Notification Updated Price List of Bakery Items in Local Limits Karachi Division

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Office of the Commissioner Karachi Division, Karachi issued a Notification on 22-03-2023 in connection with the Updated Price List of Bakery Items in the Local Limits of Karachi Division. The details are as under:


Updated Price List of Bakery Items in Local Limits Karachi Division


Due to Ramadan, all commodities have changed prices. These prices raise day by day. For controlling the prices of all items Commissioner of Karachi takes action. For relief, the commissioner issues a new price list of all items. Bakery items are also included.


Latest Price list of Bakery Items


Karachi Bakery items not only contain delicious baked goodies, but it has also have a perfect delicious cake, cookies, comfort food, salads, eggs, pasta, flatbreads, and many more. Commodities prices raises as demand for products and supply disruptions affected the market, before retreating later in Ramadan 2023. Commodity prices are subject to significant volatility, which occurred in recent times. Here is the list of some bakery items with new prices.


Price list of Bakery items Ramadan 2023


Commodity Class Weight Updated Rate in Rupees
Aloo Samosa A 60 gm Rs.33/-
Aloo Smosa B 60gm Rs.28/-
Queema Samosa A 35 gm Rs.33/-
Queema Samosa B 35 gm Rs.28/-
Pakora(Mix) A 1 kg Rs.560/-
Pakora (Mix) B 1 kg Rs.480/-
Jalebi A 1 kg Rs.440/-
Jakebi B 1 kg Rs.400/-
Khaja A 1 kg Rs.690/-
Khaja B 1 kg Rs.590/-
Pheni A 1 kg Rs.690/-
Pheni B 1 kg Rs.590/-

Need and significance of Bakery Items


People of all ages are affectionate with different bakery products. Because of their taste color and easy-to-digest nature, people Love them. People eat and serve different bakery items and products at their parties and festivals. They celebrate their every moment of happiness by distributing bakery items. Celebrating any moment of happiness is incomplete with bakery products. Bakery products are becoming prominent day by day. They are very popular because of their taste and are simple to digest. Bakery items are usually loved by all. Nowadays individuals have virtually no time to invest much in making breakfast. It is the bread and bun or biscuits which had occurred instead of other sorts of stuff. Honoring any time of pleasure is incomplete with bakery items.


Nutritional value of Bakery Items


Bakery products are important ready‐to‐eat processed foods. The nutritional quality of these products is low because of the inferior nutritional composition of wheat grain. The nutritional composition of these products can be improved by using quality wheat. For milling, increased extraction rates, air classification of flours to obtain protein‐rich no wheat flours and their products.

Karachi people are food lovers. The new price list will accommodate their love for food. All bakers and bakery item sellers must follow this price list. The one who violates will face strict action by law. To give relief to the public Prime Minister of Pakistan has also inaugurated free 3 bags of flour to the deserving public of Pakistan during the month of Ramzan.



Updated Price List of Bakery Items in Local Limits Karachi Division

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