Upgradation Sub-Engineer from BPS-11 to BPS-16-Decision of SCP

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has issued judgment on 14-03-2017 in connection with Upgradation Sub-Engineer from BPS-11 to BPS-16. The detail of the same is as under:


Upgradation Sub-Engineer from BPS-11 to BPS-16-Decision of SCP

We have gone through the comments submitted by the Chief Secretary, Sindh, in which it has been conceded that a notification of upgradation was issued on 04.08.2016 in which the post of junior Clerk BS-7 was upgraded to BS-11 and the post of Senior Clerk BS-9 was upgraded to BS-14: The grievance of the applicants in that they were appointed in BS-11 as Sub-Engineers. Many of them are Diploma holders in Engineering (non-graduate) and required to be upgraded in BS-16 after 10 years’ service,  as Sub  Engineers have been dented their right/entitlement.

Though they are in service in the Department beyond the required length of service. This has brought their vertical movement standstill. The post of Sub Engineer, therefore, be upgraded to BS-16 as now they claim that they have been made equivalent to a Junior Clerk. The comments of the Chief Secretary on this issue are silent.

How come junior clerical post could be upgraded equivalent to the post of Sub-Engineer in BS-11, Likewise post of Senior Clerk in BS-9 has been upgraded to BS-14 without examining the consequences, Let a final order be passed by the Secretary concerned on the representation of the applicants within one month. If the applicants are still aggrieved, they could approach the appropriate forum for redressal of their grievance. This CMA is disposed of in the above terms.


Upgradation Sub-Engineer


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