Notification of Prison Security Allowance 2021 @ One Month Basic Pay

Government of the Punjab, Finance Department has issued a Notification on 22-11-2021 in connection with Prison Security Allowance 2021 @ One Month Basic Pay (Initial basic pay of 2017 pay scales). The summary of this allowance is as under:


Prison Security Allowance 2021 Punjab

Sr. No Description Details
1 Allowance Name Prison Security Allowance
2 Province Punjab
3 Department Prison Department
4 Rate One Month Initial Basic Pay of 2017 pay scales
5 Date Effect from 1st Nov 2021
6 Discontinuation Allowance Prison Allowance

PSA 2021 Punjab

In pursuance of the approval of the Competent Authority, the Governor of Punjab is pleased to grant of Prison Security Allowance @ One Month initial Basic Pay of Basic Pay Scales, 2017 w.e.f. 01.11.2021 to the officers/officials of the Prison Department.

With the introduction of the subject allowance, existing Prison Allowance that was granted vide notification No.SO (Prs) 18-24/2009 dated 23.03.2010 will be discontinued.


Who will not get this Allowance?


The said allowance will not be admissible to the following officers/officials:-


  • Officers/Officials under suspension.
  • Officers/Officials who have been made OSDs or who have been directed to report to the Prisons Department/Home Department/S&GAD on the charges of inefficiency/misconduct or indiscipline.

iii. When Officer/Officials is on leave beyond four months, extraordinary leave, study leave, or training abroad.



Special Thanks:


1Mirza Alsam

2- Mr. Omar Khan




Notification of Prison Security Allowance 2021

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