Advance Pay & Allowance/Pension Dec 2022 All Sindh Government Employees

Government of Sindh, Finance Department issued a Notification on 15-12-2022 in connection with Advance Pay & Allowance/Pension Dec 2022 for All Sindh Government Employees. The details are as under:

Advance Pay & Allowance/Pension Dec 2022 All Sindh Government


According to the Notification, the employees and pensioners will get pay and pension on 30th December 2022 in advance due to Holidays on 1st January 2023 and 31st December 2022.


The year 2022 is ending.  The employees are impatiently waiting for the payment for December. As expenditures usually increase on eve of New Year. The last day of this year will be Saturday and the First  Day of 2023 will be Sunday. Else, it is also sad for Pensioners as well. Some Pensioners rely on Pensions. The employees and pensioners face difficulties, in case they have to pay loans, rent or installments, etc. Sometimes they need to pay the payment for different services.  They need to do all this on time. If they get late they have to pay the fine as well. That’s why every employee/pensioners need their pay/ allowances on time.


Advance payment for Sindh Government Employees


 There are two Gazetted holidays on Saturday 31st December 2022 and Sunday,  1st  January 2022. It is not pleasant for the employees and pensioners for getting on their salaries late on a special eve. The situation was very clearly observed by Sindh Government. For the Assistance of their employees,  Sindh Government decides to give pay/pension/allowances in advance. The salary/pay/pension/allowance of December 2022 will be given in advance for all the Sindh Government employees.




The Finance Department, Government of Sindh writes a letter to the Secretary of Finance.

Finance Department wrote a letter to

 the Secretary of Finance, Sajid Jamal Abro. his letters instruct to improve the advance payment of employees. According to the notification,  released by Finance Department, Sindh Government, the government will approve the pay/allowance / Pension in advance for the month of December 2022. This is a very good step by the Government of Sindh.




This step of the Government of Sindh is appreciable. It will make the employee celebrate New Year’s Eve as per their wishes. It will make them easily pay their loans, installments, rent, etc. on time.


Before this Punjab Government Finance Department also issued the Notification of disbursement of pay allowances and pensions in Punjab before the due date.




Advance Pay & Allowance Pension Dec 2022 All Sindh Government Employees

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