How to make a website?

I am going to tell you all steps for the creation of your own websites. A website is a main platform where the visitors can get their required information. First of all I will tell you about the purposes of websites. The websites are made for personal information, about an institution or department, for business purpose, for making money online, for preach and information of religion, for teaching the world about specific topic and many more. What ever your topic about website you can follow the given below steps to make your own website:

1-         Selection of Topic of Website

First of all you must keep in mind the topic of your website. You can select a topic of entertainment, jobs, information, news, fun, encyclopedia, education and many more you like. Try to select the topic about which you have the best knowledge so that you can easily write your ideas about it.

2-         Purchase of Domain Name and Web Hosting

The next step is to purchase the domain name and web hosting from a trusted company. Try to select the domain name according to your topic. There are many web hosting companies that provide you web hosting at very low prices. But always remember that you must buy the web hosting from a trusted and popular web hosting provider firms. When you have made payment to the web hosting firms then your domain name and web hosting is active within a few hours.

3-         Uploading the website

When you have purchased a domain name and web hosting then the next step is to upload the website. You can upload your site on Jamoola, WordPress or on any other. WordPress is the most being used for uploading a website. The web hosting company gives you cPanel (Control panel). Web hosting company provides you username and password provide. Just go to cPanel and log in there. You can do this by typing if you have purchased the domain name in .com. if your domain name is in .org then and so on. There in cPanel you can upload your website.

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