Prime Minister Task Force Civil Servants Reforms

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Detail on the subject matter Prime Minister Task Force Civil Servants Reforms is as under:

Reference to the notification No. F.2-2/2018-Cah dated 05.09.2018 of your good office, whereby the subject committee has been notified under the chairmanship of Dr. Ishrat Hussain, it is stated that TORs of the committee include the reforms at the provinces as well.
2. This Association has reservations over the TORs, since the civil service at Provinces is a provincial subject and Provincial Assemblies are the custodian of Civil Service under Article 240 (b) of the constitution.
3. Moreover, it`s reiterated that annulment of the illegal and unjust Apportionment formula 1993 imposed upon provinces by a caretaker government of Mr. Moeen Qureshi, is a requisite for serious Civil Service reforms.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the Notification.


Civil Servants Reforms

Civil Servants Reforms Federal


Civil Servants Reforms KPK

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