Budget Speech 2019-20 & Increase of Salaries Govt Employees

I am here sharing the details of the increase in salaries of Government employees according to the Budget Speech 2019-20. According to the budget speech 2019 following has been announced for the Government Employees of Pakistan:

What has been announced for Govt Employees in Budget Speech 2019?

The following has been announced for the Govt Employees of Pakistan in the Federal Budget Speech 2019:

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019

An Adhoc Relief Allowance 2019 has been announced for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-16 @ 10% of the current running basic pay of the Revised Pay Scales 2017 with effect from 1st July 2019.

There will be 5% Increase for the employees of BPS-17 to BPS-20.

There is no increase in salary for the employees of BPS-21 and above.

Conveyance Allowance for Disabled Persons has been increased from Rs. 1000/- per month to 2000/-

Minimum Wages has been raised to Rs. 17000/- per Month.

Complete Copy of the Budget Speech 2019 By Mr. Zahid Khan

Salary Increase Budget Speech 2019
Budget Speech 2019-20

Decrease in Salaries of Federal Ministers

There has been decreased of salaries of the Federal Ministers @ 10%.

Increase in Pension of the Pensioners

There has been increased 10% of the pension of the pensioners with effect from 01-07-2019.

Copy of Budget Speech 2019-2020

As soon as i get the copy of the Budget Speech from any sources or Finance Division Pakistan, I shall share the same at this post.

What was News before Budget Speech 2019-20?

These are the latest updates according to the budget speech 2019-20. Before this various news were in air about the increase of the salaries for the Govt employees. Some newspapers published that there will be 20% increase, some printed that there will be 15%, some newspapers showed that there will be 10 to 12% increase in salaries, even a few newspapers printed that there will be 7% increase. But now at the time of Budget Speech all has come out.

Demands of the Govt Employees            

There were various demands of the employees since the issue of the Budget Circular Budget Announcement Date letter. These demands of the employees were reality based. Main demand was Increase in House Rent Allowance that is also not fulfilled according to this budget speech. Medical Allowance is also not according to the increased price of medicine and treatment charges in the market. Medical Allowance was also to be revised but nothing done in this regard. Other demands were equalization of pay scales for all the employees of Pakistan. That step also has not been taken in this budget.

                One main demand of the clerical staff of the Federal Govt was Federal Govt Clerical Staff Upgradation according to the pay Scales of the provincial Government clerical staff. This is a very bad news for the clerical staff.

Request of the Govt Employees                                      

It is once again requested from the Government that these above steps should be taken till the finalization of the Budget so that the employees may get their right and can live in a better way.

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9 thoughts on “Budget Speech 2019-20 & Increase of Salaries Govt Employees

  1. Bhai jan ye 25% sirf 160 rupee hen APS to BS-20 officers k leay, ap log zayada khush na hon, ye chanda mar govt hey or eno ne sirf lena hey dena kuch nahi??? dosri taraf eno ne record incentive jo Nawaz Sharif ne last budget me tax relief govt servants ko dea tha eno ne wo b khatam kar dea is tarah se ye 10% increase actually 5% reh jati hey jab k eno ne mehngai about 20% kar di hey

  2. Army kay tamaam employees (from grade 1 to 21) kay liay 10% increase.
    Civil employees kay liay sirf grade 1-16 kay liay 10% and 17 sy 20 kay liay 5%. Kia yeh khuli discrimination nahi.
    PM Imran said Army Officers from grade 17 to onwards will not take salary increase. Yeh to fraud nikla.

    1. Army officers are not getting pay increase.

      The person who wrote the speech made this stupid grammar mistake.

      Madam ap tension na lein, fauji jaan bhi de rahay hain aur tankhwa bhi nae barha rahay ta k civ mulazmin ki tankhwa barh sakay. What more do you want from them.


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