General Conditions for the Annual Increment

Annual Increment is that increment that is granted on 1st December to a Govt Employee. The employee may be regular or on contract basis. The condition for the annual increment is that minimum service in a particular scale must be at least 6 months.

The employee who is entered a particular scale on 1st June or prior is entitled to get the annual increment. The employees who are appointed  in a particular pay scale later than 1st June are not entitled to get the annual increment.

The employees upgraded after 1st June are not entitled to get the annual increment. However they will get the annual increment if the special instructions by the competent authorities are issued in this regard. The example of this is that when the clerical staff was upgraded on 01-07-2007, the special instructions were issued by the competent authorities to grant the annual increments to these employees.

If the employees are promoted after 1st June they are not entitled to get the annual increment. However they can get the annual increment if they opt to fix their pay on 2nd December after getting annual increment in their previous scale. They must sign on an option certificate in this matter.

If a Govt employee retires on or after 1st June he will get annual increment in shape of Usual Increment.

If an employee gets Selection Grade after 1st June, he/she can also get annual increment if he also opts to fix his pay on 2nd December after availing the annual increment in his/her previous pay scale on 1st December.



  1. Shah Faisal says:

    Respected sir:
    Sir, Hamara adjustment/appointment ho chuka hain scale 04 to 11 scale kia main Annual increment haqadar hu ya na. Your prompt action, coordination and further necessary action will be highly appreciated. Thank you for anticipation.

  2. RIAZ says:

    I joined federal government on 15 June on recommendation of FPSC. I applied through proper channel. will i get Annual increment on first December.

  3. Waqar Hassan says:

    Respected, Salam!
    If an employee is awarded punishment of Dismiss from Service on 04.03.2016, he submit his appeal in court. after court proceedings, the Hon'ble Court issue the orders i.e. "the order dated 04.03.2016 is hereby set-aside and he is reinstated into service with all back benefits".........

    my question is that
    Will the employee get all the salaries or Half Salaries? Annual Increments? Budget increments? etc................. Please clarify and guide...Thanks.

  4. irfan Ali Jutt says:

    please give me information about annual increment. salary increase with increment draw in December 2018 or January 2019? please give me reply immediately.

  5. Hameed Akhtar says:

    Dear Madam a.a. I want to know method regarding annual increment allowing to Acting Charge holders of the post of BPS-16 to BPS-17.

  6. Zahid Ahamed says:

    Hi dear
    Same scale promotion walo ko keya annual increment mila ga.
    agar koi pehle se usi scale ma upgraded ta or usi scale ma promote howa 1st June ke bad keya usko annual Increment mila ga ya deferment option dena hoga.

  7. Dr. Farhan says:

    I am working in university as assistant professor, my 2 year contract on consolidated pay has expired on 8th November, my university gave me new contract after appearing in selection board on BPS-19 pay, Did i entitled for Annual Increment on 1st December 2018. Thanks

  8. Dr tahir ali sheikh says:

    Dear admin i need any order of govt of punjab any administrative departments or finance department for the grant if annual increments during EOL for higher studies in favor any govt employee. My contact no. is 03334089629

  9. essa khan afridi says:

    Aslamu alaikum. I was CT teacher BPS15 since 7 may 2013, then I applied for lecturer through proper channel and took charge as lecturer on 8 October 2015, now am I entitled for anual increment or not. The account section tell that you are not entitled because I have come from lower scale.

  10. sajjad sadiq says:

    dear madam I joined my servises in p.o.f wahcantt 14-4-1992 as BPS 3 then 8-8-1992 go through proper chin annel T.T.I .8-8-1994 promoted as BPS 5 .i get 1992 and 1993 increment , fixed 1994 no increment.if i give option certifacate my pay rimain 1470.what can i do to this matter. which is competen outhorites

  11. Waheed Ullah says:

    Dear sir,
    It is submitted that i have been granted extra-ordinary leave for foreign studies for three years in 2014. After completion of my education i continued/ joined my duties in 14 June, 2017.

    2. Please guide me that either or not i am eligible for granting Annual increment, 2017.

    Waheed Ullah,
    Pakistan Tobacco Board, Peshawar

  12. Tahir Abbas says:

    i was appointed in 1993 and my service was terminated in 2000 i was again re adjusted by the court in 2014 without pay but with but with all others benefits like seniority from 1993 is annual increment will be granted and how pay will be fixed

  13. Tahir Abbas says:

    dear sir i have seen ur opinion on my case as i have been given consequentional benefits in 2014 by the court and i have been re adjusted from the date of my termination i.e 2000 and my name has been included in the seniority list from 2000 but court has said as a principal no work no pay i have been given all the others benefits which my colleages were getting and made at par with them now i want to know that how my pay will be fixed in 2014

  14. Tahir Abbas says:

    dear i was appointed as Assistant Director in BPS 17 in 1993 PP&H Department Govt of NWFP and my service was terminated along with others in 2000 i have chalanged my termination in the court and the court has reinstated me with all the Consequentional Benefits benefits in 2014 now can i am eligable to get the increments for the intervening period

  15. Muhammad Arif says:

    Dear Mam

    If an employee re-appoint from one dept to another where pay scales are not identical, how to determine whether responsibilities of new job are greater, same or lower?

  16. ali says:

    A employ is on leave without pay for 8 month is he
    Eligible for annual increment

  17. Waqas says:

    Will an employee be eligible for increment in the following condition if he joins a new department after 1st June through proper channel:-

    1. 5 years Previous service in the same scale
    2. 5 years previous service in a higher scale
    3. 7 years previous service in a lower scale

  18. Mujeeb says:

    Bps 14 ka increments 2017 kitna ha plz koi bata sakta ha

  19. Bilal Memon says:

    Can somebody update whether annual increment is admissible if the officer is in the same BPS but on leave with pay (more than 6 months in a calendar year) - Not EOL?

  20. Sajjad Shah says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I have to say that i am stenographer (bps 14) i have 4 years service, recently in the month of October, I have been appointed in District courts in the same scale and post, am i eligible for annual increment?
    Your reply in this matter will highly be appreciated.

  21. muhammad imran says:

    aoa madam i m selected as subject specialist mathematics through punjab public service commission in bps 17 in june 2008 then again i m selected as lecturer by punjab public service commission in bps 17 and join college june 12 2009.Account office entiled me annual increment but in mianwali district account officer does not entiled annual increment of my friend .please tell who is correct?

  22. Rashid says:

    there is any notification that a official regularized after June will not entitle for Annual increment?

  23. Rashid says:

    Dear Sir,
    ALLAH bless you for this platform...
    my question is that if a person regularized in july then he is entitle for annual increment? My services regularized after one year.....and I am in the service for more than one year.....
    Government of Punjab

  24. Muhammad Asif says:

    Please send Option rule Notification.

  25. Abdul Hayee says:

    Dear Madam,
    As it is clearly mentioned in the post that regular or contractual employees shall be awarded Annual Increment. My department ( A federal Dept) is not giving annual increment to "Contractual Employees" . So, in order to back my argument I really need the source of this valuable post ..

    I Shall remain thankful to you

    • Galaxy World says:

      Dear Abdul Hayee Punjab Govt is granting annual increment during the contract period but it not granted the annual increment in that year in which the employees were regularized.

      • Muhammad Arif says:

        Dear Abdul Hayee

        If contract svc counted toward pension benefits, then you are elligible for annual increment. If previous svc not counted, then you are not elligible for annual increment for that year. Thx

  26. Shazia Ilyas says:

    Dear Sister Assalamo Alaikom, I m Govt servant in kpk Education Deptt since 21-10-1993. Previously I have been promoted from DM (BPS-15) to SDM post (BPS-16) on 07-03-2013. Now I have been once again promoted as per Departmental promotion committee from SDM post (BPS-16) to SST post (BPS-16) on 11-08-2017.The scale is the same but only the post has been upgraded (changed). So now what will b the matter of Annual increment as well as the other increments i.e what about the Pay fixation ? Thanking you in anticipation.

  27. Ayaz says:

    AoA, plz tell me about the annual increment, i am computer operator in kp secretariat i was upgraded in 29-07-2016 and on December 2016 AG office give me Annual increment but our deptt Account section says that you are not entitle for the above said increment and he says that this increment will recover from you, plz tel me sir is i entitle for this increment or not,

  28. zafar says:

    A.o.A Mam i was serving in grade 17 and in Aug17 i hv been selected in BS 18 through proper channel( getting permission from my parent deptt) through FPSC. suppose i joined in the new grade on 20 Aug.. shell i get increment as i hv more than six month service in my previous scale i.e 17.
    plz guide

  29. Abdul Basit says:

    Please clarify it:
    If one post is upgraded w.e.from 10/2005 whether annual increment of 2005 will be admissible to upgraded post or otherwise

  30. khalid says:

    Respected Madam
    I was appointed as research assistant in SPS-5 with basic pay of 3875 and with annual increment of Rs.198 in 28 Sept 1995 but later on I was re-appointed as Research Officer in SPS-7 equalint to BPS-16 on 8th June 1997 but i was neither granted the increment of SPS-5 nor SPS-7 although i am/was regular employ and this re-appointment was through proper channel
    So if i am entitled for any increment of these two scales or not

  31. Aziz says:

    Dear Madam,

    I am working in BPS 17 in provincial govt. Applied through proper channel and got BPS 18 job in Federal govt. Do the increments in my previous job will be added.And what date will be better to join the new job. Thanks

  32. Muhammad ali saqib says:

    Salam. I appointed as SESE bps 14 in education department in 07-08-2015 and than i promoted as SSE bps 16 on 23-07-16 . Can i get the annual increment as my total service is now 1 year 5 month .?????? Reply plzzzz

  33. Muhammad Ali says:

    Please send me notification of sindh Government

  34. Nadir Shah says:

    I am working in pesco as an account assistant bps-15, i want to know that whether the increment will be added in the basic pay one time or two times in a year according to pesco/wapda rules.

  35. Zahid Hussain Accountant says:

    سلام میڈم
    ایک گزارش تھی۔
    ۱۔ یہ کہ حال ہی میں11-11-16 کو گلگت بلتستان میں کلریکل سٹاف کی اپگراڈیشن ہوئی ہے۔
    ۲۔ نوٹیفیکیشن میں Annual Increment کا کوئی زکر نہیں ہے۔
    ۳۔ کیا ان کو اپگراڈیشن کے ساتھ Annual Increment ملیگا۔ یا optionدینا پڑیگا؟

  36. Abdul Rehman Tariq says:


    It is stated in above paras that 'the condition for annual increment is that minimum service in a particular scale must be at least six month '

    Estacode describes that ' the condition for annual increment is that minimum service at a stage in particular scale must be at least six month'

    Both definition have different meaning or understanding.

    I need advice which definition prevails presently; if possible notification of competent Authority.

    My case is also stated, I was working as CE in BPS 20 on 1.12.2012 and was promoted as GM in BPS 20 on 25.03.2013, retired on 02.09.2013, I was allowed annual increment on 01.12.12 and allowed two increments on promotion in same scale.

    under one scenario, i qualify for (usual) annual increment in year of retirement, being more than six month service in same scale (BPS 20) while as per estacode, I do not qualify for usual increment because I do not have six month service at particular stage in scale (from date of promotion) in BPS 20.

    I am not clear which scenario is correct. My department is of view i do not qualify for usual increment.

    please advice


    • Azhar Hussain says:

      Respected Sir, 6 months service after promotion/up gradation/change of responsibilities is compulsory for drawl of Annual Increment/Usual Increment for pension purpose. Therefore, in accordance with circumstances mentioned above usual increment can not be allowed please in terms of Finance Division's OM. No. F.3 (20) R.2/98 dt: 08-09-1999 & 29-12-1999.

      Main point in your case is date of promotion and sir, you have drawn two increments at the eve of change of responsibilities/promotion. Though, you have completed 6 months service in the relevant scale but not in the relevant post.

      Hoping for your good health,
      Azhar Hussain, Military Accounts

  37. IJAZ AHMAD says:

    Respected Madam! I was working as Sub Engineer BPS-11 in Irrigation Department.Consequent upon passing the departmental professional exam,i was promoted as Senior Sub Engineer BPS-16 w.e.f 28-9-2015. My pay in BPS-11 was 26390+2380PP on 27-9-2015. My pay was fixed as 30505 w.e.f 28-9-2016 in BPS-16 and deprived of annual increment because of the fact that my service in BPS-16 was less than 6 months. Kindly let me know whether i was entitle of annual increment in BPS-16 because my sephere of duty was the same as of Sub Engineer despite of promotion as Senior Sub Engineer.

  38. Muhammad Abu bakar says:

    I worked in scale 5 for five years (Regular basis). now i change my department through proper channel and get scale 7 in present department (joining date is 13.06.2015). can i entitled for annual increment of dec2015?

  39. Muhammad Yasin says:

    please send me notification regarding one increment on promotion in same scale by punjab government. I promoted on 25-07-2013

  40. NAVEED says:

    Respected Madam,

    Would you please have any letter which was issue by the Govt. of Pakistan about the below mention paragraph.

    The employee who is entered a particular scale on 1st June or prior is entitled to get the annual increment. The employees who are appointed in a particular pay scale later than 1st June are not entitled to get the annual increment.

    Madam i need your help i am appoint in 02 May 2013 and the organization say that you are not eligible for the increment.



  41. Farrukh says:


    لسلام و علیکم!
    معزز میڈم! میں آپ جناب سے یہ پوچھنا چاہتاہوں کہ فدوی کا چھوٹا بھائی بحیثیت فائرآفیسر(بی پی ایس 12) میں مورخہ01جون 2012کو اسکے اپائنمنٹ لیٹرپردستخط ڈائریکٹرایچ-آر-ایم نےدستخط کئے تھے مگروہاں کے اسٹاف نے جان بوجھکر یا ٹائم ختم ہونے اور جمعہ کے دن ہونے کی وجہ سےاس پر(آؤٹ ورڈ نمبر)نہیں لگایا اوراپائنمنٹ لیٹر جاری نہیں کیا اور پھرہفتہ و اتوار کی چھٹی آگئی اور پھر مورخہ04جون2012بروز پیرکووہاں کے اسٹاف نے(آؤٹ ورڈ نمبر) لگاکر لیٹر جاری کیامگر ڈائریکٹرایچ-آر-ایم کے دستخط مورخہ 01جون2012 کے تھے تو پھر بھائی نے مورخہ 04جون2012کوہی اپنی جوائننگ لکھکر دی اور ایچ-آر-ایم والوں نے اسکی جوائننگ مورخہ04 جون سے ہی قبول کی، کیا سال 2012 کا، انکریمنٹ لگے گا؟؟ کیا دستخط ڈائریکٹر ایچ-آر-ایم سے دن کاؤنت ہوگا یا جس دن آؤٹ ورڈ نمبر لگا ؟؟اور کیا 06 مہنے کا مطلب 01دسمبر تک ایمپلائی کو180دن ہونے چاہئے؟؟اگر 180 دن چاہیئےہوتےہیں تو بھی اس حساب سے میرےبھائی کے 04جون سے 01دسمبر تک 180 دن ہوجاتے ہیں کیونکہ جولائی،اگست،اکتوبر2012کے مہینے 31دن کے تھےاور مورخہ 04جون کا دن بھی کاؤنٹ ہوناچاہئے،اور اگر دستخط سے کاؤنٹ کیا جائے تو پھر 183 دن بنتے ہیں، اب آپ میڈم سےسہی رہنمائی کی جلد از جلد درخواست ہے۔

  42. Farrukh says:

    السلام و علیکم!
    معزز میڈم! میں آپ جناب سے یہ پوچھنا چاہتاہوں کہ فدوی کا چھوٹا بھائی بحیثیت فائرآفیسر(بی پی ایس 12) میں مورخہ01-07-2012کو اسکے اپائنمنٹ لیٹرپردستخط ڈائریکٹرایچ-آر-ایم نے کئے تھے مگروہاں کے اسٹاف نہیں جان بوجھکر یا ٹائم ختم ہونے اور جمعہ کے دن ہونے کی وجہ سےاس پر(آؤٹ ورڈ نمبر)نہیں لگایا اور پھرہفتہ و اتوار کی چھٹی آگئی اور پھر مورخہ04-07-2012بروز پیرکووہاں کے اسٹاف نے(آؤٹ ورڈ نمبر) لگایا تو پھر بھائی نے مورخہ 04-07-2012کوہی اپنی جوائننگ دی اور ایچ-آر-ایم والوں نے اسکی جوائننگ مورخہ04 جون سے ہی قبول کی، اسکا انکریمنٹ بھی نہیں لگا سال 2012 کا، کیاانکریمنٹ لگے گا؟؟ کیا 06 مہنے کا مطلب 01دسمبر تک ایمپلائی کو180دن ہونے چاہئے؟؟اگر 180 دن چاہیئےہوتےہیں تو بھی اس حساب سے میرےبھائی کے 04جون سے 01دسمبر تک 180 دن ہوجاتے ہیں کیونکہ جولائی،اگست،اکتوبر2012کے مہینے 31دن کے تھےاور مورخہ 04جون کا دن بھی کاؤنٹ ہوناچاہئے، اب آپ میڈم سےسہی رہنمائی کی جلد از جلد درخواست ہے۔

  43. shakeel shahzad says:

    scenario: an official is promoted on 1.12.2012, from bps-18 to bps-19
    question: officer pay in bps-19 will be fixed w.e.f. 2.12.2012, after giving increment in bps-18 on 1.12.2012 OR will be fixed on same date i.e 1.2.2012 after giving increment in bps-18 on 1.2.2012.?

    • Dear Shakeel his pay will be fixed on 2nd December as if we fix his pay on 1st December he will not get Annual Increment as he has only 1 day service in BPS-19 on 1st December.

      • shakeel shahzad says:

        what if we give him increment of previous scale on 1.12.2012 in first step, and then fix his pay on next grade with effect from same date i.e 1.12.2012 in second step.

  44. Samiullah Memon says:

    Subject:- General Conditions for the Annual Increment

    Respectable Madam,

    I need copy of notification/ reference of rules in support of your valuable guidance on the subject.

    • Dear Samiullah, if u don't get the same then contact me plz or otherwise u can see the book of "Pay and Allowances" find it on the net or just get it purchased.

      • Samiullah Memon says:

        Book available here contains pay scales from 1983 and on wards. I think the matter of increment was defined in scales 1972, which is not available with me. If you have any link with these rules, please share.

  45. Irfan says:

    Dear Madam Shumaila Kamal,

    I want to know your good opinion on the scenario narrated below:

    I Joined the Deputy Commissioner Office, Lahore in BPS-15 in 2001 against the advertisement mentioning therein temporary post but likely to be permanent for a contract period of 2 years.
    in the year 2002, Board of Revenue Lahore declared these post permanent.
    but regular orders could not be issued due to non availability of service rules for the said post.
    in the year 2009 CM regularized the services of all contract employees BS-1 to 15 but i could not be regularized due to absence of service rules.
    I joined another department in the year 2011 against the regular post by through porper channel application.
    i was releaved from my office to join the other department properly and issued me LPC mentioning me contract employee.
    In the year 2012 service rules of my perivious employment were framed and my remaining colleageus were regularized.
    Now my question is

    1-Can my pay of contract employment can be protected. if yes then how.
    2-Should i move an application to my pervious employeer to regularize my service and issue me new LPC mentioning me as regular.

    Needs your early comments.
    latter on, on several dates contract was renewed by the competent authorities.

  46. M.Ilyas Hashmi says:

    I joined my service on 8th of june, and cannot get the annual increment on 1st Dec. Can appointing authority relax 8 days for me for get annual increment?
    please reply.

  47. ijaz kareem says:

    i am working in wapda in BPS 16 i want to know that wheather u have any notification of wapda about the motor car advance?

  48. farukh Memon says:

    i have 5 years old contracual work exp in 16 grade den i got another job in 16 grde, can i get increments of 5 years contracial job ?

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