Notification of Balochistan Civil Servants (Amendment) Act 2015 Act No. III of 2015

Balochistan Provincial Assembly Secretariat has issued Notification No. PAB/Legis: V (06)/2015 dated 28-04-2015 in connection with Balochistan Civil Servants (Amendment) Act 2015 Act No. III of 2015. Full detail of the same is on the copy of the Notification. Some main points of the same Act are as under:

Absorption.-5-A.(1) The Provincial Government may absorb a federal civil servant of a devolved ministry or division Federal Government, or an attached department or sub-ordinate office of such devolved ministry or division situated in Baluchistan, who was transferred by Federal Government to the Province of Baluchistan, in consequences of the devolution of functions pursuant to the Constitution(Eighteenth Amendment) Act,2010-Act No. X of  2010); and thereby he shall become a civil servant of Province of Baluchistan under this Act, and on such absorption his terms and conditions of service as were applicable to them before absorption shall not be less favorable to him than to which other civil servants of Government of Baluchistan have under this Act,

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained hereinabove sub-section (1), the seniority of a civil servant absorbed by virtue of sub-section (1) shall be determined by the Government of Baluchistan, in accordance with the rules as presented under this Act.

(3) A federal civil servant absorbed in any department  or office of the Government of Baluchistan, pursuant to sub-section (1) and (2) above, may be appointed against a post of equivalent grade in that department or office available in the department or office  for initial recommitment;

(4) In case any difficulty arises in absorption of the federal civil servants due to non-availability of a post with similar designation or grade in a department or office on which a federal civil servant had a lien before absorption the Government of Baluchistan may create any number of equivalent posts with the same designation and grade against which the federal civil servant had maintained a lien in the Federal Government, as it may deem fit.

Special Thanks to Mr. Karim Shah for sending the copy of the Balochistan Civil Servants (Amendment) Act 2015 Act No. III of 2015.


Balochistan Civil Servants



Balochistan Civil Servants Act



Balochistan Servants Act


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8 thoughts on “Notification of Balochistan Civil Servants (Amendment) Act 2015 Act No. III of 2015

  1. Assalam o alaikum, i appreciate your work with depth of my heart…. I m a Govt Servent and i need latest notification for study leave other than 2011’s notification. kindly help me as soon as possible , I ll be grateful to you. thanks.

  2. ref my email…..remained in surplus pool w.e.f june 2000 to April 2014 till supranuation..without posting but they gave me full pay.

  3. dear friends.i appreciate ur efforts n team work for govt a sr govt servant,declared surplus in june 2000.reported to s&gad sindh…remained thr till supranuation ie april 2014. case is in HC Sindh praying to determine the seniority and promotion. i was retired from s&gad. can a surplus employee request for promtion n seniority? prompt reply ll b appreciated. kind regards afaq

  4. Dear Madam,

    I am working in POF Wah cantt BPS-12 Diploma level job but my qualification is Bachelor of engineering(16 years education ) Is any qualification allowance i can apply for against my qualification?? And secondly i have appointed in this federal govt job in April 2015 please tell me will i get 20% special pay allowance(whose case is in IHC) if that notification is issue as per IHC judgment??
    Please reply asap


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