Notification of Hardship Allowance 2020 to Employees of PEPCO/DISCOs/PITC

Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pvt.) Limited has issued Notification on 20-07-2020 in connection with Hardship Allowance 2020 to Employees of PEPCO/DISCOs/PITC.


Hardship Allowance 2020 to Employees of PEPCO/DISCOs/PITC


Considering the circumstances encountered by the employees during the Covid-19 period and improved recovery position, the competent authority is pleased to approve payment of Hardship Allowance equal to one month running basic pay to all employees of PEPCO/DISCOs/PITC.


  1. Payment of Hardship Allowance will be as per the following criteria:-
  2. it will be admissible to all employees (Regular/Contract/Deputation/Daily Wages) working on the payroll of the respective company for six months or more on the date of the issue of notification.
  3. Daily wages employees must have been originally appointed at least one year back from the issuance of an order. They would be allowed Hardship Allowance equivalent to a minimum of pay scale of their posts.
  4. The employees involved in acts of misconduct viz corruption, theft of electricity, embezzlement, fraud, and unethical acts/gross misconduct, etc. will not be entitled.
  5. The employees who are under any enquiry/investigation in the department as well as in NAB/FIA etc. will not be eligible. In the case of exoneration from the charges, the employees will be entitled to Hardship Allowance.
  6. The employees on extraordinary leave or on deputation abroad will not be entitled.
  7. An employee penalized (major penalty) under E&D rules during the last one year will not be entitled.
  8. It is requested that Hardship Allowance may be paid to your employees after getting approval of the respective Board of Directors.


A copy of this letter the PEPCO has sent to concerned departments/offices. Info copy they have also forwarded. Special Thanks to Mr. Umar Farooq who sent a copy of Notification of Hardship Allowance @ One Month Basic Pay.



Hardship Allowance 2020



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