Notification Eid Allowance 2020 and Salary & Pension CDA Employees

Capital Development Authority (Finance Wing-II) has issued Notification Eid Allowance 2020 and Salary & Pension CDA Employees on 30-04-2020. The details of the Eid Bonus and Pay  & Allowances, as well as Pension, is as under:


Notification Eid Allowance 2020 / Pay & Pension


In the light of Government of Pakistan Finance Division’s notification dated 12-05-1984, the Chairman CDA has been pleased to approve the disbursement of salary & pension for the month of May 2020 on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr will be solemnized on 24th or 25th May 2020, payable to all Muslim Employees / Pensioners of the Authority in advance on 15-05-2020 through respective banks / GPOs (as the case may be).

The payment of Eid Allowance will also be disbursed in pursuance of Board Decisions vide dated 03-12-207 & 31-10-2011 along with salary only for serving Muslim employees on 15-05-2020 through respective Banks in the following pattern:


Rates of Eid Allowance


Sr. No Category Rate of Eid Allowance
1 From BPS-01 to BPS-16 (Non-Gazetted) Equal to one month running basic pay
2 From BPS-16 & Above (Gazetted) Equal of half months running basic pay
Contract & Daily Wages Employees


The payment of Eid Allowance will also payable to Muslim Contract, Daily Wages & Muster Roll employees (gazette & non-gazetted) presumably they would have drawn had they been appointed against corresponding regular civilian pay scales. The Treasury Division, DDOs and Accounts Officers (Pay Audit-I & II and Pension) must ensure that the payment of salary along-with Eid Allowance to serving Muslim Employees and Pension to retired CDA’s Muslim personal should be released on 15th May 2020 positively.

The expenditure involved will be met out from the existing allocation of Budget 2019-20 in the relevant head of account.

Special thanks to Mr. Ali Raza for sending a copy of the Notification Eid Allowance for CDA employees for the year 2020.


Notification Eid Allowance 2020 CDA


A copy of this letter of Eid Bonus and salary to CDA Employees, the department has sent to concerned offices for their information.

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One thought on “Notification Eid Allowance 2020 and Salary & Pension CDA Employees

  1. I don’t know where is my bonus of Eid!

    I really disappointed woth my company who rejected mu bonus after saying this you have left of two month service for a year that’s so phatic because before this there is no HR no policy existin this company my salary is just 40k otherwise company allow 2.5 million for Eid.
    If any law exists please guide and help me for this regard’s

    Burhan khalid
    Company My Petroleum pvt limited.
    Assistant accountant manager


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