Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator

A Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator has been prepared by Mr. Rashid Ali Jan, Lecturer in Math, University of Peshawar. This is a simple calculator for those employees who even not know abc of pay fixation. It is also helpful for the pay fixation on the basic of Revised Pay Scale 2016 chart. This calculator also helps to find the amount of Adhoc Relief Allowance 2016. Some guidelines as as under:


Note: i) Enter/write ur Grade in the column 1, (From 1 to 22)
ii) Enter ur respective Basic pay as of June 2016 in column 2,
iii) Just click the Enter Key on ur Key Board
iv) Ur New Expected Basic pay will automatically appear in Column 3
v) 10% New Adhoc Allowance 2016 will also be calculated below



*Please Note That the Actual Values of All scales ll be released by the Finance Division Islamabad (which may differ a little to the above) in the First Week of July, this is just made keeping in view the formulas going on since 1972 in Basic Pays revisions. the difference ll be only a Rs.10 to Rs.100 at max depending upon the rounding of Finance division to the Nearest Ten or Hundred... i ll ammend this calculator when the accuarte data is notified later..


Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator


Download Revised Basic Pay 2016 Calculator



  1. Muhammad Zulfiqar says:

    I have joined police force in bps 5 on 03-06-2004.and promoted in bps 07 on 04-01-2014 then my basic pay fixed as 5800-320-15400=8360 but i think with 9 increments it shoulb be fixed at 8680.but pay slip shows pay stage my bpa scale upgraded from bps 07 to 09 & my pay is fixe w.e.f 03-10-2016 as 9860-610-14740 as i am in 13 th year of service with 12 increments but my pa slip of Nov 2016 shows 10th stage of pay but my coleuges pay stage is 11 in Nov 2016 but we joined police force same day.i am uploading my fixation details & Rwcent January pay slip it shows last increment in Dec & with 12 increments shows inly pay stage 11.Plz guide me what is pay stage it is related to every year increment i.e 10 increment = 10th pay stage or any other formula? Now my basic pay is fixed at 15350 in bps 9 with 12 incrementsplz guide me it is corrwct or not

  2. Umer says:

    What is this mean (10510-740-32740)

  3. ali babba says:

    can anybody tell the detail about in service death benefits ,commute ,and ,pension.
    Basic Pay 25000
    Length of service 30

  4. Muhammad Arshad says:

    Assalam O Alaikum sir, i am Junior Manager HR in semi govt organization but our pay structure is different so, i want to use this type of calculator for pay fixation of my own employees on our criteria i.e adhoc 10 % and our pay scales have also been revised plz help ho to make excel sheet like this.

  5. riyaz khan says:

    my scale is 17 and my basic is 32,600/- how much my salary will be increased/basic pay

  6. Hamza says:

    great effort, its working.wish you sir and galaxy world...all the best and keep it up

  7. Syed Sajjad Hussain says:

    Aslam o Alikum sir ,
    I am Sajjad Hussain .I want to konw about Honouria Azazey .which given once a year .kia ya sb servants kay leya hota hay ya surf officers or khas servents ko he milta hay .plz es baray ma mujay inform kar dain agar ap kay pas koi information hay es bary may

    Sajjad Hussain shah

  8. Fa says:

    Good job

  9. Zeeshan says:

    Grade 15 and basic pay 15510 as of june 2016.....plz calculate and tell me new basic pay and increase

  10. kumarlove says:

    jameel bhai basic pay 13520 & izafa1352

  11. waqas kazmi says:

    Is calculater pe kch bh write to hota ni hy

  12. Mehmood says:

    Really Gr8 effort Mr Rashid Ali Khan

  13. Shahzad Shabbir says:

    We salute you mr.Rashid Ali jan

  14. Asim says:

    Hi this file is not opening in Excel 2007 it says it is protected when we try to UN protect this file it says enter password so thats why everybody is asking for password. Kindly guide in which version of Microsoft office it opens ???

  15. shahid khan says:

    its for kp employe or for federal employe

  16. shahid khan says:

    its for kp govt employe or for federal employe because there is difference in 2015 adhoc relief

  17. jameel says:

    jameel akhtar grade 09 basic pay 10985 sir check kar k batain mujh se open nahi ho raha

  18. Amjad Rehan says:

    Dear shmila kmal
    Calculator is protected documents and not edited

  19. Khalil Ahmad says:


  20. Amir ul Mulk says:

    great efforts...thanks

  21. Ziaullah says:

    Shaid ye Android platform pe open hota hy window phone pe open nahee hota.

  22. majid says:

    well done

  23. waqar says:

    I don't know y not it work on my mobile.. plz someone checked for me grade 16 and basic pay 17050

  24. Bilal says:

    Thanks Sir for great effort.

  25. atta khan says:

    Dear friends, if u want to use revised salary calculator, first install,, Microsoft Excell Android Version,, and then download the calculator .
    It is very easy to use the calculator. Thanks to the developer.

  26. atta khan says:

    It worked,
    Well done.

  27. kumarlove says:

    yes it is working

  28. shahid ramzan says:

    nice work who developed it

  29. shahid khan says:

    its working and very simple download it and open in excel great job thanks

  30. atta khan says:

    This calculator is not working

  31. atta khan says:

    It,s not working, when I downloaded it, it appeared like a wallpaper

  32. waqas says:

    Convince allowance 50% increase ho ga ya nhi punjab ka federal ka tu ho ga punjab ka bta do. plz

  33. atta khan says:

    What application should I use to run this calculator

  34. hasnain azam says:

    not working

  35. NASIM ILYAS says:

    not working

  36. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Dear it says that it is read only and protected , so not usable

  37. Khurran says:

    Where is calculator

  38. RaadSher says:

    Nice job the calculator is working.

  39. Akhtar Niaz says:

    Plz resolve the matter so that we may be able to check our own basic pay

  40. Shahid says:

    It is not working.

  41. irfan says:

    password kya hai bhai sheet ka?

  42. Rashid says:

    Clerks ke scale upgrade huwe he un ki calculation is se sahi nahi arahi. wo kese hogi

  43. Muhammad Jahangeer says:

    firstly download it. then it'll work for you....

  44. Muhammad Jahangeer says:

    kindly tell me about C. Allowance which is increased by 50%. Who'll get this?

  45. ayyaz ahmad says:

    my grade 16 Basic 30505/- pls new pay?

  46. Khan says:

    Its working fine, 1st download excel sheet then put values in it.

  47. nasir mehmood says:

    Not working

  48. Taimoor says:

    its not working

  49. Sabil nawaz says:

    Madem sahiba please app hama ye batawo k assistant package for death in service ha jo PM ne revised announced kia wo kab milanga,awr kissi ko mila hai.....please hamara duayna app k sath hain

  50. Ziaullah says:

    Not working.It is a password protected.

  51. Arshad Sheikh says:

    Rashid Ali Jan, Allah aap ko jaza-e-khair ata farmae.

  52. Dawood khan says:

    Sir je formula ha Basic pay 30th june *10/100= jawab mil jahi ga.

  53. kamaluddin says:

    Not working
    Waste of time

  54. Sajid Khan says:

    Admn plz Infm it's not working

  55. Sa'dat says:

    Good Efforts Admin
    its perfectly working.

  56. Maria says:

    Not working

  57. Shabir Ahmad says:

    Dear ! W'd like 2 know about the calculator , the calculator calculates increase rate after merging 2 or 3 Adhoc Relief Allowances. Please share it. Thanks

  58. Muhammad Shakeel Danish says:

    Password please

  59. Hayee Baloch says:


  60. Murtaza ali says:

    kindly bata dy k photographer technical category mein aatay haiin ya kisi or category

  61. Saeed says:

    File downloaded but not open ask for Pasword

    Plz tell Pasword

  62. ahmad waseem kasher says:

    sir gee yeh kaisey calculate kare ga

  63. Zahoor Ahmed says:

    The Work Sheet is password protected. What is the Password

  64. amir says:

    Why they merg 2015 allowance?...this allowance was on running basic it would have benefit more....2013 2014 allowances were fixed and was not on running basic.

  65. khalid mehmood saman says:

    this is joke

  66. roshan says:

    not working how it work

  67. javed iqbal says:

    Dear its no working thear are it work.thanks

  68. M.z.iqbal says:

    Not working

  69. Ghazanfar says:

    Its not it work

    • Rashid Ali Jan says:

      Salam... dear when u open the sheet.. and if ur computer shows enable editing... just click that... it works great... i have checked it for almost every basic pay and grade

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