Uplift & Upward Mobility of SSTs of Faisalabad

Office of the Executive District Officer, Education Faisalabad has issued orders No. 7114/Admn dated 7th June 2014 in connection with Uplift & Upward Mobility of SSTs of Faisalabad.

Consequent upon the recommendations of District Promotion/Selection Committee, Education Department (School Wing) Faisalabad, in its meeting held on 22nd May 2014, in pursuance of the Government of the Punjab, Education Department (School Wing) Lahore vide Notification No. SO (S-III) 2-16/2007 dated 24th September 2007 and amendment vide Notification No. SO (SE-III) 2-16/2007 dated 15th February 2013, the SSTs (Male) mentioned in the list are hereby granted/awarded the scale mentioned against their names with immediate effect with the terms and conditions mentioned at the end.

The award of higher scale will not be considered as promotion and the higher scale will be personal to the incumbents. No premature increment will be admissible.

The teachers will continue to hold the same posts on award of next scale. However, placement in the next higher scale will be differentiated with Level-I, Level-II teachers in the respective cadre/category.

The above award is subject to the fixation of pay by the District Accounts Officer, Faisalabad.  The award of higher scales under this scheme will not create any right to claim higher post. The appointment/promotion against higher posts against in-service quota shall remain intact under the existing rules/instructions already issued.


Upward Mobility  SSTs

Upward Mobility 2   Upward Mobility 3 Upward Mobility 4 Upward Mobility 5 Upward Mobility 6


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