Detail & Procedure of Various Claims for the Employee Who Dies During Service for FG Employees

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Today I am going to discuss with procedure and all the documents required in the process of claiming All the Packages for the Employees Who Dies during Service. This topic relates to the Federal Govt Employees and I think there may be some amendments for the Provincial Govt Employees.

The Basic Process after the Death of FG Employee

First of all just after the death of a Govt Employee just prepare/complete the following documents:

  • Death Certificate issued by U.C (Union Council)
  • Affidavit of widow
  • Service Book (In case of Non-Gazetted period)
  • Gazetted History (in Case of Gazetted Period)
  • Leave Account
  • Last Pay Certificate
  • PAF-357

Packages for the Employee who Dies During Service


During Service Death



The following packages/cases are to be claimed for the family of the employee who dies during service:

  • Job to son or daughter for two years on contract (BPS-01 to 15)
  • Family Pension
  • Benevolent Fund/ Group Insurance Case
  • Aid Out of Welfare Fund
  • Assistance Package for Family
  • Leave Encashment
  • TA/DA (In Case of Address Out of Station)
  • House Rent Allowance

Documents required for All the Cases

Now I will tell you the detail of the documents required for all the cases.

Job to the son or daughter for two years on contract

Just submit the application along with the educational documents of the son or daughter of the deceased Govt Employee and the Govt will grant the job for a period of two years on contract basis.

Family Pension Papers

The following documents are required to be prepared for the family pension:

1.                Retirement order/Certificate/Annex-A                 (in triplicate)

2.                PAFA-672 (Family Pension form)                                                    -do-

3.                PAFA-357                                                                                        -do-

4.                Last Pay Certificate duly signed by CMA and sealed (in original)    -do-

5.                Requisite Certificate Annexure-A & B                                              -do-

6.                Declaration in terms of articles ARI-922-A CER                              -do-

7.                Passport size photographs of Widow                                                         4 Nos

8.                National Identity Card Late & Widow                                               (in triplicate)

9.                Specimen signature of widow                                                  (in triplicate)

10.              Identification mark sheet of widow                                                   -do-

11.              Option certificate for 25 % of pension as Gratuity  alongwith application of widow                                                                     -do-


12.              No Demand Certificate                                                                     -do-

13.              Name of Bank                                                                                   -do-

14.              Regular Certificate                                                                                      -do-

15.              Office Order                                                                                                -do-

16.              Thumb Impression        of widow                                                             -do-

17.              No-married Certificate and Affidavit                                                          -do-

18.              Annexure-T                                                                                                -do-

19.              Annexure-U                                                                                                -do-

20.              Service Book                                                                           (in Original)

21.              Gazetted History

Benevolent Fund/ Group Insurance Case


1.       Application Form “B” / Membership certificate and Part-III   (in triplicate)

certificate by Head of Office.

2.       Department letter notifying struck off role                                        -do-

3.       Death certificate issued by UC No.35, Multan.                                 -do-

4.       Attested copy Last Pay Certificate                                                    -do-

5.       Attested photo copy of Service Book page 1& 2                              -do-

6.       List of Family members and Form – B                                                       -do-

7.       Envelop containing 4 copies of photographs of widow                    -do-

8.       Thumb Impression / Signature sheet of widow                                 -do-

9.       Photo copies of CNIC Late ABDUL KHALIQ & Widow                          -do-

10.     Affidavit of widow                                                                  (in Original)

11.     Nomination Forms                                                                            (in triplicate)

12.     Last schedule of Ben. Fund                                                              -do-

13.     Identification Mark of widow                                                           -do-

14.     Application of the widow                                                                 (in Original)

15.     No demand Certificate                                                             (in triplicate)

16.     Name of Bank & A/C Number                                                                   -do-


Aid out of Welfare Fund

The documents for Aid out of Welfare Fund are as under:


  1. Photo copy of CNIC of Late & widow
  2. Photo copy of Death Certificate.
  3. Photo copy of retirement order.
  4. List of Family Members.
  5. Copy of Nomination Form
  6. Original Affidavit duly attested by Class 1st Magistrate.
  7. Copy of –B-Form issued by NADRA.


Assistance Package for Family of Govt, Employee Who Died in Service

The documents for Assistance Package for Familyare as under:


  1. Photo copy of CNIC of Late & widow
  2. Photo copy of Death Certificate.
  3. Photo copy of retirement order.
  4. List of Family Members.
  5. Copy of Nomination Form
  6. Original Affidavit duly attested by Class Ist Magistrate.
  7. Copy of –B-Form issued by NADRA.       

Leave Encashment

The Following documents are to be submitted for the sanction of leave encashment.

Covering Letter by the Head of the Institution

Leave Account in Original

Notification of Death

House Rent Allowance/Payment of Hired House

The retention of Govt House or payment of hired house for 5 years or till the age of superannuation, whichever is earlier but for a minimum 3 years is granted to the family of the deceased Govt Employee.

Just submit the letter along with the death Notification to the higher authorities for the sanction of the same.

Final Payment of GP Fund

The Govt Employee has balance of GP Fund in his/her GP Fund Account. A letter be issued to the CMA for the final statement of GP Fund and when the same statement is received a contingent bill along with this GP Fund statement be submitted to the CMA for the payment.

TA/DA Claims

In case the employee is the permanent resident of the other station then the TA/DA is also claimed. Daily Allowance is not admissible for the family as also in the case of other types of retirements. The following will be added in the TA/DA bill:

  • 1x Basic Pay
  • Luggage Charges
  • Transport Fare

This post has been delivered by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Accountant FGEIs, Multan



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  1. What is the process to know about childrena with in sepco ,if employee died on duty service &in grade bps 16 ,now if his child or male boy 16education so what r the rules hre will appointed bps what kindly tell me?

  2. Financial assistance compensation jo govt Punjab ne notifiy kia hai wo ksa claim kr ksta hain I mean deparment waly case bna ka send krn gy ka DCO office se claim ready ho ga please guide ..

  3. Dear Sir,

    My father died in July 2017 BS-14 in Health deparment fsd and Department waly keh rha hian ka apki pension nie lagni becoz mara father nxt year Feb, 2018 main retaire ho rha tha….plz guide me

  4. Can ZTBL regular employees claims house rent allowance or not? Is there any policy with reference to any notification. As per my understanding no ZTBL employee is entitled for it, which tantamount violation of employees right.



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