Notification Revised Rates of Orderly Allowance 2023 KP

Government of Khyber Pakistan, Finance Department issued a Notification on 11-7-2023 in connection with Revised Rates of Orderly Allowance 2023 KP.

Revised Rates of Orderly Allowance 2023 KP

The government of KPK finance department shows the latest notification on 11th July 2023. The notification is about new rates of Orderly Allowance. The previous Rate of Orderly Allowance is Rs. 14000/- per Month. After Revising the new rate is Rs.25000/- per Month. The difference is Rs.11000/- per Month.


Latest Rates of Orderly Allowance


As per the latest notification of the KPK government following are the new rates of orderly allowance with effect from 1st, July 2023.

Sr.No Type of Allowance Previous Rate Revised Rate Difference
1. Orderly Allowance Rs.14000/- Rs.25000/- Rs.11000/-

New Amended Rates of OA


After presenting the budget 2023-2024 the KPK government announces an increase in many other allowances per month. With the increase in salaries, the Mention employees or officials will receive not even their improvised salaries but also the new rates of allowances. One of them the orderly announced is improvise with the difference of Rs. 11,000.


  1. The rate of orderly allowance before 1st July 2023 is Rs. 14,000.
  2. The new upgrade rate of orderly allowance is Rs. 25,000.
  3. The government of KPK provides rupees 11,000 more as per the previous amount of allowance.


The additional value of Rs. 11,000 is for the assistance of employees. The finance department will apply these new rates with effect from the first of July 2023.


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Notification Revised Rates of Orderly Allowance 2023 KP

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