New Revised 4 Tier Formula Promotion List FGEIs

FGEIs (C/G) Dte Rawalpindi has issued the Revised Promotion List of FGEIs teachers under the Four Tier Formula vide Notification No. 0409/8/2012-FGEI (M) dated 22nd March 2013.

There are promotion of teachers to Assistant Headmasters (BPS-17), Headmasters (BPS-18, 19 and 20). In connection with the Dte letter of even number dated 30th January 2013 revised promotion orders are issued in pursuance of Judgment of Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench, Rawalpindi. (A Post by Anwar Khokhar)



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  1. Amjid Ali Principal GHS Shamdhr aMansehra says:

    Please send me 4- tier formula second phase list of school of KPK thansk

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