Ten Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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How to Increase web Traffic

Web traffic is very necessary for a site .There are many methods that you can adopt to increase the traffic of your website. If you adopt these methods you can increase your website traffic in days. These ten tips not only enhances your site’s traffic but also increase your Google page rank as well as Alexa ranking. These are so simple and easy methods for the said purpose.

1-                  Search Engine Optimization: Optimize your website in various search engines. Google Search Engine is the best and the top search engine. After Google Bing is the 2nd most used search engine and there are so many search engines.

2-                  Directory Submission: Submit your site in web directories. Try to submit your site into the top directories. It will also help you to win a back link as well as is a source of direct traffic from these directories. When your site traffic increases it will also helpful for increase Alexa Ranking.

3-                  Ads Links Purchase: Try to purchase ad links from other sites. It will also help to increase traffic in your site.

4-                  Get linked your site to other sites. Ask your friends or companions to link your site in their sites and their sites in your site. This is mutual linking sharing. It will also help you to bring traffic to your site from your friend or companions’ site.

5-                  You can promote your site by advertising through various sources. You can print stickers of your business and hence paring the link of your site too. This can too bring traffic to your site. Be a sponsor of any league team and hence you can publicity of your site there. This will also help to bring traffic to your site.

6-                  Write useful articles and submit them to web directories. It will also give you not only back link but also give you traffic. It will also help to get Google page rank for your site. Remember never submit the same article to various web directories. It is a very bad practice. It will give you nothing but only the wastage of time and you will be bad in the eyes of Google.

7-                  Try to post regularly in your site. This will keep you’re your visitors in touch with your site. When a see a new posts their interest increase and they want to come to your site to see something new. This is a good practice in connection with web traffic.

8-                  Create your pages related to your site in social book marking sites. This will also bring traffic to your site.

9-                  Submit comments in various sites. This will create a back link for your site as well as can bring traffic from these comments.

10-              Sign up in yahoo answers and create a link there directing that the answer of their question is here in your link.



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  1. This article is realy good i want also help from you in seo matters for my site as my site has now down in google from 10000 pageviews to less than a thousand


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