Detail of Increase House rent Allowance 2018 BPS-01 to BPS-22

According to the Budget Speech 2018 there has been increase in House Rent Allowance and House Requisition Hiring. Detail of Increase House rent Allowance 2018 has been shared here for the information of the employees.


Increase House rent Allowance 2018

There has been increased 50% of the running House Rent Allowance. For example, if you get earlier 1000 as HRA then your new HRA will be Rs. 1500/- per month. Detail is as under for the employees of BPS-01 to BPS-22.

It is to mention here that I had already shared the Expected House Rent Allowance for the Govt Employees that is 100% same as per budget 2018 Speech.


House Rent Allowance 2018



  1. zaman says:

    Can you please let me know to calculate these allowances and on the basis of which figure?

  2. zafar says:

    my house rent is 1960 what will be next figure of my house rent in salary 2018

  3. zafar says:

    May House Rent is 1960 what will be next figure of my house rent

  4. Ahmed says:

    I am gittting 1818 hra
    In chart iam cnfues
    One colum shows 4091
    An other shows 2727
    Which one is the exact one?

  5. LIaquat nawaz says:

    The amount of HR is not realistic it shall be 45 percent of running basic pay.

  6. Nafees-Ur-Rehman says:

    Sir i am receiving house rent allowance 1476 after applying the budget conditions what would be new house rent allowance?

  7. imtiaz khan says:

    House rent notified by Government is not enough just for a single should be minimum Ten thousand.

  8. haqnawaz says:

    Army persons drawn CILQ Allownace in lieu of HRA ? which is revised or not? plz confirm

  9. Mir balach says:

    What will be the HRA of BPS 19 ?

  10. ali raza says:

    What about house subsidy plz share

  11. hafeezurrahman says:

    i am getting 9232 as HRA, what my new HRA?

  12. ahmad fraz says:

    House rent of grade 16 was 2727 plz inform after increased.

  13. Sajid Ali says:

    Is this HRA authorized for armed forces employees?

  14. Sajid Ali says:

    Armed forces authorized this allowance?

  15. Ibsham says:

    House rent allowance for 18grade is 2955 or 3873?
    This table is authenticated?
    Can u share notification about that?

  16. Wiki says:

    Rental ceiling is also increased by 50% kindly share the chart

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