Notification of Precautionary Measures Monsoon Season

Government of the Punjab Chief Minister’s Monitoring Force School Education Department has issued Notification on 04-07-2018 in connection with Precautionary Measures Monsoon Season. Detail is as under:

Apropos the subject.

  1. As you are aware that Monsoon season has stated and stagnant water at roofs/premises of school due to heaving raining may cause damage to school building as well as breeding of Dengue larvae.
  2. You are, therefore, once again requested to direct all the Head of institution to ensure implementation of the following SOPs already conveyed to you from time to time: –

.   Removal of stagnant water

.    Cleanliness (premises, toilets, roof tops etc)

.    Grass cutting from lawns and grounds

.     Removal of junks

.     Plugging of water leakages

.    Display of charts in schools

.     Health awareness campaign

.     Maintenance of vector free environment

.     Supervision of private schools for compliance of SOP on anti-dengue measures

  1. Compliance of the above-said directions in letter & spirit, may be communicated with snaps showing anti-Dengue activities through Android phones and e-mail at [email protected].

Special thanks to Mr. Muhammad Shabbir for sending the copy of the Notification of Precautionary Measures Monsoon Season.


Precautionary Measures Monsoon Season


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