Clarification of Conveyance Allowance to Officials Availing Govt Vehicles

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.SR/9-4/86(P) (PR) dated 21st April 2014 in connection with Clarification of Conveyance Allowance To Officials Availing Govt Vehicles (Sanctioned/Pool).

It is stated that it has been noticed through different Accounts Officers that some officers are availing Government vehicles (Sanctioned/Pool) from house to office and vice versa without mentioning in the log book and drawing conveyance allowance.

It is therefore clarified that the officers who are availing Govt vehicles including bikes (Sanctioned/Pool) are not entitled to the facility of Conveyance Allowance with effect from 1st March 2014. This Department’s instructions, whereby conveyance allowance was allowed on a certificate of not using vehicle from house to office and vice versa, are withdrawn accordingly.


Clarification Conveyance Allowance






  1. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    dear madam
    meri government colony main rehaish hai office ka gate alag hai colony ka gate alag hai office aur colony k center main road hai. mera conveyance allowance cut raha hai. kia mera conveyance allowance cutna chahiye


    If any Govt. servant use Govt. Vehicle for private use then how much Rs per kilometer he will have to pay to government.

  3. Dr. Mudassir says:

    Dear Madam
    if i have a govt vehicle. then
    1. how much km i can use (home to office 21km)
    2. govt will pay me additionally or i will use office fuel?
    3. i am district incharge and a vehicle is alloted to me. what if dont want to use govt vehicle for pick an drop? ( i want to avail convayence allowance)

    kindly mail me or leave a reply.

    • Sorry dear Mudassir, i have not the knowledge about these conditions. Thanks

    • BaTooL says:

      if u r using Govt vehicle for office OR official duty , it's simple u have not to avail Conveyance Allowance.. it's so simple...

      u r not public transport for which govt is giving Conveyance ALLOWANCE in ur pay slip.. is it clear.... no more if and but..

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