Admissibility of MS / M.Phil Allowance KPK MS Degree Holders

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department has issued letter on 28-11-2019 regarding Admissibility of MS / M.Phil Allowance KPK MS Degree Holders. Detail is as under:


  • The Subject allowance was denied to the employees of Higher Education Department Holding MS Degree on the plea that MS was not equivalent to M.Phil. Consequently, the aggrieved employees filed writ petition No.244-P/2018 in the Peshawar High Court praying for the admissibility of the Subject allowance. In its judgment passed on 24-09-2019, the august court directed as Under:-

Accordingly, this writ petition is disposed of in the terms that the case of the Petitioners is transmitted to the Secretary Higher Education respondent No.03 who shall place it before the Secretary Finance Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa / respondent No.3 for consideration strictly on the analogy and principal enunciated in the judgment (supra) rendered in WP No.2243-P/2017 and WP No.4328-P/2018, Respectively”

  • Previously, the august court in its judgment in writ petition No. 2243-P/2017 dated 07-02-2018 (Annexure-I) and writ Petition No.4328 dated 20-06-2019 (Annexure-II) directed the competent authority to grant MS Allowance to the petitioners on the ground of equivalence of MS to M.Phil.
  • It is, therefore, requested that in compliance to the judgment of Peshawar High Court, M.Phil allowance may kindly be granted to the employees of HED holding MS degree.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Admissibility of MS / M.Phil Allowance KPK MS Degree Holders.

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M.Phil Allowance KPK MS Degree Holders

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