Fixation of Pay on Promotion within the Same Pay Scale

I will explain the full procedure of fixation of pay on promotion within the same scale with the reference of Finance Division (Regulation Wing) Islamabad notifications. Here is to mention that the employee who is promoted within the same scale will get 2x increments, 1x Next Above Increment and the other one is Premature Increment.  The next above increment was already in vague and premature increment on promotion within the same scale is allowed vide Finance Div Notification No. F.11 (30) R-2/2010-1180 dated 5th November 2012.  Here is to mention that the Premature Increment on promotion within the same scale was granted by the Finance Division O.M No. F.2 (8)R-I(1)/80 dated 17-11-1991 and the same was stopped by the Auditor General Pakistan vide letter No. 164/R-I/14C/87KW/267 dated 26-08-1996.

What is Promotion within the Same Scale?

I think many employees don’t know “what is promotion within the same scale”. I will illustrate you with example about the same.

Suppose an employee is working as LDC (SG) BPS-09 and his/her next promotion is UDC that has also the same scale BPS-09. In this situation the promotion of the employee is within the same scale i.e the employee before promotion was in BPS-09 and after promotion he/she is also in BPS-09.

The second example of the same is that Supdt in some departments is in BPS-16 and his/her next promotion is Admin Officer (BPS-16). In this situation the employee also promoted in the same scale i.e before the promotion the employee was in BPS-16 and after promotion he/she also got the same scale BPS-16.

How to Fix Pay in Promotion within the same Scale?

Suppose a LDC (SG) BPS-09 is getting Rs. 12660/- as basic pay and he is promoted as UDC (BPS-09) wef 02-05-2012 then his/her pay will be as under:-


Pay on 01-05-2012 12660/- BPS- 09 (LDC-SG)
Pay on 02-05-2012 on Promotions UDC BPS- 09 13420/- Next Above + 1x Premature Increment


If the same employee is promoted on 02-06-2012 then he can opt to pay his pay fixed after getting annual increment as LDC (SG). If he/she doesn’t opt to pay his/her pay on 02-12-2012 he is not eligible to get the annual increment on 01-12-2012 as he/she has not continuous 6 months service as UDC (in new scale). Now the situation after option will be as under:-


Pay on 30-11-2012 12660/- BPS- 09 (LDC-SG)
Pay on 01-12-2012 13040/- Annual Increment (LDC-SG) BPS-09
Pay on 02-12-2012 on Promotion as UDC in BPS- 09 13800/- Next Above + 1x Premature Increment



  1. aziz says:

    i have two questions :-

    - my present BPS 23860. tell me total gratuity and per months pension.

    - i have passed my FA exam in 1986 and i was promoted as stenotypist on 05-01-1991 (now i m in SG - 14), in the light of my present Basic pay pl tell me two FA increments are included or not in my present basic pay as 23860.

    • Dear Aziz just see ur service book, the detail of the same would be mentioned in the service book.
      Just email me the following:
      Ur total service
      Age now
      Basic Pay
      Pay Scale number

  2. tariq ahmed khan says:

    Madam, Prior to upgradation of post of LDC, i am working as LDC (BPS-7 by Selection Grade) after upgradation of post of LDC from BPS-5 to BPS-07 i am working in same scale or like as same scale promotion.

    My department only allow me one pre-mature increment rather than my pay fixed in next above stage + pre-mature increment, Please advise me my fixation made by my department is correct or wrong.

    • Dear Tariq Ahmad Khan ur fixation is wrong. U can email me so that i send you the copy of the fixation of a person working in FG. Plz also mention ur department in the email.

  3. Riaz Mahmood says:

    I am EST(V) teacher. I have got scale 15 from 14 in C.M package in 2010. I know there is no premature increment in C.M. package for Punjab teachers. In scale 14 my pay was 14040/= at that time. In scale 15, there was same stage 14040/=. So, my pay fixed at the same stage means 14040/=. Would I had right to get next stage of pay because of same stage fixation or zero benefit after getting higher scale. please tell me about this situation. Thanks. With best wishes.

    • Dear Riaz Mahmood, if the same stage comes then the next stage is counted. Your pay will not be fixed Rs. 14040/- u can add one more increment to it i.e next stage.

  4. arif raihan says:

    AOA,main nain 1994 main selection grade BPS-12 say BPS-15, main hasil kia ,pher feb-2002,main moveover BPS-16,and back to BPS-15, under the notification issued from the Govt:and than now upgraded my post from BPS-15 TO BPS-16 FROM 23.12.2011,and retired on.1.4.2012,kia main jis main main premature increment nahi mila,ab batain,kay main sirf 1 increment ka haqdar hoon,ya 2 increments.

  5. Salim Azad says:

    Regular Promotion in BPS-18 on 1-12-2000, pay was at maximum stage. Earlier Selection grade in BPS-18 was granted on 3-4-1994. Since no stage available in maximum pay scale as such no next above or premature increment was granted at time of promotion i.e 1-12-2000. Mover Over in BPS-19 was allowed on 1-12-2001. Deferment in pay fixation can not be allowed. Preemptive pay fixation after grant of selection grade or premature increment as per recent decision of Supreme Court orders of within pay scale is applicable or not. How this pay fixation with existing rules can be fixed to get benefit of promotion please. Thanks.

    • Dear salim Azad, I think only the notification of Usual Increment beyond the maximum of pay scales stages may be helpful in this regard.

      • salim azad says:

        Thanks clarification but it is not applicable in year 2000 when pay was at maximum stage. These usual increment are allowed in year 2005 as such no help within existing rules is helpfull as yet. Thanks

  6. ashok handa says:

    i was fixed in the scale 4500-125-7000 on 1.1.96 and promoted and fixed in the scale 5000-150-8000 on 1.8.98 and my post was declared surplus in 2001 therefore i opted for vrs in 2002 . now last year , because of a court decision my scale is upgraded to 5500-175-9000on 1.1.96 and promoted post is also being declared in the same scale. but the promoted post carried a higher responsibility than the feeder post. please let me know how will my pay will be fixed on the promoted post on 1.1.98. tks

    • Dear Ashok, you are eligible for premature increment in this situation as well as the next above.

      • ashok handa says:

        thanks for giving the information. please can you just let me know that my pay is 7250 on 1.8.98 in the feeder post what will be my pay fixed after premature increment of 175 it will be 7425 and next stage is 7600. will it be fixed at 7600 and also if possible the OM NO. in this connection . thanks.k.

  7. Riaz Ahmed says:

    Will someone provide Government policy on Shaheed Policemen. Whether the legal heirs of shaheed policemen get 75% family pension or 65% pension.

  8. ahmed says:

    sam scale may promotion ka keya matlab hay?

  9. Inam Ur Rahman says:

    Novermber 2012 me mera upgradation howa hy. Baqayajaat mily hy lekin annual increment nahi mila hy

  10. karim shah says:

    agar koi contract employee regularized ho jaey tho kia usy dobara joining ki zarorat hoti ha ya contract appointmnt wala joining kafi ha,,,,, reply anyone with proofs plz

  11. Inam Ur Rahman says:

    Assalam alaikum. Kpk edu empkoyee ke jo scale upgradation howy hy. Us me mujai 12 scale to mil chuka hy lekin annual increment nahi mila hy. Kia me option per annual increment le sakta hon? Aur agr option per me increment na loon. To retirment me mujai increment ka ziada faida melega ya abhi... Rehnumai farmye plz

    • Dear u not mentioned the date of ur upgradation. Plz send e ur full detail at mine email.

      • Muhammad Imran says:

        information is required relating payment of gratuity and Leave encashment to those employees having less than 10 years service. in Punjab Esta Code at page # 14, Gratuity & Pension Benefits,
        question is this that at what extent the gratuity is to be paid?

        These are re-employed persons and got retired at the age of 60years from University service as they were employed on regular basis. Punjab Government rules are prevailing in university (Autonomous Body).

        Further quries will be shared after this.
        Waiting for comprehensive response from you.
        Contact if required will be provided to you.