Notification of Instructions Regarding Appointment to Upgraded Posts

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As you have seen many Notifications issued by the Finance Division in connection with Upgradation of various posts, in these Notifications there is a mention of the Establishment Division’s Notification No. D.O.No.8/36/2000/R-I dated 31-12-2008.

Many visitors of this website asked me to provide the copy of the same letter. So I decided to upload the said copy of the Notification for the information of the employees. The detail of this O.M is as under:

  1. The instructions contained in Establishment Division’s O.M No.8/36/2000/R-I dated 20-01-2001 as amended on 3rd February 2001 provide that when the competent authority approves the Upgradation of a post on regular basis, appointment to the upgraded post should be made in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules 1973 and the specific rules which regulate appointment to the post.
  2. The instructions contained in Establishment Division’s O.M No. 8/10/83-R-I dated 06-03-1983 and O.M No. 8/130/91-R-I dated 12-5-1992 provide that Upgradation of a post does not mean automatic upgradation of its incumbent. Appointment to upgraded post will have to be made in the manner prescribed for that post. If a post is upgraded with immediate effect, the incumbent would be left without any post (in his grade) until he is approved for appointment to higher post. Therefore upgradation of posts made by the Ministries/Divisions/Departments etc and appointments of their incumbents against such posts without going through the prescribed selection process or approval of the competent authority are irregular.


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