 on graduation basis and i was PLACED in BPS 11 by upgradation w.e.f. 01-01-2004and my pay was fixed as under:
    Pay as on 31-12-2003 in BPS-07 (2220-120-5820) =Rs.2460/-
    pay as on 01-01-2004 after upgradation in BPS-11(2590-175-8890) =Rs.2590/- I was fixed on the initial of B-11 as at that time premature increment on upgradation was not allowed. But now after decision of Finance Division Regulation wing one premature increment is allowed . The ambugity is this that how fixation should be made. whether in the situation above i am entitled for premature increment or not ? If entitled than fixed my salary, please.

    • aslam niazi says:

      A.O.A. Madam, I am waiting for your kind reply against above mentioned query sent dated 30-09-2013, please.

    • Dear Aslam, the difference of the two pays is 2590-2460 = 130/- and the annual increment of BPS-11 was Rs. 175/- that is why u r eligible to get the premature increment at that time. Ur pay will be fixed Rs. 2765/-

    • aslam niazi says:

      A.O.A Madam, my friend was placed in SPS-5 as Jr. Assistant Admin. cum placed Assistant in PAEC on 30-8-2005 and fixed on initial basic pay of SPS-5. Where as he was promoted in the same scale i.e. SPS-5 AS Assistant Admin. on 02-5-2013 and his seniority was also counted w.e.f. 02-5-2013 . At the time of regular promotion on 02-5-2013 he was granted one increment as next stage above but now whether he is eligible for one premature increment on the basis of promotion in the same scale w.e.f. 02-05-2013 or otherwise, please. Co-operation,in this regard, will be highly requested.

      • Dear Aslam, According to the Finance Division Notification issued in Nov 2012, if an employee promotes within the same scale he will get premature increment too. Next above in the same scale was already in vague. So he will get two increments: 1 next above and the other premature increment.

    • aslam niazi says:

      A.O.A. Dear Madam, whether 20 percent special allowance which is underprocess at Islamabad High Court will also be granted to PAEC employees where already SPS Scales (Special Pay Scales) have been given. Thanx a lot in anticipation for ur kind reply. Wasalam

    • aslam niazi says:

      A.O.A. my friend who was in Health department, Govt. of Punjab and join PAEC through proper channel . His detail is as under:

      Date of Joining in Health department as dispenser BPS-09 = 16-2-1995 and his annual increment was Rs. 165/-
      He applied in PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commision)
      as Tech-I SPS-04 in scale (Rs.5010-310-14310) in 2006 and selected. His
      date of joining in PAEC =06-06-2006 and was fixed at a salray = 5010 (initial pay).
      SPS-04 is equal to BPS-09 as per equivalant chart.
      In december he was not granted annual increment on the plea that his service in paec is less then six months. neither paec nor health department (His previous department ) has given him increment. whether he is entitled for annual increment or not.
      2. whether he is entitled for any other increments like presumptive basis or otherwise. please. Ur cooperation in this regard is highly requested. Thanking u in anticipation., please.

      • Dear Aslam Niazi, he is not entitled to get the Annual Increment as his service in SPS-04 is less than 6 months.
        However if he applied through proper channel he can get the premature increment on reappointment under the rules if the difference of the two pays is equal or less than the annual increment of the SPS-04.

        • aslam niazi says:

          A.o.A. He applied through proper channel but counting of previous service is still under process. whether during this situation premature increment on reappointment can be granted by PAEC or would wait for decision of his counting of previous service. Difference of his pay was only Rs.95/- and his increment of new scale (SPS-04) was Rs.310/- , please.

          • Dear Aslam you have to wait for your counting of previous service. U cannot apply for the premature increment until ur previous service is counted and pay is protected.

    • aslam niazi says:

      A.O.A. If an employee is working as Assistant Admin. in PAEC But during his service he improves his qualification and gets higher qualification i.e. M.Phil/M.S. in Project Management through proper channel after approval of competent Authority. Whether there is some provision exists for such employees who are higher qualified but still working on lower shades or otherwise. If any rule exist please communicate me so that i can apply for higher post without competing on open merit. my length of service is 10 years but inspite of higher education i am working as staff level. please.

    • Aslam Niazi says:

      A.O.A. Dear madam, plz confirm me that whether there is any rule for grant of M.S./M PHIL allowance to the employees like Phd allowance? If yes plz enclose some reference. thanx a lot.

  22. anees ahmed says:

    A.O.A. Dear Shumaila, I am working in WAPDA under Federal Government as Assistant (Ad.) I want to consult in some matters mentioned below:
    Detail: I joined my service as Jr. Assistant. (Ad) BPS-07 w.e.f. 13-01-2004 and on behalf of my qualification my post was upgraded in BPS-11 on graduation basis and i was PLACED in BPS 11 by upgradation w.e.f. 28-08-2005 and my pay was fixed as under:
    Pay as on 27-8-2005 in BPS-07 (2555-140-6755) =Rs.2695/-
    pay as on 28-8-2005 after upgradation in BPS-11(2980-200-8980) =Rs.2980/- I was fixed on the initial of B-11 as at that time premature increment on upgradation was not allowed. But now after decision of Finance Division Regulation wing one premature increment is allowed . The ambugity is this that how fixation should be made. whether in the situation above i am entitled for premature increment or not ? If entitled than fixed my salary, please. QNo.2. whether now option can be used for fixation by defferment as my post was upgraded in August, please.

    • Dear Anees ur pay will be as under:
      Pay on 27-8-2005 in BPS-07 =Rs.2695/-
      pay on 28-8-2005 after upgradation in BPS-11=Rs.2980/
      As the difference of the two pays is 2980-2695= 285/- as the Annual Increment of BPS-11 is 200/- that is why u r not entitled to get the premature increment. The difference must be equal or less than the annual increment of the higher scale.
      2nd: There is no option eligible on up-gradation.

  23. Jawairia says:

    assalam u alaikum! I had been SESE(BPS-14) since 1 feb 2011 to 2nd april 2012 and I applied for SSE and started it from 3rd April 2012. How will I be benefited by this???...
    i am getting no benefit for this and it was heard that previous service would not be considered..

  24. Muhammad Asim says:

    Respected madam, someone told this increment is only for clerks. is it true

  25. TaLLaL HaSSaN says:

    Asalamu Alayekum
    Dear Shumaila in regard of above notification i had discussed with the officials of District Accounts Office of my native place and they told me that this notification has been declined by an amendment. So do you have any amendment or above stated information is the last information regarding the pay fixation on appointment from lower to higher grade ?
    Your quick response in this regard will be highly appreciable because i need to take certain decision on it !!!

    • Dear Talal Hassan if they say that this decision has been amended then why they not show you the copy of the same amended notification. I ll try my self you find the same and I think there is no amendment in this notification.

      • TaLLaL HaSSaN says:

        They ask for some days to find out that amendment.
        And during internet surfing in this regard i had found that premature increment after next stage on appointment is allowed in offices of the Federal Government. If the appointment is in an office of the Provincial or District Government of Province then fixation would be made at next stage and premature increment would not be allowed.... Comments plz ???

  26. abid says:

    dear shumaila the same case is with me. i was appointed since 28.11.2001 in bps 11. after that i was reappointed on 10.08.2004 in bps 13. the premature increament granted to me while annual increament was not allowed to me. now i can get the annual increament of 2008 or otherwise? please reply

  27. Sardar Mobeen Hafeez says:

    Dear Shumaila,
    Please send notification of Govt. of Punjab, Finance Deptt, in the above said matter...

  28. Latif Ahmad says:

    Dear Madam, Aoa. Hm 2002 ma contract pr teacher appoint howay thy 2009 ma punjab govt ny hamen regular kiya lekn hamari previous service count nahi ki gai hamen initial pay pr dobara fix kr diya giya is sy hamari pay b kam ho gai hm ny court ma b case kiya hy lekan abi tk hamara ye masla solve nahi howa hy ap plz hamen guide kren k hmen kiya krna chahye thanx

  29. sarfraz hussain says:

    Dear miss; AOA,
    in 2011 i have been selected through proper channel by PPSC as Assistant Professor BS 18 On regular basis, at that time i was working in tevta as instructor in BS-17. having runing basic pay 18000/- on may 30,2011. but on 31st my i have join as assistant professor and my intial basic start RS 12910/-

    my previous job on contract basis and pay is issued from TEVTA account which was runing basic 18000 startig in BS 18 is 12910= difference 5090
    AG Office, official said to me that you should take approval from the education department how i proceed the case and what type of documents required me to proceed the case

    • Dear Sarfraz Hussain, according to my opinion, NOC for the new post you got from ur previous department, LPC, Charge Relinquish Report (Relieving Report) Gazetted History, Joining Report in New Department, Appoitment letter in New Department.

  30. khalique dad says:

    sister Shumaila: , i m very happy to see ur this website.It is very useful and valuable thing, especially for employees. who works in public my point of view, if these notifications are of zip file or folder. then every person can download it easily. once again, i congratulate u. thanks

    • Dear Khalique DAD Thanks for appreciating mine efforts for the Employees. Dear I ll try to use Zip formate. However just right click on any notification and then use "SAVE IMAGE AS". It is also very easy.

  31. MUREED says:

    Dear Madam! I hope and pray for your good health. Madam I am working in paid out Defence as a N/Qasid BPS-2 in last 10 years but now a days I appointed as a Assistant BPS-14. SO my question as that I am entitled for premature increment, if any documents audience available & sent me, please waiting for your kind response

  32. Asad says:

    Dear Shumaila,

    I was working in BPS-16 December 2008 to June 2009 with a running basic of Rs. 7940/- at that time and afterwards I got appointed in BPS-17 with a pay of Rs. 9850/- in July 2009.

    Keeping in view of above, my question is this "may I be granted 1xpremature or advance increment" in this scenario as Rs. 9850/- is the initial stage of BPS-17?

    • Dear Asad plz email me ur full issue with detail.

      • Asad says:

        I am trying to say that when I got appointed in Grade 17 from Grade 16, according to the notification my pay should had to be fixed in Grade 17 by giving one premature / advance increment i.e. Rs. 9850/- + 740 = Rs. 10590/- but my office given me the initial pay of Grade 17.

        Reason for it when I inquired from my account officer he is of the view that because of huge difference of pay of Grade 16 to 17 i.e. Rs. 7940/- and Rs. 9850/- for Grade 17 that is why in Grade 17 your pay is Rs. 9850/- because only one or two premature increments can be given and in this case 5+ increments are required to achieve Rs. 9850/- from Rs. 7940/- of Grade 16.

      • aslam hyd says:

        Dear madam ap kahan hoti hain plz tell me and mara bhi masla ha jo ma ap sa discuss karna cahata hon please sent me your office number

  33. Muhammad Shabbir says:

    Please inform me that premature increament order valid for punjab teachers too.

  34. Muhammad Rauf says:

    Ptc mi mera scale 12 ta. Ct post mi scale 9 par appoint kia gia pir BA par graded pay scale 14 dia gia. Mera appointment as ptc 6.3.1990 awr as ct 19.6.2011 hai. Kia mi option par 1.12.2011 ki annual increment ka haqdar banonga, rahnumai farmai. Agar ap ki pas koi notification kpk finance depart ki ho tu muje send ke jai. Thnx
    Muhammad Rauf ct swat.

  35. Muhammad Rauf says:

    Mery appoint 06/03/1990 ko as a PTC teacher howy thy. Ub 19/06/2011 ko C.T post join kr lia hy. Mujai premature inreament mil chuka hy lekin 01/12/2011 ka annual inreament mujai nahi dia gya hy lehaza is me mery rehnumaye farmaye. Thnx

    • Dear u should use the option certificate to fix ur pay on 02-12-2011 after getting the annual increment on 01-12-2011. Just see in which condition u have more benefit.

      • M Usman says:

        I am working in Pakistan post since November 20 2007 i was appointed in BPS 02 and promoted to BPS 09 in September 26 2011 my pay was fixed in 2nd December 2011 instead of immediate effect (September 2011) after promotion and a premature increment was granted to me after fixing the pay in new scale
        my pay was fixed at initial stage of new scale my pay in older scale was 5410/- and was fixed at the initial stage of BPS 09 i.e. 6200+premature of BPS 09 6200+380=6580 all this calculation was made by disbursing office (GPO)
        Recently The disbursing office sent my pay particulars along with service book to Director of Accounts for pay verification The Director of Accounts PPO Lahore returned the service book with remarks that the grant of premature is not admissible

        So now please guide me to get the best solution and advantage by available rulings
        if you have any ruling in favor of me and guide me that how my disbursing office can take up my case with Director of Accounts Lahore

        • Dear M Usman, you are not eligible for the premature increment as the difference of the two pays is greater than the annual increment of the higher scale. It is better you fix the pay on September so that u may get 6200/- wef September instead of December. Thanks

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