Grant of Bonus to GENCOs Employees

Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pvt) Limited has issued Notification No. GM(HR)/HRD/A-362/4855-57 dated 18-12-2015 in connection with Grant of Bonus to GENCOs Employees.

Grant of Bonus to GENCOs Employees

According to this Notification, in view of certificate issued by Director General (HR/Admn) dated 16-12-2015, it is to clarify that GENCOs employees may be paid bonus in the light of minutes circulated vide letter dated 09-11-2015 if the bonus paid on 10-07-2015 to GENCO Employees comes under the purview of leftover (i.e the said bonus was due in the year 2014 but paid on 10-07-2015 as leftover one) subject to competing prerequisites of the matter.  Special thanks to Mr. Abdul Wasay Korejo for sending the copy of the Notification.


Bonus to GEPCO Employees


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