Clarification Admissibility of Qualification Allowance to Teachers

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Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued letter on 02-10-2018 in connection with Clarification Admissibility of Qualification Allowance to Teachers. Detail is as under:

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to state that the District Accounts Officer, Chakwal, vide his letter No. DAO/CK/DA/35 dated 04.04.2018, has requested to clarify following issues:-

  1. The grant of qualification allowance may be discontinued or not is future.
  2. Teachers who were granted qualification allowance prior to 01.01.2018 will be continued or may be discontinuation from 01.01.2018.
  3. It is observed that:
  4. i)     Certain benefits have been allowed to PSTs/ESTs and SSTs vide Notification No.SO (SE-III)5-11/2016 dated 25.09.2017 (copy enclosed).
  5. ii) School Education Department has notified recruitment policy 2017 vide Notification No.SO(SE-REC)2-85/2017 dated 17.11.2017 whereby prescribed qualification has been enhanced for all the three tiers, Primary, Middle and High School Teachers (copy enclosed).

iii)  The said categories appointed / promoted on or after 17.11.2017 are not entities to qualification allowance. The Notification No.SO (S.III)2-16./2007 dated 24.09.2007 (copy enclosed) regarding qualification allowance is required to be amended in light of the enhanced qualification.

I am, therefore, directed to request that the Administrative Department may move summary for Chief Minister for amendment of the Notification dated 24.09.2007 in light of the enhanced qualification and amendment in the services rules for reflection of enhanced qualification therein.

Special thanks to Mr. Zahid Khan for sending the copy of the letter of Clarification Admissibility of Qualification Allowance to Teachers.


Qualification Allowance to Teachers


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