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Government of Sindh, Finance Department has issued Notification on 14-02-2020 in connection with Pay Fixation Higher Grade to Lower Grade.  Detail of fixation of pay from higher pay scale to the lower pay scale is as under:

I am Directed to refer District Accounts Officer, Thatta’s letter No. DAD(/THT)74/2019, dated 14-1-2020 on the subject noted above and in continuation of this department letter No.FD(SR-III)3-629/2020 dated 24-12-2020, regarding clarification of protection of pay from higher post to lower post, it has been further clarified that no provision under rules / policy is available to provide Pay Protection from higher grade to lower grade and such type of  permission, if any  issued, may be treated as cancelled / withdrawn.

  1. It is further clarified that after award of time scale in higher pay scale, acceptance of promotion in lower grade (time scale of HST in BS-19 and promotion to Head Master BS-17) is the option of teacher , as such, his pay may be fixed from BS-16 to BS-17 on presumption basis Because of no provision in rules for protection of pay from higher grade to lower grade except in the cases of absorption in lower Pay after declaration of  surplus.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Pay Fixation Higher Grade to Lower Grade for the province of Sindh.


Pay Fixation Higher Grade

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