Date of Announcement (Presentation) of Federal Budget 2024-2025 Pakistan

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division issued Notification No. F.1(1)/SO(Budget-I)/BCC 2024-25 in February 2024 in connection with the Date of Announcement Budget 2024-25 Pakistan. As per the Finance Division Notification, the Government of Pakistan will present the Budget in the National Assembly during the 1st week of June 2024. The details are as under:


Tentative Date of Announcement Budget 2024-25 Pakistan


Finance Division Govt of Pakistan will announce the fiscal budget 2024-2025 in the National Assembly in Pakistan on any day of the 1st week of June 2024 most chances on Friday as per the previous routine. However, it is a tentative date. As on 28 February 2024, the new Government has not taken over the charge of the Government and there is still the caretaker Government in Pakistan. The new Government will decide the exact date of the announcement of the Budget 2024-2025 in Pakistan.


Budget 2024-25 and Govt Employees Pensioners


Government Employees, Pensioners, Workers and Budget 2024-25


The people of the below category are the most affected by the dearness in the country. These are as under:


  • Government Employees
  • Pensioners
  • Private Workers / Labour on Fix Pay


All other categories generally adjust themselves as per the dearness but the above category of people who have fixed salary and their salary increases after one year, they face a lot due to dearness. They have to wait for the budget for the salary increase.


Government Employees and Their Issues


Currently, Government employees are facing a lot of financial issues. Some of the main issues regarding pay and allowances (salary) are as under:


  • House Rent Allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Conveyance Allowance


House Rent Allowance (HRA)


The employees are getting HRA based on the 2008 basic pay scale and last time their House Rent Allowance Government increased in the 2017 budget. After that, no Government increased the same. The HRA rates of BPS of the employees I have explained in a chart that is salary chary for fresh appointed employees in 2023-24 provinces and Federal. :



It is very hard and even impossible to hire a house for such a minor amount. At these rates, the house on rent is even not available in a village. So the Government Should increase the House Rent Allowance minimum @ 45% of the initial of Revised Basic Pay for 2022.


Medical Allowance


The rates of medicines and medical tests and checkup fees are far away as compared to the amount the employees are getting as Medical Allowance. The medical allowance the employees are getting is nearly one visit fee of a Doctor. Govt should increase the medical allowance minimum of Rs. 5000/- per month or provide free medical facilities in private and Govt hospitals. The Government should provide Health Card facilities to all employees.


Conveyance Allowance (CA)


The conveyance allowance the employees are getting is also very less as compared to their conveyance expenses. The maximum conveyance allowance the employees are getting is Rs. 5,000/- per month. It should be a minimum of Rs. 15,000/- per month for such employees. The range of CA should start from Rs. 10,000/- per month.



Pension for Pensioners


The Government should also enhance the pension amount per dearness in the country. The pensioners are also facing a lot of issues due to low pension.


Wage Rates for Labourers / Workers


For the employees working on fixed pay and labourers’ salaries, the Government should also increase the minimum Rs. 50,000/- per month. Such a category of employees is also facing a lot of financial issues.



Date of Announcement Budget 2024-25 Pakistan



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