Holidays in KPK Educational Institutions wef 26th Nov 2020

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has announced Holidays in KPK Educational Institutions wef 26th Nov 2020. The details are as under:


Holidays in KPK Educational Institutions wef 26th Nov 2020


Winter holidays will be from 24 December to 10 January which will be applicable to both summer and winter zones. However, the decision to extend the holidays to educational institutions with winter zones will be decided later.

(2)- Educational institutions will be closed from 26 November to 23 December and then later for winter holidays only for students. However, all school staff from 26 November to 23 December, Will be available for student guidance and online classes, homework, and assignments, etc. Weekly review. Online content of teacher students which is the web address of education department learning. please Gov Guide in pk too.

(3) Government and private schools, academies, schools, and other educational institutions where online classes are not available, they can call students to school only one day a week and only one grade students in which students are home. Students will be guided as well as providing works, assignments learning material. Teachers and administration will make arrangements for students to sit in an open atmosphere, exports, or building by reviewing weather conditions. Educational institutions will be responsible for any of them. Students should not be called more than one day a week. This homework, country assignments, and other activities will be counted in collective performance in the examinations at the end of the academic year.

(4) It will be the responsibility of the school administration to close all the staff and students in the school for the implementation of Corona SOPs.

(5) All exams held in schools in the month of December will now be in the month of January after the holidays

(6) Online education will also be started in all public and private boarding schools, with 30 % only those students who do not have an online facility, boarding from November 26 to December 23 Residence will be allowed in school. Thirty % of the students who will be living in the hostel will be the responsibility of the organization to shut them down on Corona SOPs.

(7) All teacher training programs and recruitment will continue while implementing Corona SOPs strictly.

(8) Instructions described will be done continuously reviewing the Corona situation and consultation with the NCOC.

Holidays in KPK Educational Institutions wef 26th Nov 2020



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