Notification Grant of Two Premature Increments on Double Promotion KPK

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Office of the District Education Officer (Male) Lakki Marwat issued an order on 20-01-2023 in connection with the Grant of Two Premature Increments on Double Promotion KPK. This special case is for the promotion from SPST to PSHT. The details are as under:

Grant of Two Premature Increments on Double Promotion KPK


                  I direct to invite your kind attention to the service appeal No. 770/2016 Tilted Muhammad Sadiq VS Accountant General & 40 others and further clarification that the AC Office gave. Finance department Govt: of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Peshawar vide notification No.FD(SOR-1)2-123/2019-28282/AG/ M.Sadiq dated 27-12-2021 on the subject noted above also clarified.

                   In view of the above-referred statement, the promotion order bearing No.705-09 dated 07-02-2012 and Endst No. 699-703 dated 08-02-2013, and the promotion order SPST to PHST bearing No. 778-82 dated 12-02-2013 the department found correct. In this way, all the teachers have the right of entitlement to premature increments on promotion in light of the finance department notification quoted above.

So all the SDEOs / DDOs, the Office directs to proceed further in case of non-availing the benefits.




                     In 2013, the Deputy District Education Officer of Lukky Marwat issued a notification of Pre-mature increment of scale 14 to the promoted head teacher on a scale of 12 to 15. According to the rules, promotion was to be done on a scale of 12 to 14 and then to 15 in some districts. On the scale 12 to 15 was given, so a scale of 12 to 14 and then of 15 means a primary head teacher is entitled to two increments, he was given only one increment.

                     The simple case is that the Department promoted employees from BPS-12 to BPS-14. Then the department promoted these employees to BPS-15. The reason was that these employees were to directly promote from BPS-12 to BPS-15. The Department promoted these employees in two steps. Now the department allowed these employees two premature increments. We are waiting for further details whether they got a promotion or upgradation.


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Grant of Two Premature Increments on Double Promotion KPK

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