Notification of Enhancement Ration Allowance 2023 KP

Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Department issued a Notification on 11-07-2023 in connection with  Revision / Enhancement Ration Allowance 2023 KP. The details are as under:

Revision /  Enhancement Ration Allowance 2023 KP


After an increase in salaries, this is the best news after the announcement of the budget 2023-2024. The employees are already facing critical financial problems. So, the KPK government initiates to support its employees.  The government tries to pull out all the employees from the financial crisis. In order to support them financially it increases the rates of all allowances including orderly allowance.


 The KPK government orders the finance department to provide Ration Allowance to the employees after the application of new rates.


  1. The previous rate of RA before July 2023 is Rs.681.
  2. The new revised rate is Rs.1000 per month in addition.


The new rates are applicable on a monthly basis with a difference of Rs.319.


Revised Rates of RA 2023


With the enhancement of other announcements government of cyberpunk also announces revised rates of Ration Allowance.  According to the notification issued on 11th July 2023, there is an increase of Rs.319 in Ration Allowance. This allowance is admissible to Police Personnel up to the BPS-14.


Sr.No Type of Allowance Previous Rate Revised Rate Difference
1. Ration Allowance Rs.681/- per month Rs.1000/- per month Rs.319/- per month

Beneficiary of Ration Allowance


All officials from junior rank to rank of Sub-Inspector (BPS-14) are eligible. The uniform staff of the prison department up to the rank of Assistant Superintendent will receive this allowance per month.

Special Thanks: Mr. Muhammad Zaheer


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Notification of Enhancement Ration Allowance 2023 KP

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