Payment of Benevolent Fund on Invalid Retirement and Death

“Payment of Benevolent Fund on Invalid Retirement or Retirement on the basis of disability and in case of the death of the employee” this is the article that I, on the request of many employees, am sharing today. I have received many complaints from the deserved ones that even a lapse of many years of the retirement / death of their dear ones, the incapacitated employee / family did not get any kind of payment regarding Benevolent.

For the information of the concerned it is stated that Benevolent Fund amount is granted on the retirement of the employee on the basis of disability or invalidity and hence to the family of the deceased government employee. I shall also share the updates of Group Insurance Amount on retirement of the employee very soon.


Payment of Benevolent on Invalid Retirement


The incapacitated employees will get the Benevolent Fund  amount for life.  The same granted was initiated with effect from 04-09-1988. The spouse wili also get the same amount if the medically retired employee passes away after retirement for life. If no spouse, then for only fifteen (15) years after the death of the invalidated employee to other eligible member of the family. You can check the group insurance rates from here.



Benevolent Fund on Invalid Retirement



Payment of Benevolent Fund on Death of the Employee


Benevolent Fund amount is also paid to the spouse / family of the deceased Government employee. If the employee dies during service or dies after retirement his / her spouse will get the benefit of Benevolent Fund for life. In case of no spouse, then any other eligible family member will get the payment upto 15 years of the death of the employee under the rules.

If you have any query in this regard, you can mention in the comments below so that I may got the solution of the same. If you have any related document on this topic or GI on general retirement, you will be most welcomed.

Special thanks to Mr. Agha Amir sb for pointing out the mistake as Benevolent Fund is allowed to the employee / family not group insurance.

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18 thoughts on “Payment of Benevolent Fund on Invalid Retirement and Death

  1. My father retired as SDM BPS 17 from Sindh govt in 1999 and died in 2014 , but my mother didn’t get beneuvelant fund, she died in 2021, can I or my sister claim for benuvelant fund from now and arrears which my mother didn’t claim. I m 43

  2. Dear,
    My father was government servant last worked as Asst district public prosecutor BPS-17 at district and sessions court Shikarpur Sindh he retired on November-2015 and in the 9th month after retirement my father passed away. We successfully get his group insurance amount from State life insurance corp in year 2018. Kindly please guide which funds remaining we could get easily from government of Sindh.

    Thanks and Regards

  3. Dear sir,
    My father was a federal servent in Pakistan post , he died during service in 1989/90 , at that time I was about 8 years old,
    Mistakenly the benevolent fund authorities prepared the benevolent fund documents/file on my name instead of my mother’s name , on the file it was written that the” benevolent fund money will be paid to Mr. Riaz Muhammad through his mother ”
    In 2004 after when I turned 25 years of age, they stopped the funds ,
    As my mother is Alive and never remarried , then how can we make restart the benovelant fund again ?
    Please guide us 📱 03429116491

  4. Kindly help me in finding out the letter about ” Self Marriage Grant to federal government employee ”
    Its a humble request your help is highly appreciated

  5. Aoa.. Mujy Yh Janna hy k monthly grant k ellawa lumsum grant bhi widow ko milti hy…. Plz Yh clear kr dn
    Mairy baba ki death 2018 MN hue abhi Mairi mother monthly grant ly rhi hn es k ellawa bhi koe scheme hoti hy jis MN akathi rqm milti hy

  6. Hello sir,
    I have a query ,my mother got retired fron federal gov at bps 19 in 2005. She passed away in 2013(less than 70yrs) .My father is getting monthly benovalent fund of 4000 rs.. since 2013.

    Someone told us that according to revised rates (01-09-2012) it should be10000.. if you can guide me about the revised rate?

  7. Sir, My father retired in 2009 and did not get any group insurance. Please send me the notification for the grant of group insurance after retirement for Punjab govt. employees and the procedure to apply for the group insurance.

  8. Dear Sir,
    میرے والد صاحب پاکستان آ رمی میں 1992 میں ریٹائرڈ ہوئے اور 2006میں فوت ہوئے کیا میری والدہ بیںوولنٹ فنڈ کی حقدار ہیں؟

  9. Federal government rules say that sum assured is payable only if the employees dies during service. In case of his death after retirement, only Ben Fund grants are admissible. Can you kindly explain how sum assured is payable to federal government employee if he dies after retirement ?

    Agha Amir

    If the employee …………dies after retirement his / her spouse will get the benefit of Group Insurance…????


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