Abolition of Supervisory Posts in Punjab Government

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Directorate of Public Instructions (SE) Punjab Lahore issued a Notification on 23-09-20022 in connection with the Abolition of Supervisory Posts in Punjab Government. The details are as under:

Abolition of Supervisory Posts in Punjab Government Offices


Enclosed please find herewith a copy of Government of the Punjab Finance Department Lahore vide No.FD.PC.14-19/2014 dated 09.01.2019 on the subject cited above. The directions passed in the letter are as under:-


  1. I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that Governor Punjab has been pleased to abolish all vacant supervisory posts, i.e. Administrative Officer, Planning & Progress Officer, Budget & Accounts Officer, Registrar Departmental Examinations, Officer Incharge (B&A), Progress Officer, Store Officer and similarly circumstanced posts with immediate effect and to declare filled posts as dying cadre.
  2. Further, if the abolished declared dying cadre posts and promotion channel and the holder of the post of Superintendent fulfills criteria, he will be provided promotion to that post through amendment in the service rules from the appropriate forum.
  3. Keeping in view of the above, you are directed to ensure the strict implementation of the above-mentioned instructions of the Finance Department in letter & Spirit and submit a Compliance report to this Directorate to proceed further.


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List of Posts Which Abolished


As per the above reference the following all vacant posts the Government of Punjab abolished:


  • Administrative Officer
  • Planning & Progressive Officer
  • Budget & Accounts Officer
  • Registrar Departmental Examinations
  • Officer Incharge (B&A)
  • Progress Officer
  • Store Officer
  • Similarly Circumstanced posts


Abolition of Supervisory Posts in Punjab Government

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