Increase in Salaries According to Budget Speech 2015-16

Today on 5th June 2015, Budget 2015-16 has been announced. Detail of Increase in Salaries According to Budget Speech 2015-15 are as under:

Increase In Medical Allowance

According to budget speech Medical Allowance has been increased 25%.  Medical Allowance has been raised from Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/-

Increase in Pay

There will be 7.5% increase in salaries of the Govt employees.

Ph.D Allowance has been raised to Rs. 10000/- per month.

Pension has also been increased @ 7.5% and also the medical allowance @ 25% to the retired employees.

Tax rate for the salaried employees has been decreased from 5% to 2%.


Salaries Increased 2015-15



Words of Budget Speech 2015-16 Regarding Govt Employees


Pay and Allowances for Government Employees
1. As you know, we are a resource poor economy where demands are many and resources are limited. The present government is committed to reduce non-productive expenditure to achieve greater availability of fiscal space for development spending. This year inflation has substantially come down and there is a trend of price stability. However, the government is fully cognizant of low compensation level of government employees and pensioners. As per past practice, the Government had constituted a committee which submitted its recommendation keeping in the inflation and fiscal constraints. The government has taken following decisions in this regard:-
1) 7.5% Ad-hoc Relief Allowance on running basic pay will be allowed to all federal government employees with effect from 1st July 2015, as against the recommendation of 5% increase by the Committee.
2) Ad-hoc increases of 2011 and 2012 will be merged in the pay scales as recommended by the Committee.
3) Medical Allowances of all government employees is being enhanced by 25%.
4) One premature increment will be allowed to employees of grade 5 with effect from 1st July 2015. Last year pre-mature increment was allowed to employees of grade 1-4.
5) A uniform Ph.D. Allowance of Rs.10,000 per month will be allowed to Ph.D./D.Sc. degree holders working under federal government with effect from 1st July 2015. This will replace the existing Science and Technology Allowance of Rs.7,500 per month and Ph.D. Allowance of Rs.2,250 per month.
Budget Speech 2015-16
6) The rates of special pay to Senior Private Secretaries, Private Secretaries and Assistant Private Secretaries are being increased by 100%.
7) The rate of orderly allowance and special additional pension is also being increased to Rs.12,000 per month.
8) For the welfare of the labor class and in line with increase in pay of government employees, the minimum wage rate is also being increased from Rs.12,000 to Rs.13,000 per month.
2. Following relief measures are being announced for the pensioners;-
(1) 7.5% increase in net pension to all pensioners of federal government with effect from 1st July 2015.
(2) Medical Allowances of pensioners is being enhanced by 25%.
(3) Extension of family pension to widowed/divorced daughter for life or till re-marriage with effect from July 1, 2015.
(4) Revival of policy for restoration of surrendered portion of commuted value of pension after outliving the prescribed period.
(5) Upper limit of investment in Bahbood Saving Scheme of National Savings by the pensioners and senior citizens is being enhanced from Rs.3 million to Rs.4 million.


  1. Dr. Hafiz Abdul Wahab says:

    Dear Madam, Thank you very much for the guidance and help for the employees.
    I have a case in the Peshawar high court (Abbottabad Branch) about the admissibility of Ad hoc relief allowance of 50% 2010 and 15% 2011 upon
    1. Up-gradation
    2. Promotion
    3. Appointment to next grade through initial recruitment (for in service employees)
    Once you sent me a notification of Punjab Govt.
    Do you have any court decision about the admissibility of above two allowance in the above three cases?
    I was appointed BPS-18 to BPS-19 through initial recruitment, but I am being paid these allowance according to BPS-18 (BPSs- 2008). While a new entrant (which is not defined properly by Govt. of Finance) getting it according to the scale in which he is appointed. This is clearly a discrimination.
    Could you please guide me?

  2. USMAN says:





  3. Ali raza says:

    Aoa, i m selected as i.t assit in CMH KHARIAN in bps 14.
    I rcvd appoinment on 25 may mean increament also apply can anyone tell exact figure of my salary.

  4. Abdul Razzaq says:

    Assallam.O.Alaikum Dear Shumaila,
    I'm really impressed that you are making your utmost efforts for helping employees related issues. Dear can you please share that, Is there any case is in process for Mphil allowance in Federal Govt. as other Provisional Govt. employess are getting.

  5. Basharat says:

    sir what is exact amount of m.phil allowence

  6. Shakil Ahmed Khan says:

    میڈم : السلام علیکم : اگر اِس وقت بیسک 45500 مل رہی ہو تو بجٹ 2015-16 میں اضافے اور ریلیف الاؤنس 2011-12کے جمع کرنے کے بعد کیا تنخؤاہ بنے گی؟ گریڈ 18ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔امید ہے جواب سے مطلع فرمائیں گی۔ رہنمائی کے لیے پیشگی شکریہ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  7. Rafique Qureshi says:

    Thanx Galaxy for appearing on my laptop screen after a long time

  8. Asif Ali says:

    Respected Madam,
    M.Phill allowance @50% of PHD allowance is given by Provincial govt. like Punjab and Baluchistan are giving to the govt. employees. why federal govt. servants are deprive of the M.Phill allowance. if you ve any updates please share it.

  9. usman says:

    My father is retired Ph.D holder, will he get the additional allowance mentioned by ishaq dar.

  10. jabir says:

    One thing may be considered while preparing charts or speculating new revised pay scals. In 2008 initial basic pay of grade 17 was 9850. After merger of two adhocs i.e. 15% of 2008 and 20 % of 2009, initial basic pay of grade 17 fixed at 16000. It means actual rise in initial basic was aprox 61% of pay scals of 2008 after merger of 35% adhocs. In my opinion sum of first stage and last stage of basic pay adhoc allowance will be added in existing initial basic pay for revision. Only this method can protect the financial benfit of last stage adhoc allowace availing employees otherwise they have to surrender their existing financial benifits.

  11. siddiqui says:

    Madam, What is special additional pension ? I am also a pensioner and retired in 2001. Will i have this pension. My pension is Rs. 6750/- p.m

  12. shahzad anwer says:

    Dear madam can u please send me the existing rate of special pay for (APS) assistant private secretary

  13. shahzad anwer says:

    Dear madam hra bhi rivise hoga or ara-2010 and ara-2011 will be merged in existing basic pay as per budget speach shown on 92hd news channel and annual increment for bps-16 will be rs.1200 and hra will be 6750 for bps-16 which is 45% of rivised basic pay and rivise initially basic pay for be 16 will be rs.15000/. Whereas other ara-12 to 14 shall stand frozen till further orders. Ara-15 will be 7.5%, m.a will increase @25%.

  14. SHAHBAZ says:

    kia ab scale b revise hn gy? New Scale ratio bnny gi ab ?

  15. Abdur Rauf says:

    Maidam Assalam u Aliakum
    Aap ki efforts pr aap ka shukria. kindly bta dain kia House Rent me b koi change hoi hay.

  16. asif says:

    house hiring ka any news for increse

  17. M Hussain says:

    AA dear madam Kia pay scale revise hone se house rent alownce main bhl azafa ho ga. plz tell me.

  18. M. javed khan SCT says:

    madam.any detail

  19. kamran Rasool Brohi says:

    Madam now how the salaries increased ?

  20. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Madam ye batain k adhoc kitni merge ho ri hain aur kon kon si?

  21. khadim Hussain says:

    I thing ye bohat kam hai kam se kam 15% to honi chaye thi

  22. Muqaddar Khan says:

    Dear madam,
    I m sending u servic history for clearificstion of my medical alloeance.
    1.12.2010. BPS. 12. Basic pay Rs. 7765. M/A Rs.1000.
    6.03.2012. BPS. 16. Basic pay Rs. 14800. M/A Rs. 1164.
    02.12.2014. BPS. 17. Basic pay Rs. 19600. M/A Rs1164.
    You can see that in BPS 17 Medical allowance is 1164 while all gov emplye are enjoying 1
    medical allowance. Now they recieve another 25% increase. Now pls tell me in my case is there any increase wold take place or my medical allowane will remain at Rs 1164.

  23. junaid abbasi says:

    new pay scales ka chart upload keran.

  24. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Sister kiya frdral employees ki pay bhi revise go gi

  25. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Madam kiya post office may UDC ki up gradation ki koi information hay

  26. Ahsun shah says:

    Plz koi chart etc lagaen jis ma har grade ki increase btai gai ho. Thanks

  27. syed muhammad ali says:

    7.5% adhoc will be applicable before or after merge of adhoc relief 2011-12????????

  28. karim jadoon says:

    if you pay revision chart 2015, please send to me

  29. Obaid Ullah says:

    Plz upload new/revised pay scales from Bps 1 to 22

  30. Junaid akbar says:

    merge 2011 and 2012 ARA, committee ki taraf se recommended hue.. To iski manzoori b hogai hai ya........? Mtlb k merge ho gae hain ya abi final ni hua.......? aur agr merge hoge hain to, 7.5% merge k bad ya phele pr honge..........?

  31. ahsan khan says:

    mam ap kider ho ap tab bato gi jab sab ko pata chal jay ga ap ki information tu hum say ziada honi chahiay

  32. Ghulam Abbas says:

    ye 7.5 % izafa adhoc relief add hone ke bad hoga ya pehle basic hy us pe hoga.

  33. Waseem says:

    Madam, please update revised pay scales 2015 after merging ad hoc 2011 and 2012.

  34. Haris says:

    Dear Madam,
    Thanks for sharing budget speech 2015-16 regarding salaries.
    Will be thankful if you kindly extend your cooperation and publish revised pay structure according to above speech, with house rent, conveyance, medical allowance and yearly increment.

  35. Khalid says:

    I appreciate ur efforts for Employees community, now I need some clarification.1= adhoc relief allowance 2011-12 are merged into basic pay and then 7.5% will b implemented but what about adhoc relief 2013-14?
    Freezed or on running pay,?
    If on running pay, increase in both of these allowances Wil also b occured..
    Plz guide me in this regard..

  36. Ghous mohiuddin says:

    Asslam o alykum
    Sister bate samajh nahi ai 1 janib pensioners ki pensionin may 7.50 ka incress or phir kam az kam pension 13000/- kar di gi
    Zara rahnumai kar day

  37. ia_bangash says:

    Baray bay'aabroo hoker teree Mehfil se hum niklay! All employee should knock the door of Supreme Court for revision of pay scale as per rules of revision i.e after every three years pay must be revised. No any of Government whether PPP or PML(N) is following the rules but to bond the government in future the only way is to go to Honorable Supreme Court.

  38. zia sajid says:

    Mam aoa mr Ishaq Dar said adhoc allowance of bees thus(2010)&bees bara(2012) will be merged in basic pay.i have a clip. Of his speech.plz clear it mr Dar says larger adhoc allowances of 2010& is 70% of all adhoc. Allowances.but Media saying about allowance of 2011&2012.plz clear it .itos huge mistake.

  39. Tariq uzair says:

    Still no chart of revised pay scales

  40. abrar says:

    dear sister what's new today . any info regarding new pay scales after merging two ad-hoc

  41. Naeem says:

    What were the ad-hocs of 2011 & 2012 in % for federal employees?

  42. Naveed Akhtar says:

    AOA. Is there any chance of M.Phil allowance for FG Employee as in Punjab

  43. shahid says:

    aoa madam meri running basic pay 10380 hy bps 9 hy 2011 n 2012 k adhok 2076 n 814 hain mri salary kitni bhregi plz msg on 03453157943

  44. ahmad ali khan says:

    congrates to all Rs. 7.50 % increase in salary and pension

  45. ahsan khan says:

    madam ap k paly kuch para y sab kia tha kon say do allownce thay aur new scale kia hon gay ishaq dar nain wo kam kia k pora saal hum yehi sochtay rahain gay k us nain kia kya aur clerickal staff ki upgradation khan gai punjab wali plz jawab zaror daina

  46. Majid Hussain says:

    ma'm asalam o alaikum
    i have to ask that which adhoc relief allowance are to be merge in basic pay?
    any confirm news.

  47. siddiqui says:

    Madam ..

    I was watching a slide. Minimum increase in pension is 13,000/- ..What is that all about ?

  48. Arshad says:

    Dear Sir,
    There is rumor that 10,000 allowance will be given to Federal employees who holds M.Phil degree
    Please confirm

  49. sattar says:

    Aoa Mphil allownce all fg employee k key ley hay?


    madame pay scale revise hone se house rent allowance b increase ho ga ya nahi. pleas tell me

  51. anwar says:

    It is also announced that adhoc allowances of 2011 and 2012 will be merged and new scales will be issued.

    is it true??

  52. Ahsun shah says:

    Madam apne scale revision ka nai likha. FM ki takreer ma adhoc 2010 or 2012 merge krne ka elan hua ha. Kch newspaper 2011-12 or kch 2010-11-12 k 3 adhoc ki news ha. Ap plz ye b clear kren sirf 7.5% ka tazkra kia ha apne. Thanks

  53. Naveed says:

    Very shameful act that 100% increase in the salaries of Fed. Secretaries
    & just 7.5% for low paid employees.

  54. Naveed says:

    Please clarify that which year's Adhoc Reliefs have been merged in the basic pay??

  55. Sami says:

    I am working in Government Agriculture Department. Please send me the chart of latest updation as per Allowances and New Pay Scales.

  56. ijaz ahmed says:

    madam kia nai jo basic banay gi allowance bhi usi hisab say bahray gay ya allowance nai barhay gay for

  57. Muhammad Irfan says:

    Aoa ,
    I think it is a good decision of Govt for merging two Adhon allowances and pay scale revised.also medical increased. I am so happy.

  58. zeeshan says:

    What about 3 adhoc relief allowances that are announced to be included in basic pay?

  59. abdul salam shahid says:


  60. Faryal Hasan Siddiqui says:

    yeh jo 7.5% increase hua hai
    yeh kya PaY Scale Revision se inclusive hu ga ya exclusive...?? 🙂

  61. Ahmad says:

    madam, please cofirm kr den k adhocrelief 2010 basic pay men zam hua hai k ni?

  62. Imran Zuberi says:

    Dear ma'am,
    Kindly clear that increase is after merging both the adhoc relief or on present running basic pay...? secondly after merging the adhocs, annual increments will also be changed or will remain the same as today..?

  63. M. javed khan CT BS 15 Education dept says:

    madam will there be scale revise ?

  64. WAJID says:


  65. JAWED BASHIR says:


  66. raja nayyeer says:

    hi plz confirm that 10000 rs allowance is only for PHD or Mhpl degree holder also entitle for said allowance

  67. JAWED BASHIR says:


  68. Shafique Ahmed Abbasi says:

    Dear madam ,
    Adhoc 2010 50% and 2012 20% also have been merged in basic pay.

  69. inam says:

    Kon se adhoc basic pay me zum huay hain

  70. rashid says:


  71. Kashif Abbasi says:

    Madam plz tell that which adhoc relief allowances have been merged in basic pay? Does annual increasment will also be raised?

  72. Aslam says:

    Camel ke munh me zeera ..

  73. muhammad zeeshan says:

    one thing u missed about 3 adhoc relief allowance to included in pay.

  74. BABLU says:

    Dear Sister,
    Any latest news about adjusting the Adhoc relief in basic pay??

  75. وحید says:

    کتنے اللؤنس ببسک میں ضم ہوئے ہیں ۔ اور کونسے ؟
    7.5 % اضافہ نئی رننگ بیسک پر ہے ؟

  76. Zahoor Jan says:

    Madam, what about merger of two adhoc relief allowances??

  77. Mukhtiar says:

    2011 aur 2012 ke adhoc allowances bhee basic pay mein aa jaen ge, ye bhee ailan howa, ye kis tarah honge aur kitne % hain, kia basic pay 15%+15% =30% increase ho jai ge.

  78. muhammad asif says:

    how to change email on pifra plz guide me

  79. majid khan says:

    mam is the phd allownce applicable to all or prior distinction will remain intact of science and non science?

  80. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    Madam! Ye jo 7.5% ka lolly pop ha ye adhoc reliefs merge karne k baad ho ga ?

  81. IFTIKHAR MALIK says:

    Dear brothers ! AOA Pay & pensions mn increase ki news govt. employees aur pensioners k sath sangeen mazaaq h.Parliament members ki salaries mn 100% increase aur govt.employees aur pensioners ki pay aur pension mn increase only to daar sb. ne Hatim Tai ki qbr pr laat maar de h.

  82. Yasir Iqbal says:

    Dear Madam
    As Per detail You mention there is no merger in adhoc Relief but FM said he merge 2010 and 2012 adhoc relief allowance in Basic Pay which means 50 Percent of 2010 and 20 Percent of 2012 Merge in Basic and also 25 Percent Medical Allowance Basic Pay will inrease thats good for future Thanks Please Correct me if iam wrong but i listen 3 time by rewinding he merge 2010 and 2012 in basic

  83. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Dear madam,
    U r said to one of our clerical member that the seniority of all regularized person should made according to there age.
    But madam the seniority of medical officer of Punjab is according to there joining date pls tell me the reason i am waiting for ur answer pls its urgent

  84. Muhammad Nadeem says:

    Dear madam,
    U r said to one of our clerical member that the sisseniority of all regularized person should made according to there age.
    But madam the seniority of medical officer of Punjab is according to there joining date pls tell me the reason i am waiting for ur answer pls its urgent

  85. abdul Ghafoor says:

    any formula

  86. abdul Ghafoor says:

    Mam, can u plz elaborate that after merging 2 adhoc relief allowances how the pay scales-2015 will look like?

  87. Shafique Ahmed Abbasi says:

    Dear madam adhoc 2010 50% and 2012 20% also have been merged in basic pay. i think you missed great news.

  88. Rana Atif says:

    the pay scale of 2011 is revised after including allowances of 2010 and 2012 i.e. 50% & 20% respectively.

  89. Muhammad Asif Ali says:

    Dear Madam, You have not mentioned about merger of two Adhoc Relief Allowances. Do you have any chart. Kindly clarify. Thanks

  90. Mirza says:

    Its not so dear. 7.5% is adhoc allowance after merger of two adhoc allowances, 2012 & 2010. So scale revised as well. Only confusion is whether one of the adhoc allownce that is going to be merged is of 2010 or 2011. Verbaly Dar sb told its of 2010, however printed budget document states its of 2011.
    Tax slabs have been reduced from 5 to 4.

  91. Rizwan says:

    Where is the committee recommendations ?

  92. Ali says:

    Sister after 2011. 2012 merge, new basic pay kya hoga BPS-9 ka.

  93. Shoaib says:

    What about adhoc?

  94. jabir says:

    Can you calculate and prepare chart of revised pay scales by merging 2010 (50%) and 2012 (20%) adhocs in present basic pay. Merger of these adhocs in basic pay has been announced in budget speech by finance minister

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