Revised Basic Pay Scales Chart 1972 to 2015 (Combined)

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As you know I have already uploaded a Revised Pay Scale Chart 1977 to 2011, now I am sharing the Combined Revised Basic Pay Scales Chart 1972 to 2015 as the Revised Pay Scale Chart 2015 has also been announced by the Government.

The Basic Pay Scales were revised during the various years in the history of Pakistan. The summary of the same is as under:


  • Revised Pay Scales-1972 with effect from 01-03-1972
  • Revised Pay Scales-1977 with effect from 01-05-1977
  • Revised Pay Scales-1983 with effect from 01-07-1983
  • Revised Pay Scales-1987 with effect from 01-07-1987
  • Revised Pay Scales-1991 with effect from 01-06-1991
  • Revised Pay Scales-1994 with effect from 01-06-1994
  • Revised Pay Scales-2001 with effect from 01-12-2001
  • Revised Pay Scales-2005 with effect from 01-07-2005
  • Revised Pay Scales-2007 with effect from 01-07-2007
  • Revised Pay Scales-2008 with effect from 01-07-2008
  • Revised Pay Scales-2011 with effect from 01-07-2011
  • Revised Pay Scales-2015 with effect from 01-07-2015

This chart is very beneficial for the pay fixation with back date. You no need to have a number of charts copies with you.  Special thanks to Mr. Altaf Ahmed for sending the copy of the Revised Basic Pay Scales Chart 1972 to 2015 (Combined).

The below uploaded sheets have been sent by Mr. Liaquat Kamboh. These charts in the MS Excel, PDF and Picture forms.


Download the Combined Pay Scale Chart:

Pay Scale Chart in PDF format:

Pay Scale 1972 to 2015

Pay Scale Chart in MS Excel format:

Pay Scale 1972 to 2015

Pay Scale Chart in Picture format:



Pay SCale Chart 1972 to 2015


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77 thoughts on “Revised Basic Pay Scales Chart 1972 to 2015 (Combined)

  1. dear madam
    i enlisted as civil constable on 14/04/1976 and later i got promotion as head constable as on 5/081988 and later
    i got promotion as assistant sub inspector(ASI) on 16/05/2003 and later i got promotion as Sub Inspector of police(SI) on 01/12/2008 and later i got retired on 30/06/2017.

    please i want to know the present basic pay scale upto the retirement of SI,

  2. Muhammad Farooq Shah · Edit

    Madam, I was employed in BPS-4 in 1997 and later on re-employed as UDC in BPS-7 in 1998 but the annual increment for the year of 1998 was not granted to me neither in BPS-4 nor BPS-7 because my re-employment was occurred on 24th June, 1998. However, before 24th June, I was working in BPS-4 since May, 1997. Now, I have applied for the increment of the calendar year 1998. Please provide my complete guide line in this connection. Similarly I was again re-employed as Steno typist BPS-12 in 2004 but again I was deprived from the benefit of the calendar year 2004 where as all these re-employment from lower scale to higher scale were taken place through proper channel with continuity of service.

  3. Aoa madam some confusion in 1990 bps 7 stage 1060 jab sperat chat mine 1991 revised to adjusted in 1575 and jab combined chart say fixed kain to 1635 min hoti hay plz tell me kis 1060 kis stage pay fixed ho ga ?

  4. The Lecturer is in BPS-17(A) on 1-12-1976. with basic pay as 850 rupees total in BPS-17(A) . In new scales on 1-May -1977, his pay will be 1270 rupees?

  5. Medam,

    If a Lecturer (college education sindh province) has the basic pay as 850 on December-1-1976. In May,1,1977 Pay scales revised. Will his pay be 1270 rupees in new scales on 1-05-1977 or some different??

    Hyderabad sindh

  6. Respected Madam,
    I m working in BS-17, I was appointed as sst BS-16in 1992. Now, after long time, I hv granted selection grade promotion from 1-7-2000. My basic pay was 4505. Could you help me for the preparation of arears. I will ne thankfull to you.


  7. Dear i need the revised pay scale notification 1994 and one more notification i-e Finance Division O.M. NO.F.3(6)R.1/85 Dated 26th june 1985 and 1st July 1986 regarding computer Allowance. Could you please help me in this regard.

    1. Dear Shamila

      I missed to inform u that I was in BS-18. Now the complete question is as follows:
      If basic in June 2008 was 26260 with PP 1550, what PP will be in July 2008 with basic 31510?

      Thank you

  8. Dear Shumaila Kamal sister.
    You are doing the best for civil servants. I am here to point out some mistake in this fixation chart of 1972 to 2015. there is some mistake in the year 1991 and 1994. If you see the maximum of both years and also 30th stage of both they differ. 1991 is point to point. Kindly if you make correction many will be benefited. If you can send me this file in MS Xl i wil make the corrections.

  9. The KP Govt has announced compensatory allowance for the employees who are working in B-16 in lieu of upgradation to B-17. My present B. Pay is Rs. 30505/-. Please tell me what would be the compensatory allowance as admissible please.

  10. Muhtaram Liaqat Ali Kamboh Sahib sy guzarish he k kia is chart me 2005 ka wo premature increment dala gaya he, jiska bad me order aya tha aor sab logo ko Baqayjaat b mil gaya tha.

  11. A.O.A……G may Police department say hun……March-2015 may hamen Salary Punjab k braber kar k de gae, magar April-2015 may Adhoc Allowance [email protected] 50% deduct kar dea gaya aur hamara special allowance code: 1550 bhe deduct kar dea gaya or allowance code: 1870, special addll: allowance (2006) aur 1879: special addl: allowance (2007) bhe deduct kar dea gaya….. jesy k tamam Govt servants ko ye allowance allow hen kea hum police department en allowances say mustasna hen, ya hum govt servant hen he nahe……. agar koe order ya notification hay apky pas en allowances ke deduction ka to plz, inform me and send me in my email address…thanking u for co-operation….. [email protected]

  12. Yasir Farooq Usman · Edit

    السلام و علیکم۔ ماشا اللہ اس ویب سائٹ پر بہترین خدمات فراہم کی جا رہی ہیں۔ اس کارِ خیر کو جاری ساری رکھیں۔ براہ مہربانی یہ بتائیں کہ آج کل خبریں چل رہی ہیں کہ گورنمنٹ آف پنجاب نے پرائمری سکولوں اور مڈل سکول ٹیجرز کو نئے سکیل دینے کی سمری پر ورکنگ کی ہے۔کیا اس کا اطلاق ان کنٹریکٹ ایجوکیٹرز پر بھی ہو گا جو 2011 یا 2012 میں بھرتی ہوئے اور ان کی قابلیت ایم ایسی سی بی ایڈ اور ایم ایڈ وغیرہ ہے۔

    یہ بھی بتائیں کہ حکومت پنجاب ضلع راولپنڈی سے ٹرانسفز پر پابندی کا نوٹیفکیشن کب جاری کر رہی ہے اور کیا یہ نوٹیفکیشن آپ کی ویب سائٹ پر دستیاب ہو گا؟ اور کیا ٹرانسفر کے لیے کوئی درخواست فارم بھی ہو گا؟ مختلف سکولوں میں خالی سیٹوں کا کیسے پتہ چل سکتا ہے؟

    تیسرا اور آخری سوال کہ کیا آپ اپنی ویب سائٹ پر یہ خبر چلا سکتی ہیں کہ اگر کہوٹہ کا کوئی ٹیچر (ESE Science) پنڈی میں ہے تو کیا وہ کہوٹہ میں موجود پنڈی کے ٹیچر سے اپنی تبدیلی کا خواہشمند ہے۔ براہ مہربانی یہ بھی خیر کا کام ہے اس خبر کو ضرور چلائیں۔ جزاک اللہ۔

    1. Dear Yasir Farooq Usman, filhal new scales ki update nahin hay as soon as i get the same I ll share.
      I have heard the the transfer policy has been issued. Just wait a few days. I ll search and upload on this website.
      Plz send me the details of ur transfer posting with email ID and cell no. I ll share the same at facebook. Thanks

  13. Respected Madam, My post is Levies Assistant BPS-16 at Home department, i would like to change my cadre so tell me the procedure and also help me by Notification is Plz Help..
    Jalal Ahmed

  14. Dear Madam,

    Can you kindly tell me the basic salary of Lecturer (BS 18) in a university, and also tell me the salary included other allowances such as medical, rent etc. Please give me this information regarding new policy of 2015.

    Also tell me, please what is the meaning of time scale (1-30) in the sheet.



  15. Madam revised pay scale 2015 main BPS-17 ki basic pay 16000 sy 20,680 kardi gae hai,
    agr BPS-17 ki kse ki salary 4 increment lagny k baad 20,800 hochuki hoto new scale k lihaz sy 4 stages aagy 26,900 par fix hogi ya basic main koe change nhn aye ga?

  16. M.ASIF Senior Auditor · Edit

    AOA Shumila Kamal Please check scale # 4 stage 6735 it is actually 6730 please check more before releasing on web thanks..

  17. sajjad DAO 03336064820 · Edit

    Kindly complete detail of adhoc relief from 1972 to 2015
    Wht adhoc relif ratio.When adhoc start freez & merge with pay scales
    With thanks.

  18. Ghulam Rasool kaka · Edit

    madam assalam alaikum ap ny meri mushkulat solve krdi ye chart share kr ky kiya ap mujhy ye bataingy ky 1972 say 2015 tak ky allowance kity mily, aur kahan tak, kab frozen huwe, kab marg hwe ,ya khatam hwe, agr increase hoty hain to kab tk ap ki maharbani hogi dosrei bat ky ye sare notification ap mere email pr send krdain thanks


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