20% Judicial Allowance Decision of the Lahore High Court Lahore

The Lahore High Court Lahore has issued its decision on 23-05-2014 in connection with 20% Judicial Allowance. Some points of the same decision are as under:

Based upon the statement made before the court by the Secretary Finance, Punjab which is duly endorsed by the learned Addl: AG, it is ordered that the Provincial Government shall, before 15-06-2014, pay to the employees of the judicial establishments of the Lahore High Court and of the Punjab District Judiciary a 20% increase in the amount of judicial allowance paid to such employees with effect from 01-03-2014.

Where no judicial allowance is paid to any employees in such establishments then an amount of 20% of the amount that would become payable according to existing formula fixing judicial allowance shall be paid to them wef 01-03-2014 as interim relief subject to final decision by this court. This post has been delivered by Mr. Ghulam Mustafa. 


Judicial Allowance 20%




Judicial Allowance 2


Judicial Allowance 3


Judicial Allowance 4


Judicial Allowance 5 Judicial Allowance 6



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