Amendment Recruitment Rules Imamabad Model Schools/Colleges

Government of the Pakistan, Cabinet Secretariat Establishment Division has issued Office Memorandum No. 8/53/2009-R.I dated 21-09-2017 in connection with Amendment Recruitment Rules Islamabad Model Schools/Colleges. Detail is as under:

The undersigned is directed to refer to the Capital Administration  and Development Division`s O.M.No.14-10/2011(Education)AEA-lll, dated 12.09.2017 on the above subject and in continuation of Establishment Division`s previous O.M. of even number dated  27.12.2012, this Division agrees to the following redesignation of the posts in the Capital Administration and Development Division, subject to concurrence  of  Finance Division`s amendment in the Recruitment Rules  and filling up the upgraded post in the manner prescribed in this Division’s O.M. letter dated 31-2008:-

S.No Name of the Post with BPS Redesigned as
1 Deputy Headmaster/Deputy Headmistress (BPS-17) Secondary School Teacher (BPS-17) (already redesigned vide this Division`s O.M. dated 04.06.2010).
2 Senior  Teacher (BPS-17) Secondary School Teacher (BPS-17)
3 Director/Directeress Physical Education (BPS-17) Secondary School Teacher (Physical) (BPS-17) (the post was previously redesigned as SST vide this Division`s O.M dated 27.04.2012)***
4 Director/Directeress Physical Education (BPS-17) Secondary School Teacher (Drawing ) (BPS-17)
5 Training Graduate teacher (BPS-16) Senior Elementary Teacher (BPS-16)
6 Trained Graduate  instructor  (BPS-16) Senior Elementary Teacher(Physical) (BPS-16)
7 Drawing Master/Drawing Mistress (BPS-16) Senior Elementary Teacher(Drawing) (BPS-16)


  1. Moreover, 70% redesigned posts in both cadres i.e. Secondary School Teacher (BS-17) and Senior Elementary Teacher (BPS-16) are allocated to Science Group and 30% to Humanities/Arts Group.


Redesignation Posts Islamabad Model Schools

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