Revised Pension Calculation Sheet 2017 with Effect from 01-07-2017

I have already uploaded pension calculation sheets nearly every year as the pension increased during the various previous years. I am now sharing the latest Revised Pension Calculation Sheet 2017 with Effect from 01-07-2017.

This sheet has the following characteristics:

  • This pension calculation sheet is effective with effect from 1st July 2017 i.e it is for those employees who will retire on or after 1st July 2017.
  • The employees retired prior to 01-07-2017 will use the previous sheets according to their retirement year.
  • You have to just know about the following three points/things:
  1. Your Last Basic Pay Drawn
  2. Total Length of Service
  3. Age Rate that is already shared at the formula sheet at the right side
  • This sheet calculates pension and commute separately for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-15 as well as for the employees of BPS-16 and above.
  • This sheets shows Pension calculated on the basis of increases during various years.
  • This sheet also shows Medical Allowance Separately.

Pension Increases during the following years has been included in this sheet:

  1. Pension Increase @ 15% (2011)
  2. Pension Increase @ 7.5% (2015)
  3. Pension Increase @ 10% (2016)
  4. Pension Increase @ 10% (2017)


Download Pension Calculation Sheet 2017 For the Pensioners Retired wef 01-07-2017

It is to mention here that I have already published the Revised Pay Scale Chart 2017 for the Government Employees having Basic Pay Scales.

Pension Calculation Sheet 2017



  1. Col Retd Muhammad Saeed says:

    Is this medical allowance also admissible to retired Armed Forces Commissioned Officers?

  2. M.R. says:

    why there is difference occured in net pension of scale 1-15 & 16 and above.

  3. Dr. Shafqat Nazir says:

    Aoa. While working as Additional Principal Medical Officer (BS-19) in General Cadre w.e.f. 10-12-2005 on regular basis, I joined teaching cadre and was appointed Assistant Professor (BS-18) w.e.f. 01-08-2008 on contract basis. My services were regularized as A.P. (BS-18) w.e.f. 27-09-2011. How my pay will be fixed?

  4. muhammad shabbir says:

    i am shabbir retured from pak-navy from 2010 after completion of 19 year service.
    how i can calculated my pension.
    any person can help me

  5. Muhammad Mushtaq says:

    For example if net pention is 12600 then medical allowance will be as fol:
    3150 (25% of net pention)
    + 787.5(25% of Medicl Allowance)
    total Medical Allowance is 3937.5
    Medical allowance is calculated on net pention but added it in pention amount after adding every years budget increament step by step.
    net pention + step by step years increament + medical allowance

  6. Khan says:

    Thanks dear sister and Galaxy world for making life and working of government employees so easy, may Allah bless you for all this

  7. s. maroof shah says:

    1. Please confirm the method of calculation of medical allowance.
    2. The net pension shown at the end of the sheet is probably incorrect. As it should be
    net pension + increases + medical allowance.

    • ao says:

      Medical Allowance of a pentioner is calculated in two steps:
      Step1 25% of net pention of scale 1 to 15 and 20% of net pention for scale 16 to 22.(OM of finance division in 2011)
      Step2 25% of Medical Allowance(OM of finance division in 2015

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