Salary Increase News According to Budget Speech 2018-19

I am here sharing here the Salary Increase News According to Budget Speech 2018-19 for the information of the employees of Government of Pakistan. Detail is as under:

Adhoc Relief Allowance 2018

Adhoc Relief Allowance has been announced @ 10% for the Government Employees. This will be at the running basic pay of the employees. So there will be 10@ increase in salary for Govt Employees in Budget 2018-19.

Increase in Pension and Minimum Pension

According to the Budget Speech, there has been announced increase @ 10% of pension and minimum pension is announced Rs. 10,000 per month.  Minimum pension for the employees over 75 years has been announced Rs. 15000/- per month.

Increase in House Rent Allowance

House Rent Allowance (HRA) has been increased @ 50% i.e there will be 50% of the running House Rent Allowance.

Family Pension

Family Pension has been increased from 4500/-  per month to 7500/- per month.

Income Tax Relaxation

No Income Tax will be for the employees getting Rs. 12,00,000/- per annum.

Senior Officers Performance Allowance

A sum of Rs. 5 billion has been fixed for Senior Officers Performance Allowance. Detail of the same will be issued later.


English Copy Budget Speech


Budget Speech 2018 Copy


Increase Salary Budget 2018




  1. RFK says:

    Dear mam
    Kia as dafa hope rakha budget 19-20 ma extra qualification k increment restore ho jaya ge.Insha Allah.

  2. SAID ALI KHAN says:

    For army personnel , is increase in pension of those attained the age of 75 years would be announced/ordered by CMA or concerned banks and post offices. 3 months have passed there is no increase in our pension.

  3. Naxir says:

    Armed forced ka CILQ bhi increase hua hy k nahi????

  4. Dr Alim says:

    is this 10% adhoc + house rent applicable to punjab govt employees??

  5. Madam, According to budget speech there will be 5% tax on the salary above Rs.100000/- per month. If an employee gets Rs.110000/- per month then the 5% tax will be charged on the whole amount i.e Rs.110000/- or only on 10000/-. In other words this employee will pay the tax Rs.5500/- per month or Rs.500/- per month, Pl clarify?

  6. Khair Muhammad says:

    Please let me know, what formula has been fixed for income tax who will take salary beyond Rs.1200000/- e. Rs.1220000/-

  7. Adil, says:

    Good privilages for govt employees

  8. riaz says:

    please explain briefly as house rent will increase on old 30% or 45% of new revised pay any frish news about this ?

  9. ahmer hussain says:

    is there any hope regarding change / increase in salaries more than 10%?

  10. Nawab Zada says:

    Do you know anything senior officer performance allowance for which 5 billion is reserved.

  11. Nawab Zada says:

    Can u tell me plz what is senior officer performance allowance for which 5 billon is appropriated.

  12. Waseem says:

    Hi,mam,my basic 18750,& house rent is just 1852, how minimum increase?

  13. Aziz says:

    Dear ,is house subsidy or house requisition also increased 50 percent of the present amount?

  14. Abdullah says:

    Asslam o Alikum madam medical bhi increase hoga k nhi

  15. From f says:

    Majuda house rent Ka 50%

  16. Imtiaz says:

    As usual PML[N] Govt. ignoring low grade employees and granted perks and privileges to Officers.
    PML [N] intentionally ignoring direction of Establishment Division [2014] regarding announcement of Time Scale Promotion Policy.
    PML[N] proudly announced 10% adhoc increase 2018.
    I have no hesitation to write down herewith House Hiring is a LEGAL CORRUPTION.

  17. JAVED says:

    is hiring increase?

  18. Ali says:

    Admin, no upgradation of posts like data entry operators? Can u plz tell whether this post will be upgraded or not? Im planning to resign if DEOs are not being upgraded. Currently im working in NAB.

  19. Nawab Zada says:

    Disappointing budget speech as for as govt emplyees are concerned

  20. Amjad hussain says:

    Dear, madam house rent 1458 se ketna barega ?

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