Request for Computer Operator Upgradation Health Department

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, District Health Authority, Layyah has forwarded letter No. Estt/1316/CEO(DHA) dated 08-02-2017 in connection with Request for Computer Operator Upgradation Health Department.

According to this letter, It has been requested that the Computer Operator of the District Layyah Health Department may also be re-designated/upgraded.

Special thanks to Ch Waqas Hassan for sending the copy of the letter.


Computer Operator Upgradation




  1. Shahid rasheed says:

    We requested the honorable chief minister Punjab that plz order the upgrade of IT servent like Computer operator! Data entry operator! Key punch operator! And different cadre of IT Department
    We are all the pray of you with best wishes

  2. shahid says:

    Ab to sharam aa jani chahiye

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