Calculate Total Length of Service & Age for all the Employees in MS Excel Sheet

Today I am publishing here a detailed article on How to Calculate Total Length of Service & Age for all the Employees in MS Excel Sheet. You can easily find out the total length of service and age for an employee or a group of employees.

Method to Calculate Total Length of Service

Just simply enter the date of Appointment of an employee in the concerned column.  In the same way enter the date on which you want to find the total length of service. Remember the sequence of the date will be as under:


You must separate the month, day and year by “/” not by “-“.

Service Calculation Calculator



Method to Calculate Total Age or Age Difference

You can also find the age difference by using this simple formula. Enter the date of birth in the column of “Date of Appointment” and in the same way enter the date on which you want to find the age of an employee or a group of employees. If you have any difficulty in this process you can comment here so that I may see the situation. I have already published a post regarding “Formula to Calculate the Age in MS Excel Sheet “. If you find any difficulty by using that technique you can try this formula. This post has been delivered by Mr. Hamid Mosvi.


Download Total Service & Age Calculation Calculator



  1. m.hanif samejo says:

    madam mujhe seniority list banane he .mujhe excel men formula fitted sheet bhejo jis men date of apointment to end od of service enter kroon to mujhe year month or days automatic a jaen

  2. Abdul Aziz says:

    some date cannot calculate, like DoB 01/10/1959, DoA 16/10/1986, Show in formula cell #VALUE!

  3. Ghazanfar Ali says:

    dear madam
    1. ap neh 01.07.2015 Pension calculation just a 5 second wali sheet me ap neh medical allowance 7.5% jb k notification me 25% hai ap neh 7.5% q deya hai.

    2. Restoration commute amount widow ko 75% dene hai ya full commute de.

    3. Age Value nekal neh ka formula bata dey.
    thanks for your guide line for me.q k mera dost pension section me kam karta hai Mujeeb.

  4. Shehzad says:

    How do you do sister. I wish to ask you what is the latest regarding 20% increase to all federal govt employees as verdict by Islamabad High Court. Quite a days have passed and nothing is heard in this context, need your expert and up-date opinion, please.

    My regards.

  5. Hamid Ali says:

    ACR performa main Total Service ka option hy. uss ko note krny k liye aysi sheet tiyar kr li.

  6. Hamid Ali says:

    Thanks. to All

    Hamid Ali
    LDC Chaklala Rawalpindi

  7. Hamid Ali says:

    Date ka formate change krna ho ga. jb bhi window ki jati hy. thw uss ki date ma Month pehly aur Day bad ma hota hy. Control penal ma ja kr Regional Leanguage ma Day ko pehly aur Month ko bad ma kuch hi change kr lain. iss tarha calculate sahi ho ga warna nhi.

  8. Muhammad Farooq says:

    very good creation sheet Mr. Hamid Mosvi.


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