No Holidays Extension till 15th January 2023

Education Minister Punjab Mr. Muraad Raas has clearly denied the extension in vacations and there will be No Holidays Extension till 15th January 2023. The schools in Punjab will re-open on 9th January 2023.

No Holidays Extension till 15th January 2023 – Statement of Education Minister Punjab


Why do parents/teachers/students want more winter holidays? We used to go to school in the same weather and never complained. What is wrong with this generation – no one wants to do anything! Especially study.


No Holidays Extension till 15th January 2023

Schools are To reopen as per the previous schedule


The Department of School Education says that the schools shall open as per the previous schedule. The winter vacation shall end on 9th January.  The winter vacations shall not be extended anymore.

The schools shall reopen from Monday. The winter vacations were to be ended on 1st January 20123. And schools were to be opened from 2nd January 2023. But the Government allowed an extension for Winter Holidays. So these winter holidays shall end on 8th January 2023. The schools shall reopen from Monday,  9th January 2023.  This decision was made on account of severe cold and foggy weather.


School Education Department  notification


As the extension in these holidays was expected once again. The schools were expected to be opened on 16th January 2023. But Department Punjab informs that schools shall reopen from 9th January 2023. According to School Education Department Punjab, an extension in winter vacations is not acceptable as it will affect studies. In this regard, the School Education Department may issue a proper notification.



Winter Holidays Extension News


Previous Winter Vacation 2023-23


Before this School Education Department notified winter holidays for one week 26th December 2022 to 1st January 2023. Later on, keeping in view the bad weather condition, a Notification of Winter Holidays Extension in Punjab SED was issued. Punjab Government extended winter holidays till 8th January 2023. After that Government of the Punjab SED did not grant an extension for the winter holidays of 2022-2023. During these winter holidays, many private educational institutions allowed their students to come to schools/colleges. They just want to complete the courses of the students but the Government of Punjab announced to take action against educational institutions that were not following the orders. But now the Government of the Punjab School Education Department finally decided to open all private and Government schools/colleges.


Proposals for Extension Vacation


As per sources, there were the following three proposals for the winter holidays extension:


1- All Educational institutions closing till 15-01-2023

2- Closing primary Schools till 15-01-2023

3- Reduction in School Timings


The Education Minister Punjab rejected all the above proposals and announced to open schools on 09-01-2023


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29 thoughts on “No Holidays Extension till 15th January 2023

  1. Pertaining to weather conditions and the reality of schools’ conditions specially government institutions where even basic facilities are too harsh for small children and even private schools are lacking behind providing warm and comfortable environment to study, govt and school associations should accept realities. Instead of being in a denial phase with such stupid logics that we have been through much difficult state of education so why can’t these kids….firstly, a comfortable environment is most necessary element for educational process to work efficiently, so this whole week for a minimum amount of educational activities don’t put kids through gorella training environments just because you had it tough. Secondly, all those schools who think they will face too much problem with their syllabus coverage just in one week delay, I think your schools are the most inefficient if they can’t compensate one or two weeks of deficit in educational activities. You might have to postpone your term examination a week extra but it’s okay if it meant better health and environment for the kids. Instead of having too much extracurricular programs use that time to cover this week delay and don’t give this pathetic argument since we had tough times your kids should have that too!!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m from Karachi. There is too much air pollution and air borne viruses, lack of flu vaccination. The kids are constantly under allergic radar. Opt for online classes if you can’t extend vactions

  2. There should be increase in winter vacation. …..What about the parents who are oppressed to pick and drop their children in too much fogg orr smoke on motorbikes or rikshaws ……nd what about the dangerous road accidents which are happening because of fogg…..plz plz extend the holidays till 15 January. Its our humble request to the government.

  3. Govt. also needs to think out of the box. Change school timings from 9:00-9:30 am to 1:00 am and period timing of 30 minutes, at least till 15th Feb.

    1. Shut up. Bill Gates and Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerburg never had education beyond highschool but they are still billionaires. Education is good. But SELF-EDUCATION is good not SCHOOL EDUCATION. Do you know that the current school system that we see in the world was made 100 years ago during the industrial revolution and was made SPECIFICALLY to prepare people for jobs in corporate or factory workers. They were made to be slaves of their bosses that’s why schools were invented. And in this growing and evolving world everything evolves and changes but schools don’t. If you don’t believe what i said before then you can do your own research.

        1. Haha you’re a brokie who still think getting good grades in school will get u a higher paying job u can only dream of becoming a millionaire yet let alone not think about being a billionaire in this today’s world you’re following the old concept which were used by our ancestors. Billionaires think and I quote if you got a good skill no one would give a fuck about a degree n in today’s world me n you both know which education Pakistan is providing instead of learning our childrens are memorizing instead of looking wat our children are learning in school we r more concerned about their grades n compering them with each other Pakistan has failed as a society but ehhhh u won’t be able to understand this since ur already a part of this matrix.The world is shifting from degree to skills.
          *The rich are getting richer and the poor r getting poor*
          Sit down in the evening n think about wat this line means

  4. Govt should be realistic about the weather conditions
    In this region nobody use to bear it,as the climatic conditions are going to be extreme.
    For that discusssions can be done on online classess..

  5. Please change school timing’s or please extend winter vacation in sindh sir karachi mein toh pehle itni thand nahi parti thi na 9 ya 8 usse bhi kaam degree temperature jaye toh hum kiya kare
    Please sindh ke bacho ke liye bhi kuch kijiye

    1. people go through much harsh weather. and as he said, our parents used to go to school in the same conditions if not worse and they are alright. i dont know what you think will happen to kids if they feel a bit cold. talk sense. school is 1st priority for children

  6. Please increased winter vacations, weather is not suitable for child and teacher because foggy environment and facing problems during travelling and so much chances of accident


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