Constitution of Pay & Pension Commission 2020 by Finance Department Sindh

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Government of Sindh, the Finance Department has issued a Notification on 17-12-2020 in connection with the Constitution of Pay & Pension Commission 2020 by Finance Department Sindh. The details of the same are as under:


No. FD/Admn-I/10(01)/2020: with reference to Pay & pension Commission, Finance Division, Government of Pakistan, Finance department, Government of Sindh hereby constitute a Working Group for formulating the proposal of Government of Sindh for Pay & Pension Commission-2020, comprising the following officers:-



Sr. No. Designation Status
01.Finance secretaryChairman
02.Special Finance Secretary (B&E)Member
03.Special Finance Secretary (Resources)Member
04.Additional Finance Secretary (SR/Admn)Member
05.Additional Finance Secretary (Resource)Member
06.Director, Economic Reform UnitMember
07.Director, IT (B&E)Member
08.Deputy Secretary (Admn & Accounts)Member
09.Deputy Secretary ( B&E-I)Member
10.Chief, Information Management UnitMember
11.Consultant (PFM-SPP) (Mr. Zulfiqar Mirza)Member
12.Section Office (B&E-VII)Member
13.Section Office (B&E-I)Member / Secretary


  • To evaluate Existing Basic Pay Scale System and its efficacy and make recommendations \
  • To assess service-related perks and privileges / ancillary matters to civil servants
  • For assessing the financial sustainability of the existing pension scheme of the Government of Pakistan.
  • To propose a unified mechanism of Pay & Allowances amongst provinces and the federal government.
  • To evaluate legislative measures to protect and streamline Pay, Pension, and Allowances and propose amendments.
  • For providing oversight to actuary on pension reforms.
  • To formulate overall proposals/recommendations for the Government of Sindh.


Special thanks: Syed Faizan Ali Shah



Constitution of Pay & Pension Commission 2020 by Finance Department Sindh



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