Rules for Resignation from Govt Service

I am going to tell you an important topic of resignation from Govt service. Many employees who find other jobs and they cannot continue their service are in a habitual of leaving the department without proper procedure this may cause a great penalty for such employees. This is also a violation of rules. I am going to inform you that there are two categories of employees. The first ones are those who are at their probation period and the other ones are those who have gone through the period of probation and they have become permanent. I will discuss all these categories in detail:

Resignation of Permanent Govt Servant

Permanent service is a result of a bilateral contract for the termination of which the consent of both the parties’ i.e employee and employer is required. If a permanent Govt servant wants to terminate his/her service he/she first will produce his/her written resignation that will be forwarded to the higher authorities for acceptance. During this period the Govt servant will continue his/her service until the resignation is accepted. The reason is that as the employee and employer are both bonded with bilateral agreement that is why the consent of both the parties is required. The employee will continue his/her service till the employer is agreed. During this period the employee cannot make himself/herself absent from duty without proper leave other wise he/she incurs a penalty prescribed for such default which may be dismissal in certain cases.

Resignation of Temporary Govt Servant

If a temporary employee intends to resign from Govt service he/she will deposit a 14 days pay or he/she will give a 14 days notice. During this period he/she will remain on duty and cannot make himself/herself absent from duty without proper leave. He will continue his/her service until the resignation is accepted by the employer.


  1. junaid says:

    I tendered resignation from my contract basis fedral govt job .(on day prior notice ) and I joined new punjab government regular basis job but my first department not accept my resignation .can anyone help me please I am nuch tenws email or contact number please share

  2. M.irshad says:

    Sir i am currently doing govt job in the education department. I applied to other govt job and got offer letter from it. I applied to other govt job without through proper channel. I also did not tell about my current govt job to the new department. Sir what will the best way to join the new department? If dont tell the new department about my current govt job. Will it creat problem in the future. Plz guide me....thanks

  3. Rajesh Dilpat says:

    It is important to place resign in written to former department while on lien got 3rd job, eVen 2nd department has issued resignation letter.

  4. Asif khan says:

    Dear Sir
    I have Submitted my Resignation to my department and now i am serving in another department but the first one is not accepting my Resignation though I have drawn salary from the 2nd one department .
    any time shedule that my resignation may accept automatically ??????
    Waiting for prompt response please

  5. Asad abbas says:

    Sir i am working as stenographer BS-16 on permanent basis in judiciary. Can i apply for lower grade (in BS-15) through proper chanel in any other govt. Dept????

  6. JharnaSdry says:

    I am confused about lien... If i have joined new job with deparmental permission is lien under the rules??? Or a hard copy document from old department... Kindly explain me. My old deptt is confused for taking me back though they are agree as seat is still vacant. Guied with an authentic rule...

  7. Jharna says:

    Dear sir

    I joinned govt service in 2009 bps 11 at forest deptt on a regulsr job. In 2012 i applied through proper channel to dept of education and selected at bps 14 on contract basis. That job regularized in 2017 and 5 year gap in service shoked me. Here in eduation deptt i am very much uncomfortable and my old seat is still vacant. Is there any way for me to join previous dept again.


    • Galaxy World says:

      Dear Jharna if u have got the lien you can go back to ur previous job.

      • JharnaSdry says:

        Sir what is lien. People say if someone leave the old job with departmental permission the lein is under the rules. Or it should be in hard copy form from previois departmen??? Kindly guoed with authentic rule. I am like dead with hardships in new department

  8. zeeshan says:

    hello sir. i am selected for sst 16 but due to some problems i can not continue my job. so i want to know that if i resign from my job can i apply for same or another govt job in future ....???

  9. Shahid Rasool says:

    Respected Sir,
    kindly tell me the lien rules?
    how much period of time include in the lien ?
    suppose i resigned form my job on 19-06-2015 and i was permanent employee of the Govt now how much time i have i can rejoin again?


  10. nida says:

    A.o.a sir I am serving as s.s.t in education department and I have got admission in abroad I want to resign in summer vacation from which date should I resign. And only basic salary has to be pay back?

  11. Naeem Hussain says:

    I was working as primary school teacher BPS-09 and have been newly appointed as Head Master BPS-17 in same provincial department on contractual period of 2 years likely to continue. I had applied through proper channel. Is there need of LIEN in this case? Please guide..

  12. Avais says:

    Dear sir if a person receive order of posting from spsc,bps:16 in sindh govt.what is maximum time limit to join his duties./ in how many days he has to join job.

  13. Muhammad Waseem says:


    I working in NADRA since June, 2009 as a permanent employee now selected in KPK Elementary and Secondary Education dear sir how i resign form this job to hold lien?

  14. nisar ul haq says:

    Dear sir,plz help me in this case as i was apointed as tube well operater in 2005 because of my land provision for tube well,now i got job As PST in primery school BPS 12,I want that my brother should be recruited as tube well operater because govt has not paid us for the land,plz what is my legal position in this case.

  15. Afzaal says:

    Can anyone tell me the rule of resignation within twenty20 four hours notice. And how much pay will deposit for this its urgent plz

  16. sikandar says:

    Dear sir/ madam
    please let me know if someone is on contract and want to resign within 3 months of joining, have to pay back net salary or only basic salary.


  17. Ahmad says:

    I was appointed as a medical officer in Jan 1991 and took EOL for 700 days in Dec 1993. Lost correspondence with Health Department.Completed my traing abroad and worked overseas.What can I do to regain my senoirity and job back.

  18. Zarar khan says:

    AOA.. Dear sir/madam!!
    I am facing a problem, scenario is , I was offering my duties in punjab education
    Department , after I was appointed through proper channel in district judiciary after serving about six months , I request to authorities to please reback me in my parent department, so they accepted my request and sent back me in education department, after 1 years later I had applied another job. In district judiciary and I was selected another cadre than I was appointed in past at same department. Now these days I am serving in district judiciary but an official harassing me, that it's violation of rules , govt has no relaxation for you on this situation.. Plz guide me

  19. Fazal Ghani says:

    With regard to rules regarding deposit of 14 days pay on resignation, I would like to say that there is no such condition to deposit pay of 14 days, reference can be seen in Esta Code

  20. Huma says:

    I want to ask something in personal can i ve any email id ?

  21. Hasnain Shoaib says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was selected as SS (Chemistry) in GHSS in KPK in 2008 via Public Service Commission. I got a PhD schlorship during my probation period and therefore i wrote an application to the Principal for study leave. I served there for 8 months. The principal didn't accept my application and told me that there is no such rules to get leave for higher studies. I was interested in Ph.D so I wrote a resignation letter in principal office and left for Ph.D studies. In 2013 I came back without Ph.D and now I am trying to get that job back. Is it possible to get the resigned post back and what procedure should I follow.

    Thanking you for your concern

    Sincere Regards

  22. Nauman says:

    I am regular servant of bs-14 having 15 yrs service on my record but due to some unavoidable circumstances, no promotion prospect & place of posting is far abt 200 km from my home, I am unable to continue this service. Meanwhile I got job of bs-11 in another government department applying through proper channel. can I get lien from my earlier Dept for lower post?

  23. sanjeev kumar says:

    respected sir
    i was selected in pspcl punjab power com. but due some faimly reason i resigned from my job before three month . but resign was not accepted my higher authirities .officer said that he will not leave me fpr joining any job. i will finixh you. now iam selected in another govrnment job. so please sugeat me that how can i join new job . am i join my new job or not

  24. Mudasaar nawaz says:

    A permanent employees tenders his resignation from a specific date without giving one month prior notice and proceeded abroad immediately ; now he neither responds to departments' letters nor pursue his resignation & the case is pending since long ; how can his resignation be accepted ?

    • khawar says:

      Deposit 1 month basc salary and then again give application to accept resign and code reference of furst spplication too

  25. Ihsan says:

    Dear sir/madam.
    I was working in provincial goverment in bps-16 and one year ago i was appointed in federal govt: department in bps.17 so i took one year LIEN from provincial service and joined the federal service now my kien is going to expire and i want to revert to my previous post. What shall i do. Plz reply

  26. Maria Zareen says:

    Sir, I resigned the job of E.S.E (science,maths) in April 2016. I was on contract and i give one months notice before leaving. I follow the procedure that was told to me but last month when i check my account ,my monthly pay is still deposited to my account. I told the department to stop it and tell me how to refund this salary. If you know the procedure kindly help me.

    • khawar says:

      You will refund it on A_32 challan form and it means ur resign is not accepted till now what r u doing now if you are in govt job now it can cause difficulty for you sis.

  27. Arshad Alii says:

    sir i joint a new job from last 6 days but i not relieved or not resign first job, now i want to go back my previous job (first job) if it is possible then tell me procedure

    • khawar says:

      Simple is that resign from here and when resign is accepted go back for previoud one but dont draw salry from new job otherwise it will not good for u


    I m permanent employs in education department Punjab as p.s.t having scale bps09 .I applied through proper channel and selected as stenographer bps 16 in session court.. Now I want to rejoine my previous service.I want to know how it is possible ?My relieving date is 18/04/2016/from education department.

  29. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    Can the employer withdraw Acceptance Letter duly issued by the employer to the employee after he completed notice period serving?

  30. Rizwan Ul Hassan says:

    I was working in one of the strategic organizations for four and half year, after that i applied through proper channel in another provincial government organization, while leaving the parent organization, an officer from HR forced me to write a declaration in which i wrote that once i have been relieved i will not claim lien,
    Now the problem is that, I am feeling very misfit, and getting tensed day by day in new appointment, I tried my level best for four months to adjust myself in new environment but I am unable to adjust here,
    Now can i write an application to the Chairman of that department to consider my case on humanitarian grounds and allow me to rejoin the organization.
    Is there any provision in law to rejoin last service?
    Before parent organization, I had worked for 18 months in one of the reputable private organization with immense work load but such behavioral environment ruined my personality and rest.

  31. khawar says:

    I was working in fedral govt dept and i resigned from this on 06 aug and joined new one on 8 august.
    My resign is still not accepted but i will get its acceptance and relieving in 2 or 3 days insha Allah
    At present i did not submit form in new job for salary to avoid double salary.
    My question is what will be the consequences of joining new govt deptt without getting reliving from previous one ?
    Please if some one knows or has experience reply i shall be very thankful

  32. Shakeel says:

    Sir i am fedral govt of Pakistan servant and my service is 10 years i want to resing from the service. If my resign accept, govt will give me pension and other benifits

  33. Mirza says:

    Sir, I have resigned from bs 16 after deposited my pay in lieu of notice and joined bs 14. My new deptt came to know that I have been resigned bs16 and joined bs 14. Can my new dept take any action against me?? Can I use my previous employee code instead of new one?? Please guide me in this regard.

  34. Wajahat Hussan says:

    I have resigned from temporary government service on 5-09-2015 after acceptance on the same date I join new government service is this right or something wrong please guid

    • William J Sims says:

      Bro you cannot join two govt jobs at the same day. It means you were present on both jobs on same day and will draw your salary form both sides. Now you will have to lose your one day pay either from old job or new one.

    • khawar says:

      Wajahat ur new dept did not ask u for releving and lpc as it will be required for salary

  35. ali says:

    I have resign from punjab govt in bs-6 on contratct baisis because a inquiryvwas stand iwas with the alligation that i absent from duty now they are not accoting my resigination and satrtd the inquiry proceeding what is rule that i my resign can be accepted

  36. Shan Hyder says:

    Respected Sir,

    kindly tell me the lien rules ?

    how much period of time include in the lien ?

    suppose i resigned from my job on 13-03-2015 and i was permanent employee of the Govt now how much time i have i can rejoin agian?


  37. sadaf says:

    Slam sir kindly guide me. M ny resigne kia h gov job s 8-07-2016 ko. Mj kisi n bola tha 8 tk ki pay rkh k baki iski pay wapis krdo. Wesy mra actual resign 10-8-2016 ko hva h n pay b isi date ko bnd hoi h but m ny resignation ltr p date july ki rkhwai h to ab mj kuch log keh ry is k lye mj june ki pay b refund krani prni. Kindly tell me in detail...

  38. Mohsin Khalid says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am federal Govt. Employee I want to resign! do official need a solid reason for resignation?
    secondly can anyone please email me sample of resignation letter, please. at

  39. ravindran says:

    respected sir,
    i am going to retire in the ensuing month of june' 2015. i.e 30/06/2015, usually i iam getting the increment in the month of july. can i calculate the pension adding the increment falls on the next day of retirement i.e1.7.2015.i am working as subordinate officer in Tn.govt. if you are having govt order or letter in this regard please be sent to my mail address. Will you please clarify the doubt raised by me.
    thanking you
    by ravindran.

  40. syeda says:

    Kindly guide me.i m a punjab gov employee and want to resign from this job.because my visa is in process.i have no headmaster and donot know rules and regulations.
    1. To whom i submit my resign my inchage my director or my secretary??
    2. I was not permenent but few days ago i became regular so after resign i have to work for 15 days or more?(cannot wait to work more then 15 days i have to go abroad)
    Kindly suggest what to do??

  41. imran ch says:

    Aoa.I resigned a govt department to join new govt deptt..I mentioned it clearly in my resignation.i want to get pay protection and allowances as well as i want my previous service to be counted for pensionary benefits.How can i process it...

  42. rosy says:

    plz guide me in my case. I m a permanent employee in a deptt of punjab govt since dec 2011 taking two i hv been selected for another job.can i place lien to my current job if i have nt applied it thru proper channel b'coz i was nt aware of rules..or its upon authority to place my lien to my current job....if authority agrees to it,shud i take releiving or even by taking resignation,u can avail lien option..
    plz help me..........

  43. Adil says:

    hey.. i wanna ask that if i leave a government for another govt job will i receive pension from both jobs ?? and when someone is able to receive pension after leaving a govt job ?? plz make me understand more than my question if there some thing else related to my question ?

    • Dear Adil, if the transfer/appointment is department of the same province, then no need to worry and if there is provincial to other provincial or to Federal or vise versa then the two departments will share the pension and commute.

  44. Aamir says:

    I join the Provincial Govt. job on BPS-12 (through proper channel) and before this job i was in BPS-07. I want to join my previous job of BPS-07 (back to pavilion). What are the rules regulations in this regard and how i may join my previous post and department?
    plz help me.

  45. sadia says:

    i am currently doing govt job and i applied for another govt job without through proper channel and i got offer letter from it what should be the best way to join new govt job?

    • Dear Saadia if this job has a good pay package you can join this.

      • Sukhpal says:

        Sir will you please give me the instructions of Punjab Govt department in which when a person is in Govt Job and applied through proper channel in other department for another Govt job with best pay scale how he should re leave himself from the first job in which his old job is also counted

        • Dear Sukhpal, the employee should get Last Pay Certificate, Relieving Report, Service Book, Personal File and the NOC or the letter by which he applied for proper channel from the previous department.

  46. SHAHID AWAN says:

    i was working in Army as LDC, i resigned in 2009 and joined Railway in BS-14. although i didn't apply through proper channel but my previous rendered in Pak Army has been counted by observing following rule.

    Article - 418 (b) C.S.R

    " Resignation of an appointment to take up another appointment, service in which counts, is not a resignation of a Public Servant"

  47. Iftikhar Hussain says:

    Please provide me latest medical re-imbursement rules of govt. servant issued by the concerned quarter

  48. Awan says:


    I would simply would like to add the following 🙂

    " Resignation of an appointment to take up another appointment, service in which counts, is not a resignation of a Public Servant"

    Article - 418 (b) C.S.R

    Best Regards !

  49. Iftikhar HUssain says:

    The post of stenographer up-graded w.e.f. 23-11-2011. I am taking medical allowance Rs.1000/- whereas my basic pay is Rs.20400/-

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