Notification of Financial Assistance to the Family of a Civil Servant of Punjab Who Die during Service

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Government of the Punjab Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD-SR-I/3-10/2004 dated 13-11-2014 in connection with Financial Assistance to the Family of a Civil Servant of Punjab Who Die during Service.

According to this Notification the Assistance Package Amount has been doubled for the civil servants of Punjab who die while in service. This increase in package will be effective with effect from 1st July 2014.  The detail of these increase in rates of Assistance Package are as under:

Detail of the Increased Financial Assistance Punjab Rates


BPS of the Employee Existing Rates Revised Rates
BPS-01 to BPS-04 Rs. 200,000/- Rs. 400,000/-
BPS-05 to BPS-10 Rs. 300,000/- Rs. 600,000/-
BPS-11 to BPS-15 Rs. 400,000/- Rs. 800,000/-
BPS-16 to BPS-17 Rs. 500,000/- Rs. 1000,000/-
BPS-18 to BPS-19 Rs. 800,000/- Rs. 1600,000/-
BPS-20 & Above Rs. 1000,000/- Rs. 2000,000/-


All other terms and conditions regarding this Assistance Package shall remain the same.

It is to mention here that Federal Govt has also issued in Oct 2014 a Assistance Package for the Federal Govt Employees who die while in service.


Assistance Package Punjab




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40 thoughts on “Notification of Financial Assistance to the Family of a Civil Servant of Punjab Who Die during Service

  1. Sir how much time will it take to get financial assistance package, as i already have applied for about 2 months till now.My father died on 13-10-2017 and we still haven’t got any benefit.

  2. My father has expired on 28-9-2017 while in during service, what the process will be to get financial help from government????? Plz plz must imform me. 03008052084 this is my number

  3. my name is farooq my father died in service in 1996 . we are two brothers can i get assistant pakage or bebnifit my brother and me are studying

  4. aoa…me amara saeed my husband was died during his service 28,2016 in age of 39 years.he had 13 years served to the university of sargodha as assistant prof (BS-19) ,but university authority appointed me on BS -07 but not according to my qualification is m.phil in mass communication…so my question is that as per rule widow of deceased should be appoint according to their qualification or only accommodate 01 to 07 scale.bcause they said we have no power to appoint you upper than 07 scale as per rule…is it any rule as they said???

  5. Assistance package for punjab govt are lower that that of federal govt for detals contact 0304 5000033
    In punjab the previous amount was double through notification

  6. sister, recently my friend’s big brother has died. He has 22 yrs sindh govt service. But not married. Is my friend eligible for appointment in deceased quota?

  7. Dear Madem
    My father was govt of punjab emplyee BPS-14 and died on 3 June 2016(in service 57 Year Age length of service 28 year almost) Plz tell me what pkg/amount we got as per PM assistance pakage.plz

  8. Dear Shumaila,
    Any update or notification for revised financial
    assistant package from Government of Gilgil Baltistan
    Pls reply or if you have a notification copy then

  9. A.O.A. please send a copy of letter regarding FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO THE family of a civil servant who dies while in service bearing No.FD.SR.I/3-10/2004 DATED 15-08-2007

  10. i would like to ask my father was Govt. employee dispenser in Health department govt of the punjab and died during his Govt. service on dated 25-01-2011.
    what will be pakage for us.
    kindly send me latst copy of notification

  11. Dear sis…
    Kya motorcycle advance ya car advance education department of punjab k employees ly skty hain aur ye bhi bta dain k gp fund ko intest free kaisy kraya jy??

  12. A.o.a!
    Shumaila!!! I have a Book in Soft Form (PDF Form) “Educators Guide ESE(Arts and Science) BPS-9 for Recruiment of Educators” If you want to Share via your website then i will E-Mail to you?. Because it is welfare for People.

    Muhammad Jalil
    GHS Saneoh(Muree)
    M.Sc(I.T), M.Phil(S.E)

  13. Dear Shumaila,

    Any update or notification for revised financial assistant package from Government of SINDH.

    Pls reply or if you have a notification copy then share.

  14. please tell me about that i am working in parks department of Karachi metropolitan corporation as a labour bps 5 basic pay 12000 net pay 22000 date of join 10/10/1983 retirement date 10/10/2015 service length made 32 year. so tell me how i get start pension and retirement money. thank you for you response.

  15. thanks for uploading this Notification, Mam please tell me about the rumors for upgradation of Ministerial Staff like KPK, in Punjab, you know any thing about this, reply please

  16. Dear Madam
    The notification issued by Punjab Goverment regarding revized financial assistance to the family of deceased employee looks a bit disappionting as it is effective from 01-07-2014 while Federal govermnet made it effective from 15-06-2013. Although the revized amount is already very less as compared to Federal Governement Notification, at least its implementtation date should have been the same as was of Federal Government so that maximum number of grieved families could be benefited who are facing similar problems as of Federal Goverment’s Servants. Thanks.

    1. Dear Madam,
      The Punjab Govt. has not issued a good and well notification, this notification is issued only as formality. The same may issued same as the federal govt.The date of w.e.f 15.06.2013.

  17. thanks for uploading this notification. we need this copy of notification has same value as original notifications received in all govt institutions.?

  18. Dear Madem?

    Punjab Govt issued notification but not mentioned other grants packages like cash for plat, gratuity, pensions and for dowry?

    All other grants will be same or revised?


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