Special Increment Upgradation/Time Scale Case Steno Cadres Punjab Govt

The Chief Minister House Punjab has issued a letter on 03-02-2016 in connection with Special Increment Up-gradation/Time Scale Case Steno Cadres Punjab Govt.

According to this letter, on presentation of the enclosed application of Rao Muhammad Akram President Punjab Civil Secretariat PS, PA, SSS & Stenographers Association on the subject cited above. Chief Minister has been pleased to desire that the case may be examined and a summary may be put up to this office for his information/orders.


Special thanks to Ch. Waqas Hassan for sending the copy of the letter of Up-gradation/Time Scale Case Steno Cadres Punjab Govt.


Time Scale Case Steno Cadres



  1. Javed iqbal says:

    off course always remained a joke with this cadre

  2. Tahir Iqbal Khan says:

    Respected Rao Akram, Aslam-o-alaikum, please inform the latest achievement regarding up-gradation of stenographer and requested to remove the old letter for submission of summary dt 3-2-2016 because this letter discouraging us

  3. Waheed Ahmad Joiya says:

    Any update regarding upgradation of stenographers

  4. Javed Akhtar says:

    Oh bhai g yeh to wohi purana notificaiton he. (i.e dated 03.02.2016)

  5. Muhammad Zubair Shah says:

    Again a green joke with stenographers

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