Non-Deduction of Conveyance Allowance Due to 2nd Wave of COVID-19

District Education Authority Sahiwal has issued a letter on 15-12-2020 in connection with Non-Deduction of Conveyance Allowance Due to 2nd Wave of COVID-19. The contents of the same letter are as under for the information of the readers:

Non-Deduction of Conveyance Allowance Due to COVID-19

Reference to the subject cited above, it is intimated that all public/private schools are closed for the second wave of COVID-19 with effect from 25-11-2020. The Government has restricted the students to attend school but they have engaged the staff in schools for different academic tasks.

You are therefore requested not to deduct the conveyance allowance of teachers for the period.

  1. The District Education Officers (SE/M/W-EE), District Sahiwal.
  2. Haji Abdul Salam, President Punjab Teachers Union, Sahiwal.
  3. Rana Rashid Ali, President, PACT, Sahiwal Division, Sahiwal.
  4. Office file.


Non-Deduction of Conveyance Allowance Due to 2nd Wave of COVID-19


It is to mention here for the Federal Government teachers, the Accounts Office doesn’t deduct the conveyance allowance for vacation. The accounts office / CMAs are doing so since the end of 2016. The employees knocked on the door of the court for not deduction of their Conveyance Allowance during vacations. The main plea of the employee was that Government grants these vacations. And the employees don’t request for these summer/winter vacations. As these holidays are on the part of the Government so their conveyance allowance the account office should also not deduct. You can comment on my view.


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DEA Pakpattan Office Order Regarding CA


With reference to the subject noted above.

It is stated that teaching activities are suspended in government institutions vide order No. SO(A-I)1-31/2008 dated 24.11.2020 w.e.f. 26.11.2020 to 24.12.2020.

  1. It is pertinent to mention here that teaching staff is directed to attend school for different assignments as per the direction of the School Education Department.
  2. Therefore it is requested that Conveyance Allowance of the above said period during which only teaching activities are suspended may not be deducted.

Pakpatan CA

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