Notification Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KP and Mileage Allowance

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Finance Department issued a Notification on 11-07-2023 in connection with Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KP as well as Mileage Allowance with effect from 1st July 2023. These new rates of TA are admissible for the employees of BPS-03 to BPS-22.

Amended / Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KP/ Mileage Allowance Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revises the rates of Travelling Allowance / Mileage. This allowance is admissible to all employees of the provincial government of KPK. This allowance is admissible on a monthly basis with new rates from 1st, July 2023. The employees who work on BPS-03 to BPS-22 are eligible to get a travelling allowance at new rates.


New Rates of TA 2023


With the consent of the Finance Department  KPK Government issues new notification to announce new applicable rates of TA.

The new rates are applicable from the first July 2023.


Sr.No Type of Traveling Existing Rates Per Mileage New Rates Per Mileage Difference between old and New Rates
1. Car/Taxi Rs.10 Rs.15 Rs.05
2. Motorcycle/Scooter Rs.04 Rs.06 Rs.02
3. Public Transport Rs.2.50 Rs.3.75 Rs.1.25
4. Bicycle Rs.02 Rs.03 Rs.01


TA for Personal Conveyance Increase of Rs.5


The employees get TA on the performance of the special duty assigned by the Government. Some government employees use personal Conveyance to travel to their assigned duty place. Due to high petrol consumption and high price, all employees face travelling issues and problems. In order to assist them KPK government revises the rates of TA per Mileage. There is a benefit for the employees who go for special duty to far furlong areas. Government increases the TA for personal of Car/taxi users for travelling from Rs.10 to Rs.15/- Per Mileage. There is an increase wo Rs.05 in the new rate.


Rs.02 Increase in TA For Motorcycle or Scooter


Male Government Employees may travel by Motorcycle or Scooter to the place of specific duty. They will get benefit from the new rate of TA. Government increases TA rates for motorcycle/scooter users. Rs. 04 to Rs. 06. There is a difference of Rs.02 per Mileage.


Rs.1.25 Increase in TA for Public Transport Users


The place-specific duty of government employees may be out of the city. They use public transport like buses vans and Hiace for travelling. Not only male but also female employees use public transport. In order to reach the special duty place they pay high rates of public transport Fare. In order to give benefits to these employees government raises the rates of travelling allowance per mileage.


  1. The previous rate of public transport is Rs. 2.50/-per mileage.
  2. After revising the new rates of travelling allowance for the public transport is rupees 3.75/-per mileage. Government increases Rs.1.25 per mileage.


Rs.01 Increase of TA for Bicycle Users


Some government employees who use a bicycle to reach and back to their home station. previously they receive Rs.02 per mileage. But, the Government of KPK increases this rate by Rs.01. The new rate is Rs.3/- per mileage.



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Notification Revised Rates of Travelling Allowance 2023 KP and Mileage Allowance

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